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  1. Texture

    Shaving your head as short as possible is obviously a necessity for SMP because it's 2D. My question is can you have stubble/sand paper feel and still pull off SMP? Personally I love the feeling of my head when it has a sand paper feel and hate the feeling when I've wet shaved as close as possible and it's extremely smooth.
  2. Ian Fue combo

    Any update on this? How much would it cost? Is there pictures of him in various lighting with his combo?
  3. Another dating experience with SMP. Both good and bad.

    To anyone reading this who's had SMP, what does SMP look like beside stubble after 2-3 days growth? I'm aware that you should shave every day and keep it as 2d as possible but out of interest if I was not to shave for 2-3 days, does it look exactly like a tattoo or that you've simply made a poor job of shaving your head?
  4. Celebs

    Some dude called peyton on the X factor has definitely had SMP done. Looks quite good, would post a picture but I don't know how to.
  5. Celebs

    100% SMP met him in person about 2 years ago and he had no hairline. Interesting as he was one of the examples of men who are completely bald but still deemed extremely attractive by women. Just goes to show you even hunky soapstars get insecure.
  6. Pictures of SMP up close or in outside light

    I have one last question for you hating hats if you'd be so kind. What's your opinion on a thinning SMP look? Are there examples of this?
  7. Pictures of SMP up close or in outside light

    Thanks for answering most of questions hating hats! I think I'm going to go for it, I just need to see 2-3 examples in person first. I think SMP would dramatically improve my appearance and banish my hair insecurities. My opinion is that as long as you play it safe with density and the hairline, that 99.99% of strangers won't notice.
  8. Pictures of SMP up close or in outside light

    Thanks for the reply hating hats I've enjoyed reading a lot of your input on this forum. When you say your SMP is easily noticeable on a very bright sunny day, do you mean that it is noticeable as a tattoo or just more highlighted? If noticed as a tattoo what are the reasons for this? In your opinion if you get this procedure do you think you just have to accept some people will notice it's not real and weigh up that vs not being happy with your head? Considering getting this done is such a head fuck! I still have some hair, very dark brown, receded hairline, thin on top and patch at the back. Trying to decide what style to go for is one of my main concerns. I'm 23, If I go for a very natural look, most people won't notice as I don't shave my head right now. They'll probably just be like where did your zidane patch go lol. But if people do notice, it's noticeable in certain lights or if I don't like it myself. I'll wish I went for more density and a lower hairline. I also want to ask your opinion on if you think there's a bit of LUCK getting this procedure done? I've looked on People's Facebook profiles who have reviewed HIS and other SMP company's. Some look fantastic, some look horrible. What factors do you think are more important in achieving a realistic look? I was thinking of getting fue around my hairline to give it a more 3D look but I'm not sure if it's worth it.
  9. Does anyone have photos of their treatment up close or in outside lighting? 90% of the photos I see on this forum are indoor lighting with the photo taken from a few feet away. Thanks.
  10. Beware of his hair clinic video

    I haven't had SMP yet, I am currently considering it. But I thought you should know there's a video on YouTube with the title 'beware of his hair clinic' and an example of a terrible SMP job. As a potential customer who's been STALKING forums and websites about SMP recently I don't believe HIS would do this bad of a job but I just thought I'd let you guys know.
  11. I'm 23 and considering SMP, I have seen 1 example in real life and it was phenomal but the person who had it done still had a lot of hair. I have some questions if that's ok. Is it GUARRANTEED that you're head won't go blue/green in the future? How will it look after various touch ups in the future? I've never seen an example of SMP after a few years faded, does anyone have a photo? How much would laser removal treatment cost if I wanted it removed? What light settings do you think SMP looks best and worst under? How do you make your head not shine? Or do you have to accept its going to shine in certain situations? I live in Scotland is there anyone willing who had SMP and is willing to meet up? If someone was to have 3 sessions, how long roughly after the first session would the SMP look at its best? Basically how long does it take for the dots to shrink? Hopefully you can give me some answers to my questions!
  12. My story and philosophy

    That looks good! Do you have any other pictures in different light?