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  1. That looks really good . Makes everyone look so much better to have a hairline again
  2. Models required for Birmingham, England

    This is such a good chance for someone who's thinking of smp to have their life changed for the better at a reduced rate . I don't think it's that bad at full price but money off is even better
  3. The etiquette of speaking to a SMP customer

    I think the only people who notice are men who have lost their hair . I've seen a few with friar tuck haircuts looking at me . I don't know if they're thinking why has he shaved his hair off or has he had something done , to be honest I don't really care . I'm still a vain person in my fifties , I go out doing a lot of things and life is so much better if you're happy with how you look
  4. Scalp irritation (post SMP)

    When I was rubbing in too much moisturiser I had problems . I still moisturise but use a lot less . It saves me from spots and buying in bulk
  5. My hair loss journey

    That looks so much better , such an improvement . I really like the hairline
  6. Blending Issue?

    Six days is not long after your treatment . I think the dots will shrink and fade a bit more yet . I think if they blended straight away in a month you would be thinking where's it gone
  7. 21 balding. Need opinion on hairstyle and SMP

    I think you would look a lot lot better with the buzzed look . So much more up to date . I would wait tho till you have your smp treatment which I would have soon . You would look so different all at once it would work in your favour , people wouldn't notice so much
  8. Andra Dascalu is awesome. Birmingham smp treatment

    That looks really good it suits you a lot . Looks good with your beard , I'd like to have a beard but it's grey I don't want to look like captain birds eye . Andra also did my treatment at Birmingham , its such a nice place to go and she is so talented
  9. I think you look really good with the shaved look . Suits you a lot , when you get used to it you like it more and more . I think if you have smp with the amount of hair you have now you could carry on using the clippers it will fill it out , if you lose more it doesn't matter you just start using a shaver but cause your hair is so short any way you'll not notice much nor will anyone else . I don't think really you can lose
  10. Smp at Birmingham Clinic

    Looks a lot like mine which was also done by Andra . she is so good with such a natural talent . You can tell she enjoys her job so much
  11. 8 days after my second session

    I think you definitely need a third session going darker to make up for the fading . It will look a lot better after three , everyone does . As I have said before if you have the number you were advised you'll have peace of mind of a warranty . It kooks good on you tho I really like the shape
  12. Post session 1 (shaving)

    I would use an electric razor for a while and give it a few more days before you sweat heavily then you can sweat as much as you want with a treatment you're happy with
  13. Sunbathing (Worried)

    I would just wear a hat in the sun then you aren't risking any damage from the sun or what's in the sun block . People who had hair and shaved it off would wear a hat in the sun
  14. SMP removal - recommended clinics?

    I know everyone is different but if you've had a good result with your treatment and have no problems with it I don't understand why you would want it lasered off and go back to the balding look
  15. I had the same really good experience at the Birmingham clinic . Everyoneone there was really great . Andra did all my treatments and she is so good . As you say warranty sessions are honoured with no problems , I really think his are so genuine