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  1. Not to thrilled when influencers with big followings expose our little secret. Shit, I haven't even shared it with my family. 4 years in and the only time I've been called out was by my barber (still gotta trim the beard) and he thinks its awesome! My life has completely changed for the better since SMP. Confidence and feeling good about yourself is such a powerful asset for getting what you want in this world. But, is it inevitable that this revolution to hair loss will become mainstream? Luckily, at 23 years old I get less and less concerned and worried about people knowing about it as the days go by. I just wonder when the time is to be completely transparent about it. I would much rather be vulnerable and share it with everyone before it becomes mainstream and get called out for it by the masses. It seems that this guy got his SMP in LA. Not sure if its hishairclinic, but I have a pretty good feeling it is. He mentions how great of a job they did and that they are the most well reviewed in the world. Unfortunately, he acted on an impulse and got more work done by a non professional and messed it up. In a way, I respect him for sharing that with millions of subscribers, but at the same time I don't want to get exposed lol, Would love to hear input from you guys!
  2. SMP SAVED MY LIFE! Age 21

    @his-ed thanks for reading! I've spent years looking like I was 30+ years old & I even started to feel like it. So now that I look my age I embrace it and I'm very appreciative of it
  3. SMP SAVED MY LIFE! Age 21

    It is 3:46am here in LA right now. Got home from work at 10pm & fell asleep for a couple hours, woke up & then went to the gym. Around these hours I really reflect on how my life is going & I figured now is a good time to share my story. I booked my smp session before I even found out about these forums. And when I did find the forums I read a lot of the stories on here and it made me feel really comfortable and at ease going into my sessions. Thank you to everyone who opened up & shared your stories on here. Its now time for me to share my story! I'm putting my age in the topic because when I was searching the forums I was looking for people around my age who got the treatment so maybe this can help out someone with similar interests. Anyways here we go! I started noticing hair loss when I was 16. At the time, I didn't know a damn thing about hair loss. My dad was never in my life. I knew he was bald, but I thought it was by choice. It didn't really bother me that much though. And I thought my hairline was receding because I got haircuts & a fresh line up every week. Btw, I'm Belizean-American. For those of you that don't know it's a country in Central America. Were mixed with a few ethnicities but were mainly black. Anyways, so months started to go by & I remember being in class resting my head down and always seeing a bunch of hair on the desk as I got back up. I thought this was normal. Two years later I'm 18 now. My hairline is receding more & more. Now it's starting to bother me a little bit so I start to try figuring out why this was happening. Genetics still wasn't on my radar yet. At that time I figured I was loosing hair because of a prescription drug I took called accutane. It's a really powerful prescription that gets rid of bad acne but comes with a lot of other side effects. That was my scapegoat. So in my head I start questioning why I took the drug. I beat myself up saying if I just waited a couple years the acne would have went away naturally. Now I sacrificed my hair for something so stupid. As the months went by leading up to 21, my hair loss was accelerating at a rapid rate. I start going out less, I become anti social, I stop going to the gym, I settle for a mediocre girlfriend that's no good for me. I even stop going to family events because my cousins kept commenting on my hairline. All in all just kept going downhill and then one day I was at work & my coworker called me Lebron James (via my username lol) For those of you that don't know he's one of the most popular NBA players. Hes also popular for having a pretty bad receded hairline. That right there was rock bottom. I laughed it off but deep down inside that hurt. I never really looked good in hats but after that I started wearing a hat pretty much everywhere. Without a hat I would always catch people staring at my forehead while engaging in conversation. Luckily, I was allowed to wear a hat my jobs. & for the clubs I usually DJ so it was okay to wear my hat. I wouldn't dare go to a club where I couldn't wear a hat though. This whole phase of being so insecure negatively effected my life in every aspect. My 20s are supposed to be the best times of my life & it was the complete opposite. I turned down so many opportunities. It sucked because I've always been a decent looking guy and I was always so outgoing & social but I lost touch of who I really am. There even been times when girls were literally throwing themselves at me but I just wasn't confident enough to close. I would always play the friend role. I turned 21 in February. At that point my hairline was so far back and there was pretty bad thinning at the front. I landed a decent paying job and I didn't want to waste anymore precious years being depressed and insecure. So I decided to get to the bottom of this. I start lookin at old pictures to see when I started noticing hair loss. I thought about the prescription I took and I looked at the date that I took it and noticed there was hair loss before I even started taking it. So now that was no