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  1. Clinic in Australia

    Any update on this? Would be awesome if there was a clinic in Australia.
  2. What about ongoing hair loss?

    Hi Chadwell, Im actually in this position right now. I got my treatment exactly three years ago (I was a NW 3 at the time), however I have lost quite a bit of hair since then. I’m planning another few sessions in a few months time. I doubt you would have to get touch ups every few months, every few years is what I’m budgeting on. As I had a lot of hair when I first got my treatment (And I was using Toppik which made me look like I had a thick head of hair), it made going to a shaved head really easy as no one suspected a thing. This was a positive....the negative is now I have to get touch ups every few years as my hair continues to thin. The positive of being completely bald when you first get treatment is it’s pretty much final....apart from minor touch ups here and there. I would like to know what impact getting treatment every few years can have on the overall appearance of the treatment? Ie would it end up looking less real than being completely bald and getting it all done in one go? Cheers,
  3. Oh Boy - huge life story post followed by pics

    Hi Seb, pics looks great mate. Your treatment is very soft and natural. No one would ever think twice after seeing your head. Thumbs up mate. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. 1 year later .. My SMP is on point!

    Mate that is amazing!! You gotta be happy with that. I saw Mr LAX 1.5 years ago and am very happy with my results also. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Zang LA Consultation

    Hi Mel86, I had my final treatment with Zang about 1.5 years ago now and it's been the best decision I've ever made. From my first consultation through to my final treatment, Zang went above and beyond what I ever expected. My treatment is nothing short of amazing and I only have Zang to thank for that. It's actually that good I have forgotten about hair loss all together. I wake up every morning, shave my head and get on with my day. Simple. I do know how you feel when first deciding on the treatment though. Hell....I flew all the way from Australia just to see Zang. Not only did I have the cost of the treatment, but also international flights and 2 weeks accomodation. I would never have invested so much money in someone I thought was even slightly Shady. All I can say is Zang is the best in the business when it comes to SMP. He's also very down to earth and won't rest until you are 100% happy. He even cranks out some mad tunes whilst your in the chair which makes the time go way faster. :-) In the end it's completely your choice whether you use Zang or not. All I can't say is you won't leave disappointed!! If your still not convinced, please read an old post of mine below. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Am I to light? (pictures included)

    I personally think your light shadow colour will look great with SMP. Nice and natural. I don't have much of a tan and it turned out well for me. Please check out my post for pics.
  7. Australian meet up.

    Sent you a PM MTS.
  8. 3 1/2 years now and going strong!

    Looking awesome still mate.
  9. Norwood 3v

    In relation to where the SMP meets your real hair, sometimes I will shave across the grain or against the grain for the first centimetre in this cuts it even shorter and ensures that front part blends perfectly.
  10. Norwood 3v

    Hey mate, I had my treatment done about 8 months ago now (Please read the thread I have posted). I was similar to you, probably a NW 3.5 verging on a NW 4 so I still had quite a bit of hair left. I first started off shaving with a R91 and then a 3 head rotary shaver. I am now wet shaving every day. When you have quite a lot of hair left it is Definately better to wet shave as its so much closer and blends better. After a wet shave my hair blends perfectly, however I do have to wet shave every day to achieve this effect (I have to say my hair grows super super fast also). I could possibly get away with 2 days however it would be too long for my liking. To answer your questions specifically: - It's Definately possible being a NW3v - You won't have to shave twice a day - You could probably get away using an R91 however a wet shave blend will look so much better.
  11. 24hrs after 1st treatmt.too dark?

    Mate that looks fantastic. Great results.
  12. Los Angeles Experience

    Thanks a lot for your comments Kukuinut. I had three treatments in total. The first two a week apart, then the third about two months later. I have light brown hair naturally, however after shaving my hair down I was surprised how dark it was. I think he used shade 30 in the crown and 34 in the front from memory.
  13. Los Angeles Experience

    Hi Kukuinut, I wrote a thread recently with my experience at the LA clinic (with a couple of pics). You honestly can't go wrong with LA clinic. Just go ahead with it if you can't find anyone to meet in person beforehand.
  14. Advice needed

    Hi BGL you still have heaps of hair left. I would enjoy it while you still can. With that amount of hair you could use a bit of toppik to fill in any thinning areas and you'd be sorted for another couple of years. If you do decide to get it no one will ever notice as you've got so much hair. Everyone will think you just shaved your head.
  15. Amazing treatment at the LA clinic

    Thanks for the comments everyone, much appreciated.