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  1. Ian Fue combo

    So??? All too strange here...
  2. Is This The Best SMP Video Diary Ever?

  3. Ian Fue combo

  4. Luck with Scar creams?

    I was thinking the same...strange.
  5. For sure u didnt do fraxel on it, and if i were you i will do some fue after fraxel.
  6. Hair line Adjustment

    Whywould u want to do that? Arent u happy with the results?
  7. Holy!! The journey begins in Los Angeles

    I think u look very good the way u are now...really!
  8. HIS - the one stop shop for hair loss solutions

    Really?????? Wow i thought he was okay now.
  9. Why nbot pluck them...thats what i did and i notice nothing now.
  10. Campos is not good, vinci hair neither and mirko...so so...
  11. Advice needed

    Wow..im in the same situation but i had fue on my scar...you will be fine!!
  12. HIS - the one stop shop for hair loss solutions

    But in which clinic was this done? Which doctor? I really wish him the best!
  13. fading concerns

    Genious Ed!