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  1. 2 SMP sessions in NYC - mixed emotions

    I am going thru something similiar do u have any updated pics? I would greatly appreciate it cuz it'll help me see how I can look further down the journey
  2. I am in the exact same boat!!!! Seriously my 1rst treatment faded to nothing. Looks just like urs 7 days later!! Exactly. Ill post pics in my journal shortly. I can understand ur frustration 100%. I had mine done July 7, 2015 and after day 5 it was gone. But I knew/expected it was gonna fade. I looked awesome up until then BUT I still went in for session 2. My practioner used darker ink and went with more pressure on July 14 2015. Im hoping it will not fade 2 much but its on point right now (looking better 100% undetectable; no shit/no lie). Its day 4 for me right now and im not sure if it'll take. Im in the same boat as you!!!!! BUT LIKE OTHERS ARE TELLING U ITS A PROCESS. why are u freaking out? I know its a lotta money (this was so hard for me to generate believe me) but u tripping! If this dont work out imma go ignorant/dumb with it!!!!!!!!!! But u gotta give it time. Private message me ill show u exactly where I started; how it completely disappeared and where I am day 4 after session 2. Im still hopeful but if this dont work out right imma act a ass!!!!!!!!!! But not until I have given it a fair chance. U probably wont stand a chance of getting ur money back if u dont let his hair try to fix it.
  3. Issues with his hair

    Whew; good info to know. I guess I'm kinda paranoid. But I want to make sure I have all my bases covered. This is new and i m thinking ahead or "what if??". Like I said earlier I saw 4 guys and they all look great. His hair really does seem to be a quality company: no hard sale when going in for a consultantion or anything. My mind was blown away. I was impressed and I was looking for a reason to say no. If I would saw flaws I was going to run away fast....but i think I'm ready to take that leap...I'm a real guy people and I'm telling the truth but u gotta see this for yourself. I understand the legal agreement is very honest and upfront and his hair has to protect its interests. Whew...
  4. Issues with his hair

    1) if a problem arises, I have to use English courts!!!! I'm in America dude, paying with American money, and getting procedure in USA; but would have to travel to England to sue if something goes wrong! How much is that round trip ticket gonna cost me? 2) later removal is not guaranteed to remove the ink!! 3) I have to pay for lazer removal myself!! The smp procedure costs $4200 + sessions of lazer at a cost of how much?
  5. Issues with his hair

    First thing said, i have seen 4 people with smp and they all look believable/amazing! His Hair seems to be a standby their word company and where I will go for smp....I'm gonna do it! But.....I read their contract agreement and 3 rules/policy scare me. Should laser removal be necessary the client will be responsible to deal directly. with the laser removal company and bear all costs involved. . Like traditional tattoos, the SMP™ treatment is permanent in nature and, although the treatment can be reversed, the markings can be difficult to remove and the success of any reverse procedure cannot be guaranteed Jursdiction and Applicable Law The English Courts will have exclusive jurisdiction over any claim arising from or related to this web site. English Law will apply to this Agreement.