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  1. Beards?

    Just for you Bobo, any jibes about my ginger tash and I'll come for you with ma axe ūüėú
  2. I like the twenty four hours growth one best. If you cherry picked the worst one then you've no problems with blend to my eyes but then again I'm currently walking around with three days growth i think... fuzzy! I actually travelled about for a week recently and quite liked how it appeared even though patchy looking under scrutiny. I just don't care, it works for me. Altering your hairline will take more than one layer therefore more than one session if you follow. You could have a darker layer graduating from the crown forward in your freebie session, I don't think you will notice it too much when freshly shaved, probably initially will seem dark but that might give you more comfort with a bit of growth. Depends on your comfort levels with it. Looks solid as is. I would take the fourth.
  3. That's holding up well. If you add a layer in a slightly darker shade you will really notice the density impact of the 'magic' third session. I think this gives a bit of texture or 3D effect. As for you noticing the point where real hair meets ink that's because no doubt you know the worst possible angle and light to look at yourself in the mirror and I bet you automatically go to that setting when's a weird form of self flagellation. I went darker in the belief that I could carry off a bit of stubble, being uber critical, you can't really, but I don't care and routinely wander around with a couple of days stubble anyway. The point is nobody cares as much as you and even with two days of stubble no one gives a second glance.
  4. Sunblock / sunscreen

    Body shop aloe vera spf 15, which I usually buy three for two which makes it not so costly. Odourless and in a small pocket friendly tube, I put an inch on in the morning and again in the afternoon, gives an adequate protection up at this latitude. I think you probably perspire it out in an hour or two so... the alcohol content in sunscreen is mostly for adhesion of the components and not high proof wino stuff. On holibubs I use standard sunscreen. (The three tubes usually is enough for ahem 'summer' and I think works out about a tenner).
  5. Nice blending which I am sure when the redness goes in a day or so and you have a fresh buzz will bring it together. Your hair at the sides almost touch at the top of your head which I think is a bonus when framing SMP, it creates a sort of halo of stubble which really fools the eye about the pigmented area, obviously under closer scrutiny you will notice the difference but I reckon you will be able to have a daily 0 guard shave instead of foil shaving. Try to wait for the third session to assess how it fades, I'd say maybe eight weeks minimum, you will know then how it settles unlike after three when you're still kinda guessing.
  6. Nice looking solid first session, hard to tell due to the first session redness but I am going to say that after your second session you may well feel comfortable to get away with a daily buzz on a 0 guard. Get used to the chilly ears tho... I think your hairline fits the remaining hair you have, the next session will give more ooomff but do be prepared to procrastinate endlessly for weeks to yourself with whataboutery, it passes.
  7. Opinions about the SMP hue

    Wait. Eight weeks is no time at all, give it six more and you and your practitioner will have a better picture of what's needed with the third session. As it is, in my opinion, all is well. You are in what I call the honeymoon period when everything is so vibrant, so 3D, so zingy... it'll settle.
  8. Hello, I think the major consideration you will have to weigh up with the transition from your amazing cover up routine to SMP is the 'shortness'. Although your crop is probably what you consider to be short it ain't nowhere near as short as a couple of days of growth, which is the reality of SMP. You might actually like your existing hair cropped to a 'one' with a shaver and feel no need to have the treatment but on the plus side you look like you have a good amount of hair remaining to blend an SMP treatment into, high sides, not really a deep horseshoe... so your existing hair when shaved will 'frame' your SMP really well, in my opinion. I would say be realistic with what can be achieved, if you think being an older guy with a short/shaved crop is a look you are comfortable with and opt for an age related hairline then no one will give you a second look, it's not an unusual haircut option these days.
  9. Don't sweat on it too much hairisgoingaway, the difference between having it match three days length and freshly shaved is in reality not that much... However having said that I would definitely go in, if proceeding with the treatment, to the practitioner with three days hair length and ask him/her to match with that. Then you can foil shave at night so that the next day you will have eight hours growth which with the amount of stubble you appear to have will solve the mental gymnastics you are giving yourself over this. In fact I would recommend you have a variety of shades in your treatment, maybe a 36, 34, 30. But really, if you are happy having your hair shaved short then having smp will just add volume and reinforce what you have.
  10. Any Recommendations

    I would drop a couple of shades lighter and get them to add a new layer of between five and ten millimetre of very feathered ink to your existing treatment, just to soften up and add a gradual gradient to your very strong result. It will be strong at first, and your scalp looks like it holds the ink, but because it will be a single layer it will not have the same oomph! At the top of your temples, the sides of your hair, that is where I'd fill in a good ten millimetre of shaded area and for me your left temple looks too sharp lower down and needs softening. And on a lighter note I'm with Bobo on where your beard meets your shaved head, I'd be shaving down an inch or so to the middle of your ear... but fuck honestly, do what you want there!!
  11. Thinning crown to add realism

    Yeah true, but I think it has more to do with the front end than the back. I think if your front hairline is age specific and perhaps a little receded then you will not draw much attention to your shaved head. But hey if a monks spot is what you think will alleviate you from any mirth directed your way then don't let me stand in your way ?
  12. Celebrities And Smp

