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  1. David Silva

    Good to hear it’s not just me. Just shows most people don’t seem to dig that look. It’s a shame. I thought he looked great.
  2. David Silva

    Hey guys. So when he shaved his head everybody started to lose it. The media was laughing. People were writing things about how it destroyed his looks etc. obviously we know now he has had s transplant. However is it just me who thinks he looks better bald and rocks the shaved head. With smp additions he could definitely rock that look. Seriously wondering why people are so glad he will grow hair back. So what do you think. David Silva. Better looking bald or with hair ❓
  3. That’s much more impressive. Lighting folks.
  4. There is not much point showing these pictures for smp if it is invisible. Better lighting is needed.
  5. I’m gonna be honest. In this lighting the smp looks invisible.
  6. Trust me. If u tell people u are balding they will never question it. They simply can’t tell the difference. Other Balding guys r different story. They can tell.
  7. I tell them I have horrible curly hair that is thinning. You must be surprised by how many people don’t understand balding. The ignorance level is huge. They think you bald even though u see ttoo
  8. Has anyone thought of combining SMP + Hair Fiber?

    Don’t do the fibers. I did then for years. They will give you a rash and when people rub your head which they will do a lot it will result in awkward situations. Just go with smp and anti shine products. It’s not perfect but best we have.
  9. Getting caught out

    This is so different from my experience. I was also totally bald. Not one person ever clicked my smp change and the f they did never said anything. Even now after so many sessions I wonder can people notice it when they say stuff like "I will be like u soon "
  10. Getting caught out

    Three times in total. Two times on dating sites by women in the business. One time by a student who saw an advertisement on facebook. Three times out of thousands of meetings with different people. On all occassions I do not think he treatment was obvious, just people put two and two together based on the fact nobody with hair would shave to bone by choice or at least v v few. Sometimes, in fact I wonder if people can see it at all after seven sessions lol. Non bald guys never ever comment except to say, they hope they don't lose their hair and if they do they will do what I did and shave it all off lol Bald guys do pick up on it though and ask why since I have hair I shave it
  11. Celebs

    Lol. I was wondering when he would be spotted. I turned on the weather last week and noticed immediately. Went on the internet. No reaction. Looks much better.
  12. 2 Years Post SMP Reflection

  13. 2 Years Post SMP Reflection

    Here it is man. Finished product. Hairline lowered.
  14. 2 Years Post SMP Reflection

    I have had six treatments total. The final two were me being fussy and wanting hairline lowered. This was because initially I wanted receded and requested it but the more comfortable I became with the treatment the more I wanted density and a Lower hairline. TBH I have had people guess my age and they normally pick anywhere between 25 and 35. I'm 30. They say it's difficult as I have no hair. When I went bald at 21 I would also get guesses between 25 and 35 so I guess I haven't aged in nine years lol.smp is always better then the alternative. Definitely.
  15. 2 Years Post SMP Reflection

    Hey guys, Im now two years into my SMP experience. With six treatments under my belt. I'm known as a bit of a glass half empty guy on this site so I wanted to give some honest feedback on the whole thing to those of you on the fence in how it has affected my life. Background - Started Balding 16 years old, went on fin, minox and niox, even with treatments I was bald by 21. Extremely aggressive pattern. I used toppik for five years and then shaved at age 26. Took this treatment at age 28, NW7 pattern. Dating Well guys the good news is, I get dates, a lot of dates. Girls seem curious as to why I shave, it always comes up on date one but I reply that I like it and have bad hair when grown out. They tend to drop it. As a teacher I got lots of attention from teen girls when I was using toppik, that dried up when I started shaving and even post smp, I get absolutely none. Worse looking teachers with full heads of hair see to get much more attention but I am not really targeting that age group lol Twenties a similar story but late twenties, thirties and forties, I receive as much if not more attention than ever. At one party, I got hit on by three girls and a guy lol In the space of two hours. Everytime I go out I have no problem whatsoever attracting girls and go on an average of three dates a week based on dating apps. I have received comments like "Wow, you are sexy as hell " to " How much pussy must you get with those looks" to " Handsome man" Do I match with as many as I would with a full head of grown out hair? No, not at all but those that like the look, love it and I never have issues matching. Comments This one still drives me crazy. I can see my smp in at least 50% of mirrors very clearly. Yet, most people continue to make wise cracks about me being bald. I am never sure if they can see it and class me as bald by choice or they really can not tell the difference to a NW7. I have had lots of comments like "Can I touch you head, I love touching bald guys heads" to "when did you lose all your hair " to " oh you have hair, why do you shave it" to "looks like you have hardly lost any hair, looks good shaved " to " you look like Moby, so bald" I don't know, it is confusing. For every comment I get on why I shave my full head of hair I get two comments suggesting nobody sees even the shadow. It hurts when people say " how does it feel to have no hair" but maybe that is because I have no hair lol If you know what I mean. Photos Strange again. My Nikon picks up SMP nearly all the time but phone photos only half the time. The other half I am completely bald. No shadow, no anything. I get scared when people wanna photograph me now and only feel comfortable with my NIkon taking photos in gentle lighting. Jokes Oh man here we go. If I had a nickel. Are people making jokes because they are jealous or is it because being bald is just so dam funny but everyone has a joke. Lex Luther, Moby, you name it, Ive had it. Get used to it if you are gonna rock the shaved look at a young age. I really hope this helps guys on the fence. SMP has helped me a lot, I do not regret it, not ever. I just wish I had a full head of real grown out hair like 90% of guys my age. Cause lets face it, life would be easier. But if it is a choice between SMP or NW 7 shaved, there is no choice. If like me transplants are an impossibility because of lack of donar hair and treatments have failed. Go for it, just do it and don't look back because it helps.