longer a factor. I did a lot of research and realized that it has to be genetics. I start digging for old pictures of my dad. He had me when he was in his mid 20s. It was hard to find one without him being bald or without a Hat but I finally found one where he had hair. I was in infant in the picture. His hairline was like 5x worse than mine was in the pic. And I'm like damn I have to do something about this. Started searching the Internet for solutions. Rogaine, hair transplants, & propecia were my three options. I didn't even want to bother with rogaine. So I booked a couple consultations for a hair transplant. One clinic told me I'm too young and suggested I take propecia to save what I have left, and the other told me they can only address the thinning in the front and not the hairline & it'll cost 8k. LOL. I was so desperate and I was so close to going through with it. But I just decided to wait and really think about it. Couple months went by & I randomly start browsing the internet looking for hair loss solutions in random forums and one of the members on there posted a link to hishair. I clicked the link and I thought wow a head tattoo that's just insane, but I have nothing to loose and they have a clinic 20 minutes away from me. So I watched all the success videos & booked a consultation. Met with Z*** and got to see the smp up close & personal. It looked great! I was sold. I immediately began inquiring about financing. I got approved but they needed my ID & I misplaced it. So I had to wait a few weeks to get it in the mail and once I got it I got the ball rolling right away. Got my financing & got the session booked. Z*** couldn't be booked for an entire month & w***** was available in two weeks. It didnt matter to me who did so I went with w*****. That two week period had me so anxious and excited. I start watching the same success videos over & over and I start browsing the website more & I come across this forum. Once I discovered this forum I spent the last week pre treatment browsing it for hours and hours. Reading all the stories, good and bad. Mostly good though. I saw all the pictures and in my personal opinion I feel like it works very very well for black males since we naturally get a sharp low cut anyways. Every story I read just made me feel better and better. The whole tattoo on your head concept is pretty dramatic so you can only imagine how anxious I was about how it would look. The day of my first session arrived. I told my girlfriend that I'm going out of town for two weeks because I wanted the treatment to be complete before I saw her again. Plus I didn't want her to know about it because she's just my girlfriend and it can come back to haunt me. I didn't tell anyone at all about the treatment. It's personal and I'm going to keep it that way. People talk, even family. Anyways I arrive at the clinic. Got to meet w***** my practitioner. I read so many good stuff about z*** on here but not much about w***** so I was a little skeptical. Session begins, the first dots get engraved into my head and I'm like wow I thought it would hurt way more than that. Then after a few minutes the constant poking started to get to me lol. Some spots were more sensitive than the others. Some spots feel like nothing but others I felt like curling up into a ball. All I was thinking to myself was this little pain is going to be so worth it! A lot of people on here didn't really mention much about the pain but for me it was pretty painful and borderline unbearable. There's been multiple times where I just felt like bursting out and demanding a break lol. But I just wanted to get it overwith. W***** was a really cool guy and we spoke about a lot. I** was there as well and they made me feel very comfortable and at home. To be honest those guys felt like my brothers in there. Because we all went down the same boat and had the same feelings. They were people I can really relate to. They both had the treatments done themselves as well. Anyways so he finally let me take a break. And I look at myself in the mirror. He had already done the hairline & the top & I was in a state of shock. It looked so good and it wasn't even halfway near complete yet. It felt good to see a hairline that complemented my face so well. Once the break was over I was ready to sit my ass in that chair and get it going! The pain didn't even phase me anymore. I took that pain with a sense of pride. Boom! My first session was completed. That car ride home I couldn't stop looking in the mirror. Almost got in an accident a few times lol but damn I couldn't believe how great it looked only one session in. I tried not to get my hopes up though because I read on here about how the first session fades pretty significantly. But like I said it already looked good and I have dark skin so redness wasn't an issue so I went through my day without a hat. My 16 yr old sister was the first one to see it. She never commented on my hair loss before (probably because she doesent know anything about that) so her first reaction was "you look bald" I expected that because hairlines aren't really brought to anyone attention at that age so she wouldn't notice the difference really. Plus I still had a lot of hair left before my treatment. I was at about Norwood 2 or 3ish. Next person to see it was my mom. She's just like "wow you cut your hair short" wasn't expecting much from them but I was just happy that it looked natural to them. I woke up the next morning & my skin looked a little irratated & my skin started peeling so I wore a hat that whole week. As I started looking at it more and more I also was