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  1. brum technician

    hiya I'm a newbie been looking on his hh and other sites had consultation in brum few weeks ago ... Just a quick question anybody heard or had done treatment lately???? Havent heard much lately but rung this morning and fuly booked up till jan , Got good quote with black Friday offer just wanna no if lady doing it there at mo is top notch as its my head lol!!!!! cheers in advance
  2. 2 times ten plus one

    Alrite Robster how you get on when going to the rife??? with the hot sun do you sunbathe normal , cake your head in factor 30 l or wear hat ??? just thought id ask as you seem to go abroad as much as me lol!!!! just worried if pay 2n half k will the sun kill it off ??? cheers m8
  3. overall experience and top up

    cheers dash nice one m8 happy days!!!!
  4. overall experience and top up

    alrite m8 why 3 sessions at brum then up too Manchester for 4th??? did you have it done by a lady in brum or a bloke cheers??? just had consultation at brum and was ok but not 100% got me lol!!!! deffo having it done but wanna find A, right clinic and B, right person too do it ........