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  1. I GOT SPOTTED!!!!!!

    LOL!!! The tilted head pic is always an SMP CLASSIC!!!!!
  2. I GOT SPOTTED!!!!!!

    LMAO! Yo that's hilarious and I like the fact that the treatment option isn't IN YOUR FACE POPULAR....it's on a "If you want to find it" kind of basis so we can be low-key!
  3. I GOT SPOTTED!!!!!!

    Or when different people say "I love your haircut" or "I see you shaved your head" A few females have said that to me on different occasions lol! My whole crew is full of jokesters and they will let you have it....When they make comments like "I see you got the shadow" or "Yo your barber is on point" I just laugh to myself.
  4. I GOT SPOTTED!!!!!!

    Great share!!!!
  5. I GOT SPOTTED!!!!!!

    I'm in a 4 year relationship and like I stated before, "My girlfriend and my mother knows" If anybody knows me, they know that I had hair past my shoulder. I tell everybody that I noticed it was getting thin and cut it off and now I keep it low. My dad told me once "You should use this shampoo and conditioner" that his sister told him about....I simply said "Has it worked for you or her sons?" END OF CONVO.....Pros out weigh the cons!!!!
  6. I GOT SPOTTED!!!!!!

    Yea, those comments I also take as compliments, only my girlfriend of 4 years and my mother knows.
  7. SMP SAVED MY LIFE! Age 21

    LMAO! Your jawn FRESH!!!!
  8. I GOT SPOTTED!!!!!!

    I was in Tiffanys resizing my girl friends ring and I asked the security guard for directions, he asked me on "the low" "Did you have the treatment done?" I laughed right away and gave him dap, he apparently had it done in the U.K. (he was British) but it wasn't at HIS hair. He complimented mine but since he was taller than me so I couldn't really see his. I just thought it was funny because I have seen a couple of people with the procedure that have looked at me but didn't say anything. It hasn't really hit the Urban areas probably due to the price but it is quickly on the rise. I've had females and males ask me "Oh you shaved your head?" As a matter of fact just yesterday a girl confused and asking me "Have I ever seen you with hair? So you shaved your head?" I've had a female tell me "Oh I love your hair cut!" I was even in the midst of someone joking on a bald man, and when the bald man tried to bring me in the conversation like "Why he wanna talk about us like that" the other guy said in a reference to me "Oh he's good, he got a fade" LOL! This procedure is the BEST decision I made, apart from the HAIR SHINE and me toying with the idea of getting a 4th procedure, I'm very happy. I wish that HIS would let the"Warranty" last 1 year after your last paid procedure or lower the 1.5 hour rate of $650 just for a touch up.
  9. Thinking about a 4th procedure

    Thank you for the feedback! I think I'm going to leave it be for now!

    Oran or Oren (don't know the spelling) and I have no idea what shades were used, I was under the impression the number was in the single digits (shrugs) @manx221
  11. Got called out

    Yea kids have no sensitivity filter lol! My girlfriends younger sister always say that I am "bald but have a hairline" Thats the look I wanted!
  12. Thinking about a 4th procedure

    It was the shadow from the iPhone 6 plus. When I first posted the picture I even noticed that. I appreciate it! I do love the procedure, I'm self conscious about it though. I think that if I see stubble, everyone will see it and that forces me to want to shave every other day. The only people that know that I have had this done is my mother and my girlfriend. I do get compliments on how my head looks. I have a friend who when I cut my hair and was bald mentioned my head right away, he was the same friend that when I got the procedure told me right away "Oh you got that REAL LOW fade!" and he is brutally honest so I guess I passed lol! Thank you @MrOnTheFence
  13. Thinking about a 4th procedure

    Thank you @southpaw2153 @Sam123 and @ASUS_Z00AD now I don't have to spend extra $$$!