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  1. Good Stuff I agree, It's amazing how common sense is not so common in SMP world, my first procedure, was done with a 3 needle set up, being naive to SMP's and tattoos in general, I didn't realize how that dumb that was. The needle has to be tiny, and the ink has to be something that won't change hues, if there was some regulation to this industry, with those two things, it would be a lot more difficult to jack things up.
  2. 3rd and final laser treatment done

    Do your homework pal, The needle depth should be so you barely feel it, I believe that is the right pressure, if you feel it's too painful, and the dots need to be paused, it's not good.
  3. When do you stop looking in the mirror?

    I'll tell you Honest, the ones I've seen done right, are absolutely incredible... when you know they've had it done. Initially you subconsciously inspect their scalp, and after a few minutes, you forget it's not real, and don't even think about it, if done right it's amazing... My eyes have seen, and my vision is near perfect, my hearing is a little off. Just make sure you cover those 3 things, trust me, those are the biggest factors.
  4. When do you stop looking in the mirror?

    Sorry for the confusion, you are in good hands with HIS, If you read my story the journey, I had a bad treatment by a lesser provider, who did not practice those 3 things, dots too big, turned bluish. So in my hopes, I wish no one to go through such an ordeal in the future, I've been lucky enough to clear the mess on my head, and continue on with life, but I want no one to go through similar experience. From what I understand HIS is conscientious of all 3 of those factors, and ensures the best possible outcome. The work speaks for itself, I just hope people realize that this procedure needs to be done the right way, as I went in thinking that they had my best possible interest, in reality they didn't... I just want to tell that those 3 things are paramount and anyone wishing to have SMP needs to understand those things.. When done right, it looks awesome and you stop remembering you were bald, and it becomes part of who you are.. With a good treatment it's almost like you challenge people to try and see if it's not real... Good luck Honest... Just make sure you are aware, it can be the greatest thing to have happen in your life, but you just have to make sure the right folks do it... The folks at HIS have been great support for me, even though I had the work done someplace else, I know in the future If I decide to try again, they'd definitely be the ones I'd go to. Cheers
  5. When do you stop looking in the mirror?

    Yes needle size has to be small, normal tattoo needle... too big. Penetration into scalp if too deep, will cause what is known as blowout... a huge dot.... Pigment also should not breakdown into constituent colors... green and blue, cannot happen on your scalp.... on your arm or anywhere else is forgivable, since it's realized it's a tattoo, with SMP, the key would be to not have it be known to be a tattoo.. Like if you were to have white veneers put on your teeth and they turned green it would destroy the effect you'd want to achieve... These three things, should be standardized through the industry, because if these 3 don't happen, it will not be good, and it's pretty simple actually and makes sense...
  6. When do you stop looking in the mirror?

    When it's good you look in the mirror, when it's bad you avoid them, it's a good thing, follicle replication is not easy, but with the right needle, pigment, penetration, it can be pulled off, keep looking...

    I got treatment from a bad provider, not HIS, got it in the summer, and couldn't avoid sweating, pigment did migrate, but the person who did it, pushed the needle way too deep, so it wasn't gonna work regardless, it's hard to say how, I'd say a week minimum, it is the only thing that sucks about getting a good treatment, because us who care about our looks, usually work out, but the one time, in your life, where it isn't beneficial is at the treatment, time...there is no substitute for exercise, not beer, not whatever..
  8. update

    I've only seen one treatment where I knew it was SMP, it was truly jaw dropping and natural, after conversing with the guy for a few minutes, I actually forgot it was not real hair on his head, this is what it's all about, The key it not give it any thought, when the treatment is done poorly or with the wrong equipment, pigment... It becomes something you can't stop thinking about, great work on your dome, happy for ya, I'm sure it's liberating to say the least...

