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  1. Warranty

  2. I'm going to be visiting some hot springs soon and was wondering if one of the experts on here could chime in on the effect of salt water and other minerals on SMP? Thanks.
  3. Warranty

    Does the 1 year warranty only cover 1 additional touch up session? I just read that but has that always been the case? I thought it was unlimited within the year.
  4. Sun lotion may affect smp?

    Headblade has a 40spf alcohol free sun block that I use. The whole line of products is pretty good.
  5. Hi I just had my 3rd treatment and will be going on vacation in a few weeks. I just read in the aftercare section I should wait 30 days until going to the beach and swimming. This won't be possible since I'll be going some place tropical. Is there anything I can do to minimize the negative effects?
  6. Fading issue after completed treatment

    Everyone is different it depends how your skin takes to the ink.
  7. Do you moisturize? That will help it keep longer.
  8. I had mine done in Toronto a few weeks ago. Ive been meaning to make a post with pictures but haven't gotten around to it. My advice is know what you want in terms of hairline including the sides ahead of time this is important so you can give clear instructions to the tech. I dropped an advil before going in, the pain varies but its about a 6-7 out of 10. When I went for my consultation Ian said I could continue shaving my head with a buzzer no guard but it just doesn't work well with the SMP. You need to razor or foil shave every 2 days otherwise you'll get hairs on the side of your head looking like this ````` or ----- and the SMP like ……. so they don't blend well after a few days of growth. I was alittle worried about going back to work so soon but after first session I was back after 5 days and 2nd session only 3 and never had the feeling people noticed however I already shaved my head pretty short so it wasn't a drastic change. Overall Im pretty happy with it however under some lights its really hard to see - will post pics later. Last piece of advice is make sure to moisturize everyday that is important.
  9. The journey

    Just curious if you were so unhappy to have it removed the first time, what would make you think it would be better the second time? Edit - just realized first time wasn't with HIS
  10. Had my first session a week ago and noticed I have some blotchy redness on my head in the crown area. I understand the redness from the needles is different I'm just wondering if this is any different possibly due to being too dry from not moisturizing the first 4 days. http://m.imgur.com/YDKoGJD
  11. Sorry to hear that but the pics honestly do look great. Just gotta own it dude. Can't let the little stuff get to you!
  12. the back and blending

    Yikes this is not encouraging. I was hoping to be back at work 3 days after
  13. Chill bro nothing you can do now. If you want to be safe then wait it out until 10 days
  14. Finished Photos- San Francisco Location

    And this is why we need to allow people to name lol
  15. Looking For A Good Foil Shaver

    How does it take you half hour to shave? 5-10 min max I can't imagine doing that for 30 min and your arm not getting tired lol