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  1. What after shave lotion is safe for my head with SMP if I shave in the evenings and don't want my scalp to be dry in the night? In the morning, what moisturizer should I apply that's safe and with a matte look before I head to work? When I expect to be out in some sun, what sunblock is safe?
  2. I got compared to a Norwood 7

    What do you mean see it? Are you saying you think they know it's SMP?
  3. Best place for full laser removal?

    What's wrong with SMP on thinning hair? I got it done
  4. So I was at a social networking event and was chatting with a guy I just met and he sees this other bald Norwood 7 guy walking in and the conversation went something like this: Him: hey, it's your twin Me: why do you say that? Him: because of your hair Me: really? But look at my hairline (I'm usually not this vain but was seeking validation) Him: yea your shaved head does look good on you, makes you look confident. Your hairline is actually even lower than mine (as he lifts his bangs up to show me his receding hairline) I'm confused as to why I was compared to a bald Norwood 7 if he thinks my hairline is low and I look good? Does anyone else often get compared to a bald guy with SMP?
  5. Foil or rotary?

    How do you shave your head in 20 seconds?
  6. How u have willy job effect my smp

    Can someone recommend a sunscreen safe for SMP and doesn't irritate the eyes when you sweat
  7. 1st session done!

  8. Feeling a little low

    Can you post some pics?
  9. How to safely tan your scalp after SMP?

    Yes of course sun protection will be used. Was wondering if I had spf 50, and exposed scalp to direct sun 30 mins a day, how long would it take to safely get a tan?
  10. How much sun per day and how many weeks/months would it take to safely get your scalp complexion to match your facial skin tone?
  11. Ian Fue combo

    As a previous HT patient, I agree with David1963 100%. HT is very very difficult to get right even with a "good" doctor. There are SO MANY factors involved in getting decent results and it take 1-2 years to see the full growth, and then after that, you need to maintain your existing hair for the rest of your life. Not even the best doctor in the world can predict the outcome and the meds you need to take have risks itself. So not only are there financial risks, you'd have to consider all sorts of other risks including: Excessive visible scaring that's hard to hide Ridging and cobblestoning of the recipient site Low growth/patchy yield Over harvesting of donor sites Progressed native loss from trauma of the procedure Giraffe, I went to a IAHRS surgeon and regret it everyday of my life after.
  12. Sunbeds before smp??

    I am in same situation and was wondering if it's ok to use this a week after each treatment Jergens Natural Glow
  13. One day stubble growth

    Ok I am confused. I bought the OneBlade with 3 length from Amazon but realized they also have a OneBlade Pro w/ adjustable length settings but only available from the UK: The black 12 length model goes from 0.5 to 9 and the grey 14 length model goes from 0.4 to 10. But then I see on eBay there is also a 14 length OneBlade Pro model that goes from 0.2 to 10 Anywhere I can get just the adjustable head to fit on my cheap OneBlade? I want the 0.2 and 0.5 guard. Any place to buy the Pro from the US?
  14. just found this on Amazon. Is this safe to use w/ SMP? Jergens Natural Glow
  15. Balding clippers

    Do you have pics of how close the oneblade shaves