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  1. Hey everyone, I'm relatively new to the forum, haven't posted much but have browsed a lot. I've been looking into this for about a year now and finally decided to take the plunge last week when I booked my first session in Chicago. Long story short...I had a hair transplant when I was about 20, I am now 32. I've regretted it basically for the last 10 years and I am the guy always wearing the hat, basically everywhere. My wife always tells me it doesn't look bad etc etc...but we all know that doesn't matter...what matters is how WE feel. So, I'm just hoping to cover my scar so I can shave my head and not have to wear hats all the time. I actually think if this looks good I may burn my hats....tired of walking around hot and sweaty wearing hats in the summer! I'm Ok with the top of head...I may decide later to fill it in depending on how the scar goes. I've decide to document my progress / story on here because I know the pictures and stories from other people really helped me decide to do this, so maybe my story will help someone else. A week from right now at 1pm I will be undergoing my first session. Here are my current pictures. These were taken after I shaved my head totally bald for the fist time ever. I'm not sure how 'bad' or 'not bad' my scar is....anyone care to comment? I'm talking about how raised / uneven it is. I don't think it's too bad and I really can't afford all this fraxel laser stuff people talk about, so here's to hoping I can finally relinquish my hat dependency....
  2. I didn't have it done yet. Trying to find the time and money. I can say that since the pics were taken you see last, the ink has definitely faded some.
  3. Are they supposed to contact us about the optional 3rd session? I haven't heard anything...
  4. Feeling better about my scar. I think one more session and ill be good. Ive been going without a hat though already, like you see in the pics. After two sessions
  5. 3 sessions and still looking bad!

    I think they are walking a fine line because clearly the scar tissue doesn't hold the ink well....which they SORT OF tell you.....BUT they also give you a quote and tell you it wil be "90%" better after XYZ amount of sessions. I feel a little more honesty with us scar guys up front would be welcomed. The procedure and the work done by my practioner was very good and I was very happy with it, I am just not happy with the amount of fading and the unclear communication as I said in this post and my last.
  6. It has faded some since these pics.
  7. 3 sessions and still looking bad!

    I don't think it looks that bad. I have an almost identical scar and I had 2 sessions and I'm not super happy either. It only looks acceptable to me for about 12 hours after a very close wet shave, which is not at all what I was expecting. I even asked during the session if would be able to go a couple days without shaving and still look good, and i was told yes. I will definitely need a 3rd session and if it doesn't look good after that I will not be happy. I can't afford $800 per pop and a 500 mile round trip journey to Chicago for unacceptable results. I know I was told things like 'scars are more difficult' etc etc. That is fine and dandy...but IF they quote you 2 to 3 sessions upfront, with 80 to 90% concealment, which i what I was quoted, and they knew what my scar looked like beforehand...that's what it should be, and any extra work after that should be free in my opinion. Check out my thread if you want, let me know what you think of my pics.
  8. Heres how it looks now after wet shaving. This is maxium 12-18 hrs after wet shaving. To me the scar is still very very visible and a lot more so than i thought it would be after two sessions. I have noticed fading.
  9. I might later, but as I said in my first post, the top being 'bald' doesn't really bother me. I just didn't like walking around with a huge scar. I'm realizing now that it really only looks good the same day and I have to wet shave. After just one day's worth of growth I can already see the scar pretty good. I'm thinking I may need the third session.
  10. One week after second session after shaving. Im pretty excited about the results. Thanks Mike!
  11. Well, I hope it works for me. Do you remember when we can shave our head again after the treatment? I can't remember if its 3 days out or longer?
  12. The first three pics were taken the same day a few hours after session 2. The last pic was two days after. I know i need to cut my hair, but right now im feeling like the scar is more visible than i expected. I guess he didnt put any pigment into the scar on session 2 because he didnt want it to get too dark, which i understand, but the scar itself appears to have faded some and i cant say as of now im extremely excited with the outcome. I know it needs more time though to settle. Only three days past the second session.
  13. I just had the scar done. Top being bald doesnt bother me. I may do it later though. I will put up some pics of my second session after the redness goes down a bit more.
  14. Last minute nerves

    But the point of having this done is so people cant easily see the scar. I am only getting the scar done because the top being bald doesnt bother me. But i dont want to pay thousands of dollars and have this done, traveling and paying for hotels only to have to lie to people who can still see my scar. Lets hope my scar work is good when finished. The whole point of this is so people dont see it, if we still feel the need to make up stories or stand in certain light, whats the point??
  15. Yea, it does fade a bit after first session but thats why you go multiple sessions. Im on the train to chicago right now for session 2 tomorrow. The redness has gone away and it is looking good, im still happy with the results and looking forward to seeing how look when its all over. As far as pain, it isnt exactly a pleasant feeling getting the pigment put into the scar but it was tolerable. I didnt even need a break. Im getting very excited to live my life without having a hat on anytime i go out. I highly recommend Mike in chicago.
  16. 5 minutes after first session.... It didnt hurt that bad. Its very tolerable. Im very happy with the work so far. Cant wait for the redness and swelling to go down. Session 2 next friday. Larry
  17. First Session at NYC/Perfection

    Hey, how bad did your scar hurt when getting it done? I have my first session in chicago on Friday and I've heard the scar work is quite painful?
  18. 1st session in Chicago

    yea, i know, it just seems like most guys say the pain is nothing, but you're making it sound bad. I guess everyone is different.
  19. 1st session in Chicago

    It doesn't look like they filled the scar in at all. Not trying to be mean but if I drive to Chicago 2 times and pay thousands of dollars I won't be happy with a result like this. I'm not doing the top of my head so I really want the scar to look good. Man, I got stung on the foot by a bee the other day and it hurt like a bit$!, I hope it's not two hours of getting stung by a bee on the scalp.
  20. I can't really afford either, but the added cost of the fraxel, if it's not going to do any good, would be something I really can't afford. That was what I meant. I need to take the risk of the smp because I can't keep living my life with a scarred up head, despite if I can 'afford' it or not right now. I actually just called and the lady said that the guy doing my procedure (mike i presume) said he look at my photos and he didn't think my results would be improved much, if at all, by having fraxel beforehand.
  21. How do i know if I need fraxel or not? I knew nothing about this fraxel laser therapy to reduce the scar before I booked my first session. Can anyone take a look at my scar pics and tell me if they honestly think I would benefit from it? I need to know asap as my session is next Friday and I will need to change it. - Larry
  22. 1st session in Chicago

    Did you take anything for the pain? I've never had a tattoo so I have no idea what to expect. I just know it better not feel like the shot they gave me in the scalp before my hair transplant, that was amazingly painful for a few seconds before the anesthesia kicked in.
  23. 1st session in Chicago

    Well, that's not really what I want to hear. I mean, honestly at $2400 it's a lot of money for 3 sessions just to 'fix' a scar if it's not going to look good shortly after. How long ago did you have yours done?
  24. 1st session in Chicago

    Southpaw, where in MI do you live? I love in toledo, oh. I would be interested in getting your input on the scar procedure and maybe seeing yours in person if you're relatively close to toledo. I'm going to chicago in a week for mine and I'm slightly worried about the scar. I think my scar is pretty flat but I haven't had any 'work' done to it.
  25. 1st session in Chicago

    Looks good. I can't believe I might finally be able to go places without a hat.