    From a scientific approach... I think you first have to look at the fact, that the pigment is initially liquid. The liquid is introduced to your dermis, if it went into your epidermis, it will not stay. The epidermis renews itself approximately every 48 days, the dermis every 15 years. This is why tattoos are possible. Initially when treatment is placed, a whole lot of action is taken place in your skin. This is the normal healing process. I believe the exercise will heat up your scalp, causing the liquid to go astray. This is why you have to wait... excruciating as it may be. I understand I've been an avid jogger/ weights guy for 17 years, and the buzz you get from it, is difficult to put off. Another battle you have to fight, is the initial joy you get from getting that hairline, if you are like me, you want to celebrate your new look, by hitting the gym. But, you have to be lazy for a bit, believe in yourself once the wait is over that you can go back to your fit lifestyle, it really only takes one workout to get back on track. So in summary what you are waiting for is the pigment to dehydrate and take permanent residence in you scalp. No scientist am I, but I believe from what I've heard is that it'll, in most cases take about a week.. 30 days is an absolute, no chance of ruining your treatment. So hang in there bro. Just think of it, I guess, like something else happened, and you absolutely cannot work out. I know that some folks this would not be a big deal... but to those of us who love a good work out.. it's tough. You'll get back on track with the working out, just let your skin heal, in a couple months, you'll be happy you did... Cheers.
  10. Worst Decision ever

    It looked great at first, and I understand the problems with the second... Skin tone and pigment color is important... the contrast is big... From my experience with laser, what you are looking at is not to lighten the bad treatment, what you will have to do is get rid of all of it, and start from scratch, after laser, be careful with sun exposure, your skin is not the same for about 2-3 months, not sure what their policy is exactly but in a sense you have to jettison all the ink and start over... The bright light is the fact that you have seen how good it could be, so there is hope.. I believe needle penetration is paramount, and the shade to match skin or existing follicles.... Moisturize your dome frequently and there are things that can help increase skin thickness as I have experienced thinner skin since laser... Their is some product I think from loreal or one of those, that increases volume, it seems to work.. slowly albeit, but I think you've got a fighting chance, since you have seen the magic of it previously, now your biggest concern is your scalp skin, and than you can start your journey back to the promise land... Hang in there man..
  11. Met a man with SMP on holidays

    Saw one, when I was outside at work, and the only reason I could tell was he had about 3 days stubble growth on the sides... but his treatment looked outstanding.. The only thing I could surmise was that he didn't get his where I got mine, It was perfect dot size, and everything, he seemed pretty confident, and he looked like sort of an executive position, I was gonna ask him, but I didn't think that would go well, so I have seen it in person, and it looks great, and on my own head, it looked OK, only in a few situation, one of those oddly enough was in direct sunlight, but under a bathroom mirror looked totally fake, the people have to know what they are doing, I think HIS is your best shot, There is an art to it, I mean I could probably put a bunch of dots on my head, but I would be scared to see the outcome. There is no question there is are different outcomes from different services, trial and error, teaches, I think you are good to go with HIS, the outcome if you choose wrong, can be life changing too, but not in a good way... I would say a lot of sincere posts on here to gain encouragement from.... If you where in my neck of the woods, I'd definitely warn you where not to go... As I wouldn't want anyone to deal with that... But good luck... Dot size and shade match are everything....
  12. My SMP final result @ HIS/LA

    Truly great artwork indeed, amazing what can be done... look great for 62, revolutionary..
  13. crown area not looking how i expected

    Looks good man, from someone who has had a bad one, your dot size is perfect... I have found out since, that the place I got mine, I wasn't the only one who had to get it lasered, you are looking good, I think the issue not often talked about it, is even after SMP as your skin heals, it sort of contracts a little so you get what HT recipients get, a little tightness.. That's why it's important to moisturize, to keep the skin loose, so it grows back to normal, just like a regular tattoo your skin has to go through a healing process. The final stage known as maturation can take up to two years. But it looks lots better than the plain dome.
  14. SMP 'reduction'...anyone ever tried it?

    Be careful with that laser is my recommendation.
  15. Example of Why I'm Getting SMP

    Weird the only time I ever saw a horseshoe was when I had it lasered (not the work of HIS) because some dots were placed back there, where I got lots of hair.. the laser removed it temporarily.. about 3 months, and it made me feel much older, it's magically reappeared since, but it was a little odd, I don't think I'll ever have the full horseshoe, but I'm only 41, so I guess there's still time for it...