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  1. Toronto

    Heading down to Toronto on Wednesday August 30th at 9.00am. Come have a look if you want...... no prob. Btw, I heard the practitioner has went back to the UK. He is a Gentlemen and a respectable person; he has done an amazing job on all 4 of my sessions. Anyone know anything about the new guy??? To get to the point; should I trust him? My hair looks pretty good right now and just needs a quick blast to freshen it up, should I be worried about a different guy working on me? Thanks
  2. Toronto

    Not sure yet. Waiting on them to get back to me... I will let you know soon as I find out.
  3. Toronto

    I may be heading down to Toronto here soon for a touch up. I have no issues meeting up..... However, I would like to meet up at the Toronto clinic due to that I'm completely lost anywhere else since I'm not from the area. This would be my fourth session I believe. At my last session I had a gentleman that came to have a look and watched for a few minutes while the practitioner worked on me. I"m Caucasian, light skin with red hair....... I know, this combo is the real test. Gotta tell you, it looks great. No need for a $20 or a drink...... the look on your face and comments of disbelief that I'm actually bald is all I need. Lol
  4. Meet up in Toronto

    I might be heading down to Toronto soon for a touch up. I have had the full treatment, and have no issues to show it to you. I will post again once I get a appointment.
  5. Toronto - I'm available for SMP Live meet

    Hope they stay up this time!
  6. Toronto - I'm available for SMP Live meet

    Sorry man, I was actually just there last Friday getting a touch up. I will post some pics of before and after my 4th session.... unfortunately when I post my pics they get deleted the next day for some reason, so hope you see them today.
  7. Toronto anyone?

    No problem at all, your not a bother. I did not have any scaring to be covered. My scalp was red for a good 4 - 5 days after sessions, this is due to sensitive skin on this ginger. Yes, I had to do a powerpoint slide presentation the very next day after my first session, it was quite light and not one person noticed a thing. I would post another pic and show you what it looked like after the 3rd session but my pics dont stay up anyway??? Needed a 4th to just finish off the crown area, my crown seem to not take the ink as well as the rest of my scalp or it was just soaking it up more. Thanks and good luck. Also, can anyone enlighten me on how to post pics? Mine are consistently taken down the very next day. Thanks
  8. Toronto anyone?

    No this was taken about 2 - 3 days after my 4th session. I feel awesome! I'm 37 years old, I had someone mistake me for 25 the other day. Highly recommend! Should see how fly this guy looks in a suit again! lol..... Do it 4sure!!!!!!!
  9. Toronto anyone?

    Might have figured out why my pics were disappearing I think??? Lets try this...... Hope these stay!!!! GUESS NOT
  10. Toronto anyone?

    Just heading to school. I will when I get back around 7 or 8pm.
  11. Toronto anyone?

    Here you go buster.... BEFORE: AFTER: This is the second time I had to post these pics.... not sure why they wont stay up???
  12. Toronto - I'm available for SMP Live meet

    Well, got my 4th session done and had a fellow sit in on the session to see if it was legit. Needless to say he will be having his own SMP completed soon. This gentlemen had his eyebrow resting on my scalp and was asking the practisioner were my real hair began...... he was very impressed! Here is a few pics to help you guys that are not sure if this is for you. Couple pics in there to show you when I use to be bald...... lol My pics wont stay up for some reason.... sorry if there gone.
  13. Toronto - I'm available for SMP Live meet

    I'm also available to meet up. Heading down to Toronto this Friday coming up. I believe its the 26th at 9am. Getting my 4th session completed. I will post pics if requested. I was completely bald with hair at the back and sides of my head, reddish/brown hair with light skin tone. Unbelievable what these guys can do!
  14. 4th treatment in Toronto - Nervous

    Also, I would have no problem showing off my new haircut to you toekneei. I will be in the Toronto clinic on Friday 26th at 9am.
  15. 4th treatment in Toronto - Nervous

    I was getting nervous as I was reading this. I have my 4th session coming up this Friday in Toronto. If it was a different practitioner, I would probably be cancelling it. Your right Jurgen, he is a super chap!