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  1. It's an improvement. It'll make u less insecure. You're basically just adding a dark tint to your scar to make it less obvious. That's why I wish they would have blended more around the scar in my last session. U'll want to go super light with your hair color.
  2. Hi All- just wanted to provide an update and pose a question or two. Writing these up are sort of therapeutic. Ha! To rehash I just got the scar camouflage bc I'm relatively happy with my HT. The real reason I had this done was bc I want to go short bc I don't care for the salt n pepper look I'm developing at almost 35. I know some dont care but it bothers me. I have a relatively flat scar and was told 80-90% coverage. After the second session blending it looked really good for about a month but then started getting spotty. I started using a concealer and it did a pretty good job on the ink, but was a hassle. I just had my third done eight days ago. In my opinion, my issue was density not fading but my practitioner seemed to disagree and thought the scar has just faded a little. He then proceeded to go one shade darker in the scar. I shaved down yestetday. It's only a 32 shade but it looks awful dark. Not ridiculous but there is a pretty obvious dark line. From say 6-8 ft away one might think it's a wrinkle. So, I can't sit here and say it's not an improvement over an obvious white scar...but I also can't really say it's a desired look. I understand that it will fade and this is not the end product, but I have a hard time believing it won't still be an obvious line especially where the scar cast a shadow. Unfortunately, I can't post pics. My questions are- 1) Is there a reason why they wouldn't blend on the final touch up? 2) Do I need to wait to use a concealer product? If there's potential for significant fading, I don't want to negatively affect long term results with concealer chemicals. Thanks again!
  3. Penny- that's a wide scar dude. It looks a lot better but you prob need another session. Couple tips. Shave everything from the bottom to the smp outline (slightly above the scar). Don't go too high or you'll see contrast. Let the hair above blend in to the top of the smp outline. Concealer goes real nice over the dark parts btw and takes like 20 seconds to apply. Concealer won't do anything to the whiter areas.
  4. Nothing special. I use a regular electric shaver sometimes after a full cut but normally just go over the back with a no blade beard trimmer every morning. You really just can't let it grow much at all. Best option is probably to take an electric shaver over it every night then have a tiny bit of stubble by morning. Would also eliminate morning hassle. Remember I'm one of the few that has hair on top, so my maintenance is more frequent.
  5. Scarredup- I sent pics to Ed but they couldn't be uploaded. It's holding up pretty good. One side is really good. I probably need a touch up on the other. At a zero guard it's relatively non-detectable.
  6. Yeah. It almost has to be at a zero. I take the zero from about an inch above to the bottom every day. Takes 3-5 mins. If you take an electric shaver over it you can go 2 days without touching it though. It doesn't look bad but I'm guessing you're seeing the hair/scar contrast right now.
  7. Have you tried a 0 guard yet?
  8. Jg- First of all- Leave the world of Toppik and concealer. That's a recipe for misery. Why not have fraxel and then smp into the scar? I've had two sessions and the scar is 70-75% improved...nobody has said a word...except for the people I told (who btw didn't know I had a scar).They were just like "oh, yeah I guess I can kinda see a little line." I have hair on the top too. So if you're going to buzz your head all over, literally no one is going to think "transplant" even if they do get a whiff of the scar.
  9. Lol that was supposed to be "lighter color" not lugh terrible.
  10. Yes. It's black ink, so it is supposed to match the color of your follicles. The lighter your hair, the lighter you go. Plus it all fades to a lugh terrible color afer a period of time. I'd show you but I actually realized I'm not sure how to load a pic to this page. I have a strip scar btw..hence the stupid name ha! Knew I should have went with "Linear Legend."
  11. Hi all- Just providing a diary on my scar repair. I'm now one week after the second session. I will post pics after I get my pre-Smp photos from HIS. I had two HTs with good results, one in 2003 and another in 2010, but just one thin, white linear scar that ran ear to ear. My goal was/is to wear my hair short and maintain a high fade/military cut. I was advised it was a good, flat scar..but I've noticed a slight ridge on one side. I was quoted with an expectation of 85-90% camo. Here's my take so far- I'd rate the pain at a 4-5. But that pain is gone after the 30 min session. As for the camo. I went with a 34 ink which is light....and I would recommend going light. Like all, my first session was on the scar and the second was blending. As for the results, it's kind of a double edge sword. I can absolutely attest that the scar is less visible. Probably 80%. No one would know I had a scar from across a room. However the area is exceptionally dark...and though I expect some lightening it will remain dark. The other issue is that a noticeable linear line is created on the top of the scar. This is definitely more prominent where my scar must be slightly ridged. So here's my overall assessment thus far. It's an improvement. I wouldn't be "embarrassed" to show it as is. Can people pick up the scar from 4-5 ft away? Probably if they look closely. Do, I feel like His was honest in their quotes? Yes, I do. It really does hide the scar to a high degree, but the darkness is still going to make it evident to some that a scar is there. Would I recommend SMP for scar only? I think I would if someone has realistic expectations. You basically go from jumping out at everybody in the room to having a casually noticeable scar. I would also advise that the blending is arguably more important than the scar. I wouldn't tell your practitioner to "pound the scar." In fact, the best strategy might be telling them to go modest density in the scar and be careful on the frame, followed by blending with light ink. Just my take for anybody interested.
  12. Living with ht scar exposed???

    Here's an idea. Do a skype w His. Wait until an airline has a deal, book a one week stay with one of those rental services like Airbnb. Have session one, see the city. Have session 2 a week later. Fly out. Just a thought.
  13. Scar repair Theory

    How's it looking Trendy? I have my second tmrw. Mine looks pretty improved after six days. The line at the top of the scar is still fairly noticeable, but that may fade. Its held well through six days, I'm not sure when I should expect the rest of the scar to start fading....but from prior posters it appears inevitable.
  14. Scar repair Theory

    Sweet! Btw- did you notice if one side was more bruised than the other? I'm not sure if it's just the way blood pooled but my left side has minimal bruising and right is pretty nasty.
  15. Sweat

    Lol I went to the gym today about 48 hrs day 2/3. Just did high weight low rep upper body but quit after 20 mins bc i was terrified of sweating at all.