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  1. Toronto Location Troubles + Poor Experience

    Really disappointing to see what's happening with HIS Toronto. I was fortunate to receive treatment by one of their former guys who since relocated back to the UK. The lack of responses to your guys emails and poor customer service is surprising and will impact future clients. We all know how stressful it is dealing with hair loss so the added level isn't required. I hope things work out in their office quickly for all of us. Mine is still going strong 3.5 years later and glad I went through with the procedure. If anyone is interested in contacting the guy who did mine, let me know as he's setup shop in the UK. A real pro at what he does.
  2. TORONTO Clinic

    Yes please let us know about progress. I'm surprised you got in for your first session in a week! I had to wait approximately 6 weeks. Take pics and keep a log of your progress as there's lots of interest in the Toronto clinic from a bunch of us. Cheers mate.
  3. Foil or rotary?

    Braun series 7 and anything higher is the best. I used an R95 and it leaves a sandpaper feel while the Braun really gets down low quite close to a wet shave without leaving the shine.
  4. Dude! Your head looks great no joke! SMP will really enhance it. Your skin type and colour renders some of the best results I've seen with SMP. Don't fret, you won't regret it.
  5. Celebs

    Yes LOL I've been watching that show and I picked up on his SMP right away and Googled him to confirm. Agree it doesn't look natural and catches eyes of guys like us who look to assess bald heads.
  6. Hi!

    Your head has to be shaved at the beginning of each treatment allowing the ink to be matched to the colour of what's there. Depending on where your baldness is, it's difficult to grow out hair as you can tell the 3D against surface level SMPs.
  7. HIS HAIR = horrible customer service

    "isittheshoes" - I agree, it's weird that nobody is responding to the above comments from HIS. I would hate to have to go to a competitor for a touch up in the future but hoping the Toronto office issues are resolved way before that time.
  8. HIS HAIR = horrible customer service

    I'm hearing a lot of negative feedback about the Toronto office, assuming SMP123 is using that clinic considering his location is Canada. HIS - what's going on??? I'm getting nervous about touchups I'll need in the future and I have some fading happening after a year. I had great service and treatment and don't want issues with big dots, lack of blending if I go in. Please reassure us and advise on what the plan is for the Toronto location please. There were issues prior to my Brit friend taking over the location. Seems we're back to technician service issues. Feedback please HIS?
  9. Celebs

    He did have SMP done as he went from balding to a hairline. He might have got it lasered but had it done. Scroll back pages in this thread and you will see the work.
  10. Celebs

    Most of you will recall that the famous Youtuber, Fouseytube, had SMP for his balding head (included in this thread). Seems he wasn't satisfied enough and has gone down the path of a semi-permanent wig and made a point to share with the world. He makes a good point saying that it's perfectly acceptable for women to use fake hair (wigs, weaves, hair extensions etc.) however seems so taboo for men. I'm sure we all have opinions on his new look so not sharing to start bashing but more as FYI to highlight what it takes for some folks to achieve happiness with their hair. Enjoy...https://youtu.be/gi-xiG-jvA0
  11. Younes Kaboul Sportsman Celebrity SMP

    Andros Townsend is another Tottenham player who got the procedure completed
  12. Younes Kaboul Sportsman Celebrity SMP

    Check out Younes Kaboul, a Premier League soccer player playing at Tottenham - check his old images on Google and then check his latest images on the Daily Mail sports pages that clearly show his SMP work. Looks good to me - interested in others thoughts. Check out the reader comments with one actually calling out HIS hair clinic while another calls it hair magic LOL... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-4076706/Younes-Kaboul-claims-Mauricio-Pochettino-did-not-respect-Watford-prepare-host-Tottenham.html
  13. Any Recent Before & Afters from Toronto?

    Okay guys. I'm really getting confused with the Toronto HIS clinic topic considering we can't use names. Can Ed or HIS confirm whether there's been a change in the practitioner at that office since May 2016? If there hasn't, I will fully 100% vouch for the guy's work and can meet Toronto area folks around the Markham/Woodbridge area to show off his work. See my threads if you're interested in other details. Cheers.
  14. Worst Decision ever

    They must have somebody new in the Toronto office as there's no way that's our old Brit boy's work. He's technique and work is top notch and he's conservative which helps prevent going too dark or too dense in a session.
  15. Jorge Monterrosa (Narcos)

    Great show! Checkout Westworld out from HBO...it's good too.