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  1. Kevin from stockholm?

    Hello, I had three treatments with Sam in Gbg. I think the result now is good (I was depressed when I did my treatments so nothing ever got good enough for me) but I want to get a touch up too and Sam is not doing SMP anymore but Kevin is. I will be emailing him shortly asking for credentials aka pics of his work as I want a touch up. I will try to make an update here if and when I get something to tell myself.
  2. 2 months Post 3rd Treatment

    That is an excellent result! Congrats it suits you very well!
  3. SMP - Did it fail for me?

    Well, I want it ALL that. But I also want it even so it looks like the sides like all people in the forums have. I do not want it to look like I have a painted skull though (I have seen some horrible Hishair competitors make people look so bad that it makes me cringe). I am just after a head that looks the same all over when it comes to shade/density and nothing more or less And yes I will after summer have a fourth, it is too hot to go for now and then to avoid sweating would mean I would have to stay indoors all the time and hang out in my bathroom (coolest room). And yeah I sure enjoy sitting there from time to time but not for days on end xD Everyone is different and if you would be happy with my current result than I hope you will get it that way I saw lots of guys results and those blew me away so I wanted mine to be like theirs. But it is not there just yet. I hope it will be after the fourth as I will ask that we focus on the blend and density a lot. I have to live with this head so I am the one that has to be happy with it. And right now I am not at that point, but I do think it does look a lot better than pre any SMP. I really do believe the fourth will be the one that makes it the way agreed upon = Happy
  4. SMP - Did it fail for me?

    Thanks, I do think I need a h*ll of a lot more density and even darker pigments to make this look the way it was agreed upon - like the sides of my head. When I used Photoshop to add dots I found out that I need about 2-3 times the density to make that a reality. It does look natural, but the blend and density has to be there too, and I hope it will be after the next session . I have seen his previous work and it is amazing and it blew me away, but for some reason mine is not on that level - yet. I will ask my practitioner about it on the fourth session. I know he is great at what he does, but I think my skin condition has affected the way pigments settle, and that is perhaps why they are brighter and less defined than they should be. Maybe the fourth session will be my magical one ^^ 2 different people have called me bald this week, the pigments are fading quickly and I need a lot more density and darker pigments too, even if I will have to sit for 5h to get it that way I will - it is too important to me to have it the way I need it to be, to be able to look myself in the mirror and think "damn, it looks so real!". I would rather have it too dark than too bright like I feel it is at the moment. It is all fixable though, so in the end it will look good, but I really really hate the flights and the stress/strain it puts on me.
  5. SMP - Did it fail for me?

    So I got in touch with a HIShair clinic, and they said my results look good and is not a failure. What they told me is that what I need is more density and more blend with the sides and I will be fine. These are pics I took in my hallway in the shadows. The closest light source is a window 5 meters away. They are taken 5 minutes after a wet shave and no flash on neither.
  6. SMP - Did it fail for me?

    I thought HIS practitioners also went to this forum :/, I have emailed them yesterday with these same photos explaining the situation. I did it at the same time as I wrote here actually. Thank you for asking them to contact me, I just want this to be completed and done... at this point I do not care if I have to pay for each session no matter the guarantee (or lack of estimate), just as long as I get the promised results or something even remotely similar to what I see all over the forums. I am really considering going over to the London clinic as the cost to fly there would be the same as traveling within my own country, and the results there look good.
  7. SMP - Did it fail for me?

    It has faded even more now, on the left side of the hairline the dots are going away again.... Well as there is no real estimate, just a "at least 2-3" and not a "most likely 2-3" I feel more or less screwed.... Sure the 4th would only cost about $56, but he said that the fifth and so on - if they were needed - would be $230 each hour as it would be a "touch up" - and it has taken 2-3h each session now and at this rate I would need several more. I guess I am just supposed to pay up ignoring the "at least 2-3" and any guarantee at all right? I really thought the estimate would make sure I would only pay for the amount I was quoted - "At least 2-3", which told me in my ignorance "2-3" was my estimate, but now it seems "at least" could mean 40 sessions or more and I would still have to pay each one. Thanks have helped me look balding instead of bald, I feel cheated to be honest. It is upsetting.... These are pics I took without any flash, indoors with the light off and only daylight coming in from outside. So this time the photos are taken without flash and showing the real life result. This pic I took with an arms length distance It should be quite clear to anyone viewing this that the "blend" with the sides has not occurred, as one would expect as there is a clear line between the top and side - when it comes to shade and density compared to the results I have seen posted all over the forums. Especially visible when you look at the pics as thumbnails and not enlarging them by clicking. Can someone from HIShair please comment on this and contact me?
  8. SMP - Did it fail for me?

    I will do that tomorrow morning. I am not happy at all.... I will try to get a hold of a HIS hair practitioner and ask for advice too... if anyone like that reads this then please contact me! I got considerable fading since those latest pics too...
  9. SMP - Did it fail for me?