completely satisfied with the hairline. It was too similar to my previous one. So the day of second session arrives. W***** was shocked about how well it held up. It didn't fade much at all so I didn't really need a third session. I showed him a couple pictures of what I would like my hairline to resemble and asked for his opinion on what would look good. So he draws out what would be ideal and it looked good so I went with it. He started off the session with the hairline adjustment and immediately showed me after he finished. I saw it and it was PERFECT. I was completely satisfied now. Another 2 hours of pain and then my break came. I look in the mirror and it's just AMAZING. Right then and there my confidence shot through the roof. During my break, a guy interested in smp walks in the clinic and w***** was on his break so I told the guy my story and he got to see it and kept commenting genuinely about how great it looked. I'm pretty sure that guy ended up going through with it because he seemed 100% sold lol. Anyways the last two hour stretch begins & w***** gets down to buisness. Those two hours went by so fast: actually the entire session went by super fast. I felt like I was there for ten minutes. I was finally finished and I told w****** man you just changed my life! And I can tell with the look in his face that THAT exact moment is why he loves what he does. Changing lives. Bringing the best out of people. I go see my girlfriend immediately. Hadn't seen her few two weeks. It was dark when she saw me so her first reaction was "omg your bald" we get upstairs where there's light and she starts feeling it and starts adjusting herself to the new look. After she really got a good look at it she starts saying "omg your sooo hot" "you look way better than me" etc and I'm like "even though I'm pretty much bald )" and she's like "yesss you look amazing". I always wondered what the hell she saw in me before but it's most likely my personality lol. She's a decent looking girl. Before the treatment every time we would go out together I would get the kind of "how is he even with her" type of look. But yeah complete win! I work for an upscale restaurant delivery service so I have a lot of interactions throughout the day. A lot more people speak and engage in small talk with me now. Women actually check me out now. People are just pleasant to be around in general. They feed off my energy and I feed off theirs. I decided to test it out in the club where I Dj at. I wanted to go without my girlfriend to see how I would do with female interactions but she found out about it and invited herself lol so I had to be with her the whole night sadly. But I got to see all my friends. My best bud was like "wow that a really fresh cut" and when he started drinking he kept saying "bro we both look so good right now!" He's never said something like that to me before so that was cool. When I was in the club with my girl. This other girl in our social circle that I have a huge crush on kept giving us a jealous glance over when we were kissing more than often. Another win! Lol. Right now I'm at my peak happiness. Today is what really set it over the top for me. Regular day at work and there's this girl that works at one of the resturaunts I pick up from. I have a huge crush on her. She's beautiful, smart, funny and down to earth. Before my treatment I would dread going in there and having her see me looking like shit. But today I walked in, she had already seen me with my smp before and she's way more talkative with me now. But today was different (maybe because I've been hitting the gym now) idk but the second I walked in she saw me and gave me a peace sign from all the way across the room and I give her a nod. I walk up to her counter and there's two guys standing next to her (co workers) and she tells me "you look fresh as fu*ck" (for the older men reading this, this is an expression stating how great you look) lol I was literally in a state of shock. I usually have great comebacks but I just froze up and didn't even know what to say. I just smiled at her and she went on her break. That caught me by surprise that the girl who I have the biggest crush on acknowledges my look. And then seconds later I sit down waiting for my order and the busboy walks up. It's a Hispanic guy who barely speaks any English and he tells me "that's a nice haircut man" haha and I improvised and said his hair looked good as well. These comments caught me by surprise so I guess this is something to expect a lot more as the days go by! All in all. This is the greatest decision I've made in my entire life. This is the happiest I've ever been in my entire life. I'm kick starting my career in security management and I also have a music label and Dj side project and I'm pursuing these harder than ever now. I'm able to embrace, express, and feel good about myself. I'm always making people smile & laugh as I go about my day. I'm being the change that I want to see in the world. I'm comfortable with myself, people are comfortable with me. I don't hold back on my thoughts, I speak my mind. I have a healthy diet, I'm staying fit. I don't even take naps during the day anymore because I just have so much energy. I'm constantly learning and getting better at what I do every single day. I'm being myself. That's the most important thing. Thank you so much hishairclinic! And thank you to all that took the time to read this entire story. I'll have some before & after pics below. Before pics are the ones where I'm in the blue shirt. After pics are the b&w shirt & red shirt.
  4. Questions about 1st smp session

