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  1. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    I actually used my Wahl Balding clippers last night, as felt that the Braun 9 would be too much of a contrast to the SMP (as only had it done on Saturday). I'd actually forgotten I had the clippers as been using Braun's to get rid of the horse shoe for so many years now, glad I kept them though as has blended in better with the treatment post 3 days - depending on my second treatment I might well stick to the Wahl Balding clippers
  2. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    I use a Braun Series 9 mate, expensive to buy but worth it imo - as close as a Mach 3 wet shave with a lot less hassle 👍
  3. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    Mate this looks really good, i'd leave it a while before worrying about a third session and see how it all settles down. I am in on Saturday and want something similar - do you remember what shade of pigment you went with for your first session ?
  4. New session with Zang, one year later

    Nice one thanks, that's just the kind of look I am aiming for
  5. New session with Zang, one year later

    Hey, that looks great - can you tell me what shade of pigmentation you went for ?
  6. Jansch's SMP Diary - March 16 1st Session

    Not yet lol !! I kinda only worry about things just before they are about to happen, then panic I'm sure of the look I am after tho, so gonna explain exactly what I want.... if anyone calls me out on it or asks asks I'm just gonna be honest. Its my head and I can do what I want with it. I'm pretty certain its gonna look good when its finished so some short term pain or funny looks inbetween will be worth it. I'm gonna call HIS tonite as need to re-confirm my first appointment and I might move my send appointment to another day when I have a bit more time off work. How are you feeling about it all ?
  7. Jansch's SMP Diary - March 16 1st Session

    This sounds a bit similar to my story.... Personally I think working in an office with bright lights will hide the treatment anyway, as the light will just reflect our baldness lol !! I'm certainly no expert but would have thought outside in the natural light will be where it shows up more. Feel free to check out my post - first treatment is on 23 March
  8. Spots!!!!

    I use a Braun Series 9 and Peter Roth Mattifying Gel
  9. Hi, do you mind saying what shade of pigmentation you went for, and where you had you treatment ?
  10. Ink for a Norwood 6

    Cool, I'm thinking I want a really light pigment to start with aswell
  11. Ink for a Norwood 6

    Yeah I have a few days off after the second session, so will have had a bit more time to settle down - Those first days back are gonna be nervous tho lol ! If anyone notices I’m just gonna be honest and tell them. JCVD do you mind saying what Norwood you were, and what shades of pigmentation you went for ?
  12. Ink for a Norwood 6

    Yeah I’d take a few extra days off if I could. Just gonna bite the bullet on Monday morning and see how it goes lol !! I’m thinking really light first treatment, see how it settles, down then go a bit darker on the second. Good luck with your treatment though mate, hope we both get what we’re looking for 👍
  13. Post first session - underwhelmed.

    To be honest this is pretty much the result I am looking for after my first session - subtle and light. What norwood were you, and what shade of ink did you use pls ?
  14. Ink for a Norwood 6

    Hi, I cant really take that much time off work, my second treatment is booked in for 2 weeks after my first. I'm thinking that as I don't want anything to dark, it might be ok to go back after the Sunday.... Do you know what shade of ink you're gonna go for ?
  15. Ink for a Norwood 6

    Hi, I'm booked in for my first treatment next month. Have been looking at this site for approx. 8 years and have decided to take the plunge I'm 40 and would say I am a norwood 6. I have/had light brown hair with grey specs, which is quite thin round the sides and back. Currently I use a Braun Series 9 every other day. I want my treatment to be as light as possible really, I just want to create the impression of a hairline and a very very light shadow on the top of my head. I have shaved my head with mach 3's, etc, since I was about 20 years old so I don't want anything drastic. Aiming for a soft broken hairline which suits my age and was planning on going back to work (in a small office) on the Monday (appointment is on the Saturday), anyone think this is to soon ? Has anyone got any views on what shade ink I should go for, or have had, or seen a treatment similar to what I have in mind ? Thanks in advance !