    Yes that is the whole problem, it does not match..... And even without any flash and just looking in the mirror with any light whatsoever on in the bathroom from ANY distance be it 3 feet or 15 feet, or even with the light off and just the dim light from my hallway behind me still displays the exact same issues. I am getting dead tired from this... should I change practitioner to someone else within HIShair and is that even possible to do? I was quoted "At least 2-3 sessions". So it could be 2-3 or 500 sessions as I got no real firm quote just a "maybe". I was told that if I need a fourth treatment I will have to pay for that too and any more than that will be considered a "touch up" so I would have to pay no matter what as the guarantee does not seem to count at all. I was assured it would look like the sides and it does not. My practitioner told me he has guys that come in for a 5th and 6th treatment, but if the changes are so small from each session I do not doubt it.... Does HIShair have any policy for changing practitioner within the guarantee? I am not happy at all...
  10. SMP - Did it fail for me?

    So I had my third session on the 29th of March. These are pics I took April 20th a few hours after a wet shave. I already see uneven fading this early and also uneven dotting too so I will need a fourth session for sure which I was really really hoping to avoid as each trip including flight/tram/bus/hostel costs me 300 USD each time just to get there. I have done all after care instructions to the letter too! This entire area should really have a darker pigment and density to match the sides, which has always been the goal from the start (more visible as thumbnails than as full size for some reason) This is the area that bothers me the most! Its in the hairline (even more too, but that spot is the worst!) and I can clearly see it is less dense there no matter if I am outside in daylight (marking on pic 2, but you can see it on the others too), or I look at the mirror from 2 meters away while having no light on above me - and just some light behind me so it is dim (it is supposed to look even in SOME light at least, or is that only something I should expect in pitch black darkness where I can not see myself at all?....I am disappointed to say the least as I said it was a problem area that I said I wanted fixed.... It got better but not even *sigh* The third pic below shows how uneven it is, especially visible on the thumbnail. And I have taken pics with and without flash in different lighting conditions so it is not just my imagination. "Third is the magic session".... not really :/ Check the last pic and compare the marked area (even some outside of that area) to the other side of the hairline and you will see the density is different. So I am open to advice....... I know that I will get even more fading in the next few months as that happened the last two times too.
  11. SMP - Did it fail for me?

    David I know but still, I do worry because I just want it over and done with - so it does not eat away on my brain anymore. And I worry about getting a too dense or dark treatment so I will get the dreaded painted-scalp-look that other (not his-hair) clinics have done. I usually do not study my own pics, but just rely on my own sight while staring in the mirror with or without a lamp on in the same room (I tend to see better with it off as I can see areas less dark much better then). The pics I provide are just to show others more or less, and to document it Still, I will have my third treatment in two days and I am traveling tomorrow to be there in advance. I will take pics before and after there too and also when I have shaved for the first time I will take some more pics too, just to document my journey and perhaps someone someday will look at this post and see the roller-coaster I have been on, and if they have experienced anything like it they will know they are not the first or the last ^^
  12. Any chance to see your scalp before and applying it? It sounds awesome!
  13. Payment for regular touch-ups - how to act?

    4h touch up sounds quite dramatic, I was told that touch ups usually take 1-2h Btw Dasher if that is your scalp on your profile pic it looks awesome!
  14. 1a SMP 21a Juli 2015

    Jag har skickat dig ett PM, ta en titt på det så ska vi kunna lösa det
  15. SMP - Did it fail for me?

    So I returned to this forum to check if I had gotten any more replies... and I had not expected this many supportive comments! I can tell you that I can confess that I am actually sitting here crying right now with tears running down my face.... You telling me that what I am seeing is not something out of the ordinary, and that you have seen and felt what I experience too in various degrees does help me a LOT. The support here warms my old bruised heart, as you show me compassion and understanding and do not tell me that I am not entitled to feel what I feel. I do not know what to say... I feel like you got my back and everything will be alright. I will take that advice about writing down my concerns before going, absolutely will!. I did do so before my first treatment and I even brought a photo of my late grandfather to show what my hair-loss pattern most likely will be, as I have read that we usually inherit the trait from out mothers father. Which does make sense to me as that is where the baldness lays in my family. I showed how much I would lose, and I did not feel like it was more than glanced at. But now that I have lost even more I can see that those areas have not been treated as much as needed, and if I lose even more after this third I will look like I just have no hair on the sides between my smp and the hair that is left and that would really look odd. I really see that I do now have people that will keep me sane and give me support, I did not expect this much feedback really with words of hope! I will absolutely go for it, right now I feel like I got a "grey-skull" and no real dark dots in some areas that would make it look like the sides. Because even when I shave the skin is greyish all over on the sides but I got darker dots where the follicles are. And now especially my front left hairline is just a bit grey in the skin but no darker dots at all and most dots on top have faded to the point that I need to be so close to the mirror that I almost touch it to see them and some are just gone. And when I shut the light I can still see in the dark that most of what is on top is more the color of my face than the rest of my scalp. And that does worry me. I have booked my 3rd at the end of this month, a possible fourth might just maybe be later this year if I do not get the correct shade and density on the third. And what you describe sure is exactly how I feel and have reacted! I also worry about getting too much density and too dark pigments so it either looks fake or smeared (painted skull)