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  1. Very satisfied with the treatment

    I'm 41 years old coming from the Nordic. I started to lose my hair in my early twenties and I did start to cover up my hair loss in different ways and I cut my hair short. I was always worried about what other people where thinking of my hair when they looked at my head. I also felt that I lost my freedom when I stopped doing the activities that I loved, such as skiing and swimming, this because I was afraid that people would notice my hair loss. During all this years I was looking for solutions to my problem, but I couldn't find anyone suitable for me, until the summer last year (2014). I was surfing around on YouTube and I stumbled over a video from HIS, which made me so impressed. I started to look at all pictures and videos that I could find on SMP treatment. I then discovered that I could do the treatment in Gothenburg at HIS. I mailed over some questions and pictures, and got a very professional answer from Saman and I then decided to book my first treatment in October. I was told that I could expect to have 3 to 4 treatments, and I ended up having my 4th in the end of March. I must say that this is one of the best decisions I have made in my life! Now I feel free to do what ever I like, not thinking about my hair. The help and support that I got from Saman and his team at HIS in Gothenburg is the best that you ever could think of. The advice given regarding hairline and color was spot on. The treatment are not painful at all, I actually thought that it was comfortable. To everyone thinking about having SMP; do it! I strongly recommend it!