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  1. Touch up needed?

    Looks pretty darn good to me. I know we are all perfectionists but I think I would be pretty thrilled with that.
  2. Thankfully I work from home.... Going to rock the baseball cap.
  3. I'm in the same boat. I have a slick thinning patch behind my implanted hairs. In the next 4 to 6 months plan to have it all done. 1) Fraxel/microneedling on scar. 2) Considered something to remove some of my hairline. Will have to see how it looks buzzed. 3) SMP.
  4. If you click that image above it blows up. Zang was very honest and realistic in saying it would not blend as easily as someone who had a virgin scalp. He suggested I liberally apply bio oil up front, but I am holding off a bit on that as it makes me shed when I am already thin. When the implants were done by the doctors assistants, they just look deeply planted. I would be better off without them. I envy the people who are getting SMP with virgin scalps because I am looking at obstacles with un-naturalness up front and with scar cover up.
  5. Slightly blurred but you get the idea. In the front, when shaved, these thick black implanted hairs won't look the same as the other hairs.
  6. Los Angeles Experience

    I loved the LA office. Good dude and has had it himself. I would guess you are in great hands.
  7. Hey Ed. I bought it and used it for 2 days and I had major shedding up front so I stopped. I went and got a consult a couple months ago. I am going to do this 100 percent. Just haven't worked out the timing. I am going to do the micro-needling/fraxel in back. For me, it's the shoddy implants up front. 2 and 3 at a time and deeply inserted un-naturally. Only 450 but still. Practitioner thought it wouldn't be ideal.
  8. Micro needling

    WHat do you guys do in between sessions? Baseball cap? I mean, preparing for a SMP session, I am guessing they shave you down for the fraxel? How do you cover that up between fraxel sessions? _________ Disregard. Missed a page. I get the idea. Thanks.
  9. Scar Wars

    Right, exactly. He wasn't there for the implanting. They are all deep and black and look like doll hairs. I would almost be better off having them removed. The consult I did with HIS said it would be a bit hard to mask. Haven't really confronted any of this because to be honest, my hair has looked great until this past few months where I am seeing a lot of shedding. The mistakes of youth. Cover up and be happy is the only real option.
  10. Scar Wars

    Amazing Smfxxy. I went to Dr. Ken Sipporin too. I used MHR back in the day who I guess he was affiliated with. I was 23 and about as insecure as can be. I have been told he did a decent job on my scar. Considering only 450 hairs, shouldn't have been too bad I guess.... Yours look great. I am absolutely going to get fraxel based on your advice. I am even wondering if I shouldn't get some FUE into my scar.
  11. Belated thanks for answering the question. When I went to HISHAIR, he definitely said it would be very hard to disguide. Not an ideal candidate because of the thick black hairs up front that seem to have obvious deep insertions. He recommended I immediately start with bio-oil. I am getting close to going for it.
  12. So everyone's SMP has been great even when they had HT hairs up front? Or no one who has had HT up front ever gets SMP beyond scar coverage? Thanks!
  13. There is a lot of talk about scar cover up in the back. I am curious how the HT hairs up front show up for most people when shaved when there are deeper root depressions/thick black hairs. I was told mine would be a bit difficult as they have deep indentations. Anyone have comments/opinions?
  14. Larry, how about the spots where u had the hair transplanted? How does that look?