    Whoops! I meant I like Nordin's treatment.
  13. I just booked my 1st session. I'll post daily pictures

    Go Ryan! Big area to cover with fue, don't believe anyone who tells you otherwise. You have fine hair you reckon? You have a good density of that fine hair though. I think your hair shaved down shorter than it is in the pics will still be a dark shadow. You have those sort of horns on the side of your temples, little sort of pointy bits of remaining hair at the front of your sides, I would go right through them and join up with the bulk of your sides hair, kinda about an inch below the top of that raised 'horn'!! In the first pic you have posted you have a spot of glare from the light, for me that's your natural centre point, how you join that point from your sides depends on yourself and the experience of your practitioner... for me in my treatment I could have went an inch down on either side of my temples to my eighteen years old hairline but, I'm near fifty, so!
  14. Barber trip post SMP

    Most scalps will have healed after a week, the deal is, if you go heavy pressure with a razor when you still have scabs then there is a chance that you can pull the pigment out with the scab, unlikely but possible. If you 'Buzz' with a foil or hair clipper after a week then you have no chance of that in all reality.
  15. Celebrities And Smp

    Personally I like El Ahmadi's treatment, he has really dark hair and the deep matt result works for him methinks but also he shrugs it off with a smile, so!
  16. Hairy Again

    Totally agree, you are right on the limit at three days growth, but it still kinda works. The top of your head 'dampened'. I really like your hairline, subtle yet enough, and the shade is spot on. ( what I have found is that you go through changes of heart about how much stubble you can run with, sometimes it has to be every day and a few weeks later, ah what the... two, three days hey! ) roll with it when that happens.
  17. Thinning crown to add realism

    Don't be daft now, your paying the money, you'll be living with the result, get it sorted... it's going to look real enough. Trust me, buy a foil shaver, three or four minutes ?
  18. SMP to Accommodate for Future Hairloss

    A standard three session treatment of the first two a week apart with a third following on around twelve weeks later will cost about two and a half grand (£) and for you if you follow your existing hairline I am certain you will gain an excellent result. I can imagine that with the amount of hair you have now reinforced with smp underneath you could extend the length of time of not shaving down to the bone, sure it will be shorter than it is in this picture but you will be surprised by how much density it will offer. Go for it, you know you will want to when you lose more, by doing it now the transition to shorter and shorter hair will be less dramatic.
  19. Really want to do this but... are definitely over thinking and giving yourself a stressful time on this decision, have a holiday, maybe Los Angeles, heard there is a guy called Zang out there...
  20. Hairy Again

    That looks good and if having it a little darker means you can get forty-eight hours between shaves, then perfect. Also by grabbing that extra bit of hairline, that's a single layer, which for me adds to the realism of the feathered hairline.
  21. Getting caught out

    My suggestion is to bite the bullet and hold off from lasering your head for now. I would say that after ten weeks you will notice the settling in period to have occurred and will in my opinion be accustomed and adjusted to actually no longer being bare up there. The first treatment is a light template and does not have the 'impact' that the density from the second gives. I am more than confident that after a couple of months it will 'settle' and not appear to be so vibrant. Ironically this vibrant first couple of months is what I term the honeymoon period in that it is super zingy and visible. Believe me, do not laser your nut for at least three months. I think you will be okay, you do not have an unrealistic hairline, it will calm and also you will adjust. Your acquaintances now know you as the guy with hair... HURRAH!
  22. Hairy Again

    First session is just a template, second will give you a more cohesive idea of what you are going to end up with. I would hold on for about ten weeks till you have the third session to allow for any fading to occur and also to give you time to adjust to any swings of thought you may have on what you want from this third session (and believe me, you will have swings, darker, lower etc). Personally I think you could definitely grab another ten millimetre of hairline at your second session. The density from this session will firm up your treatment and I would stress wait and live with two for two months before having the third. You can after you have three have the free top up towards the end of your warranty year to refresh with a darker shade if you feel you are still too light.
  23. Hairy Again

    The shade used looks spot on now that the redness has gone.
  24. Fading & Hairline - Advice Needed

    Personally I like the look you have, in my opinion your hair is at the limits of what you can do length wise, any longer will make it more noticeable but I think it works as a look. You know as well as anyone else who has the treatment that it will disappear in certain circumstances and no doubt you torture yourself by looking in the worst case scenarios more than the good ones... for me if you keep it trim then you have a 'hairstyle' that works.
  25. Hair regrowth after SMP treatment

    I am NW7 with a very light light brown shadow (my hair is naturally fine). I have a few hundred stubborn remaining hairs in a very diffused pattern across the top of my head, looks crap grown out but I feel totally comfortable with three days stubble (as in the pic). The stubbly hairs although tiny catch the light and fool the eyes, it doesn't truly hold up to close inspection but passes what I call the arms length test, i.e. the distance most people get close to you. This of course is subjective to YOU and how comfortable you are in your own skin and with the decision to have/hide the treatment.