    This was my hair at 15. Which is more of what I'm trying to go for. Unrealistic? Thoughts?
  5. Questions about 1st smp session

    Here they are. You can't really see it in the pic but there's a bunch of gray hairs on the side. That alone easily wipes off 10 years from my age.
  6. Questions about 1st smp session

    @david1963 thanks! That's always good to hear. The only thing I'm worried about is maintenance/touch ups down the road. @honda Can you show me a couple of pics of what you mean? I'm not even sure which Norwood I fall under. I'll post a couple pics so I can get your opinion if I figure out how to.
  7. Questions about 1st smp session

    @alecbaldwin Thanks for the great response! Yes I'm hoping to upgrade in every aspect of life. Self confidence is everything. I wasn't blessed with the very best genetics sadly. Had really bad acne in high school and once I took care of that I started to loose hair at a rapid rate. My dad went bald at 25 and I'm right on pace lol. This year has been the worse it's looked. Can't go anywhere without a hat. Anyways I told my girlfriend that I'm going out of town to be a counselor at a boys and girls club with my uncle so I'm all clear! Haha I'm mainly a Kobe fan though. My old coworker examined my hair and called me Lebron James via my username. Ouch! Haha. Now is the perfect time for this treatment. My gf always addresses my gray hair and that she wants to dye it for me. & there's been a couple times when she asked me why is all my hair falling off. And every time I take off my hat I catch her staring. Sucks.
  8. Questions about 1st smp session

    @cautionthisissparta! I had my consultation there. But he's not doing my treatment sadly. He was super booked.
  9. Questions about 1st smp session

    @His-Ed I would just be honest about it with her but she's just my girlfriend and it can come back to haunt me someday if we had a bad breakup. As for the gym I'll hold off on that until after. Thanks for your response! @david1963 Yeah I'll see what the practitioner recommends for me and I'll hold off on the gym. I'm very happy that I came across smp. I almost wasted 8k on a hair transplant. This will definitely rescue my 20s & I'll actually look my age.
  10. Questions about 1st smp session

    Also, having the aggressive smp look will look even better if your in good shape. I'm a skinny guy. I planned on starting a bulking/heavy weight lifting cycle. But I know that sweating isn't recommend after your session. Should I wait until I'm completely finished with all of my sessions to start lifting?
  11. Questions about 1st smp session

    So I'll be getting my 1st session this Saturday. I currently have a girlfriend and I'm trying to figure out how I can get by my treatments without her finding out. I'm 21 years old and she's 20. I know I'm one of the younger ones on this forum but I feel smp is the best decision I can make right now to address my hair loss. Not only do I have hair loss, I have a lot of gray hairs as well. You can only imagine how shitty it feels to be 21 in your prime looking like your 31. I feel like smp will be a great look for me. I'm a black male so I'm going for the more sharper defined hairline. I know a lot of you suggest the broken receded look but that's the look that I have currently combined with a lot of gray hair. It's only going to get worse so I feel now is the right time to take stand. Back to my girlfriend, how can I get through the treatment without her finding out? Should I tell her that I'm going out of town for a couple weeks? Or is the smp presentable after the first session in most cases? I don't see her everyday, so if it's presentable then I don't have to lie and say I'm going out of town. However, I've seen a lot of cases on here in which there was not really a noticeable difference after the first session making them look completely bald and I don't want to reveal a completely bald/lack of density look to her. I'm hoping this can all be completed with two sessions. I still have a lot of hair on my head. It's the appearance of a huge forehead that really bothers me. First session is the 17th, second session is the 23rd. How should I go about this?
  12. african-american a year and half in...i love it

    Looks great! I'm an African American male as well. I'll be getting mine this Saturday. Going for the sharp hairline looks, suits us pretty well!