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  1. Microneedling updates?

    Hey guys, I did a search on the forums to see if any had been microneedling and the only thing that really came up was older posts regarding treating scars. I would like to use a dermaroller or microneedle to promote hair growth but don't want it to affect my SMP. I was curious if anyone had been using a dermaroller / microneedle over an SMP treated area for awhile and if you had noticed any fading? The SMP appears to be placed at the same depth as the microneedles.. Thanks.
  2. About to book my SMP with HIS

    Hey guys, I've been keeping up on SMP for about 6-7 months.. a little backstory.. I've had 5 HT sessions over the last 10 years which I'm overall really happy with. (FUE / FUSE, no strip). I used to be pretty active on HT forums 5+ years ago. The results are pretty solid and when I tell people, they are in disbelief that I had anything done. That being said, my hair has continued to diffuse leaving me with well placed hairs, but no density. So my goal is to restore some density. My overall Graft count is probably somewhere around 12k. body hair, scalp hair and beard hair.. so basically almost everything remaining on top is HT.. I consulted with HIS (I can't remember the guys name but he was incredibly polite and professional..I just remember that he is English and works out of the LA office.) He was concerned that my hair being, reddish blonde that the color may stand out, so he recommended a patch test.. which I appreciate as its a large decision to make. When I met with Walter who administered the patch test, he didn't seem to be as concerned and thought it would blend well. He was also very cordial and professional. I can't even tell where the patch test was placed after about 4 days.. it has now been 5.. which means to me that either it blended quite well, or that it was really light.. i just emailed him and toget get his take. Basically I just wanted other opinions as to whether my results would seem reasonable or not. My biggest concern is where the hair is very fine in the back, he seemed relatively confident that being that there is hair there, (no slick bald anywhere) that it should blend. He said if I were inclined that hair dye could also help as well, though I wouldn't want to be dependent on it.. Thank you.