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  1. excuse my awful rhino skin on my forehead, last weekend i got horribly sun burnt... SOOOO does anyone know which ANDIS clipper Jon or NYC clinic use?? i want to buy them this weekend..
  2. Pictures at the his hair clinic before and immediately after.... and then 24 hours after.
  3. damn i have no idea how to use the "my media " function
  4. let me know if everyone can see the pics
  5. Had my first session with Jon G on wednesday He is an artist, true artist. I walked in nervous and anxious, lets face it this is a stressful and scary decision. Instantly he made me feel comfortable. He took a look at my hair and remarked at quite how much i had left and that my balding pattern was so eerily similar to his own (i saw the pics!) we half assed shaved my head, drew a line, took a picture and began. Being very pale and very light haired, he used about 3 or 4 different pigments in the first session. I wanted medium density and a soft jagged hairline. Boy did he deliver. I cannot wait for this magic session wednesday. Round two!! for now a lot of the redness has subsided and its only been a little over 24 hours. Im not too scabby at all actually but a little red yet. It looks even better today!! It seems ill be able to get away with the Andis clipper shave ( i forget what model Jon used one me, anyone know???) i originally bought the r-91 but i can actually away with a significant amount of growth compared to a wet shave ( lucky me i know) Jon G is not only a master of a broken hairline but the dude has the smallest, most realistic dots in the game. The pictures don't do it it justice, they are twice as small in person as they are in the immediate after pictures, true testament to someone who knows how to perfect a look. No one is doing what he is doing, i just haven't seen it and i've done my research. I think HIS HAIR needs to pay him more money bc he's the cream of the crop and deserves it ( no i don't know what he makes ) !!!
  6. Got called out

    EXACTLY. dude i cant tell where your smp starts and ends....it looks awesome. dot size is incredible. HAVE CONFIDENCE YOU LOOK GREAT!!!!! if youre really really concerned id throw away the clippers and use a rotary or foil shaver dude. looks great though
  7. FML thank you so much for the reply you put alot of my mind at ease man. im deff looking forward to jonathans work. and yea im covered in tattoos i know what to expect i suppose pain isnt a concern thankfully!!
  8. Thank you, This is more of a me venting thread lol. I will update with pictures for you all too
  9. My name is Bill. Ive been losing my hair since i was 21 or so. It was never obvious or apparent, i slowly receded but still at 28 not too bad. What made me decide to get SMP is bc for the past 2 years my crown all of a sudden has thinned dramitcally compared to having a full head of thick brown hair. The past 2 years i have hid behind a hat bc im scared of ridicule. What made me bite the bullet was being called out by a little 7 year old " hey youre missing hair right there" god that sucked haha... Ive always been a guy who can talk to any female, tackle any job, speak in front of crowds, but ever since i have been hiding under a cap, my confidence is shot. Granted i still have a lot of hair compared to most of the people i see on this forum getting the procedure (im not dissing you, its just true!) I have taken out a loan to get this done meaning Im investing a TON more money into this than most people. The loan company His Hair uses basically takes the 3700 i was quoted for (which seems VERY excessive considering im between a norwood 2-3) and tells me the "actual market value is 5100" whatever that means. On top of the 5100 i have a 29% apr so you get the picture.... ALOT of money tied up in this so of course not only am i a little anxious about the way ill look with it, but Im monetarily invested in this. I know everyone says its a roller coaster ride, and right before procedure time its normal to get "cold feet". Thats what i feel right this second as i post this. Ive come here to the forum to voice my feelings and sorta get this shit off my chest sorta speak. Im a very fair skinned , medium to light haired guy, and for some reason i cant shake the fear i have that it will look awful on me all of a sudden!!! but this is normal right? By the way i have reserved my sessions to be with ONLY Jonathan G in nyc which from the hundreds upon hundreds of photos i have seen, NOONE does it better than this guy. NO ONE. I find relief in the fact that hell be doing my head. There have been so many great examples of his work, The Dot Sizes and the Density is out of this world and the closest i have ever seen. Things im most scared of: 1-Dot size- ive seen some amazing stuff from Jon and then ive seen just horrific dot size on other peoples heads from other practitioners. some look like Blotchy blue plucked chickens. 2-Density- since i have alot of hair, does that help or hurt my cause in properly covering my areas in need? 3-Being found out. its not the end of the world and the all star work Jonathan has done on some guys especially with white/pale skin i is just about undetectable but still i dont want one of the nurses i used to work for )that im working for again) go "what the hell is that" lol 4-Future thinning-being quoted for three sessions and honestly (im not in denial) knowing that 2 sessions may be plenty im scared about losing more in 5-10 years. i know the solution is "more smp" but i dont want to think of that just yet. Any advice for a last minute scared dude? im going for a super natural, super subtle look. i want the broken hair line (mines not so far receded but id like to bring it down a half inch) i want super soft if any work done to the sides as i still have plenty of hair, and above all, i want that damn thinning crown filled in! i start a new/old job 5 days after my first session and im also afraid of being found out since i cant hide behind a hat... but from what ive seen 5 days from some of Jonathans work can be absolutely undetectable. I guess im just getting last minute Jitters about the whole thing. Im a 28 year old man and i want to stay looking young for a little while longer ! i want to be happy, i want to go out anywhere, without a hat, i dont want to skip family dinners, skip events in fear of a no hat policy damnit!!! i know this is the ONLY solution for me if i want to mask my thinning hair. Hair transplants are just horrific and further more, horrifically expensive and we all know the result after only a few years... I wish my mind would be put at ease. I have told NO ONE not even my girlfriend of 4 years that im doing this. Should i just let her know "hey im going to shave my head" or just tell her the whole truth!?? decisions, decisions. I havent shaved my head since i was 16 but man i remember having a great shaped skull on this 6 foot body. i should just feel good about myself. i guess i just came here for support. Sorry for the rant !! CANT THEY JUST MAKE A DAMN PILL THAT CURES THIS SHIT!!!! -Bill