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  1. Called out twice in one month

    You get called out, you get called out. It sucks but for petes sake own up to it. I think all the shiny baldies on here are infatuated with the idea that they can fool ppl who already seen their shiny dome bald head for years. All of sudden you went from nothing on your head to something????? Right that's like saying hey man I seen grass grow on concrete and it was never there before .... don't set yourself up for failure thinking this is bullet proof for not getting called out. Come on guys be real if smp makes you feel better then that's great. But you gotta be realistic to the idea that you will get called out. Imo it's like seeing a girl with a cups one week then the next week she all of a sudden has d cups??? And then the lady trying to pretend like it was there all along. Like nothing happened her melons just got swole? Lmfao More and more companies are doing what hishair started. It's everywhere I seen a guy at a restaurant last week and to me it was bullseye he got the treatment done. But he seemed like he didn't care and that's good cause why should he. If you are considering this treatment do it for you and no one else. Someone calls you out, own it and move on with your day. Again What I am getting at is if you get called out then own it. You look even more foolish when u don't own it and next thing u know someone wants to run their hands or fingers through your head to make a point and boom guess who looks like the fool. All the folks on you tube who have this done rock it with integrity and are not shy or ashamed to Let everyone know they got work done....So why would any of you ? It seems like someone gets called out and they get butt hurt and sensitive lmfao man the f$&@ up.
  2. Younes Kaboul Sportsman Celebrity SMP

    cutlass supreme so sensitive I bet you would be a great big sister to just about anyone:) now look it seems you're so butt hurt about the work done on your head. If you're so confident that it's amazing post a pic for everyone to see and let honesty begin. If it really is a good job I'll be the first to say it and admit it. Now stop being a keyboard warrior and be a man post a pic? Unless of course you're feeling a tad bit on the poultry side ?
  3. Made my appt

    Whoa diesel you and bald ego can be pals. That's tototally nothing left I'm sure his treatment will do wonders like water does for grass.
  4. HIS SMP Has changed my life!

    Back looks good bro, front it looks shifty. Maybe the camera can you pls take another pic. Buddy you came from ultra Norwood man holy moly big difference. You must have a great atttirude or have deep pockets to land a hot chick.
  5. Bro yours looks amazing. Can you update us with pics or any update if fading general maintenance etc thx
  6. Younes Kaboul Sportsman Celebrity SMP

    It looks way too obvious. Looks like cutlass profile pic to be honest. Way too sharp. I was at the mall over the holidays and I saw this African American guy who had smp. It was way too obvious, dude looked like an idiot trying to fool people with smudge on his head. Hope everyone had a great new year.
  7. crown area not looking how i expected

    i'm not sure about the pics, yes not big dots at all that is great. It doesn't look like hair on the head it just me? It looks like smudge.
  8. Thanks for updates imo dots still way too big. Give it more time and once it settles down pls do update is. Thx
  9. Edit/Removal??

    Yes pls indicate for the sake of the ppl on the forum why both of you want it removed or had it removed? Would be most helpful also if you could both state how long you had it for? Thank you
  10. SMP 'reduction'...anyone ever tried it?

    Typo should have been to and you're
  11. SMP 'reduction'...anyone ever tried it?

    Cutlass post of pics of your treatment , I already asked you too on a previous topic but you ran like Forrest Gump. As I said before if your so proud of your treatment and it's good I'll be the first one to give you props. What you're saying makes no sense at all. Lasering actually helps? Wtf lol ha come on and post pics already.
  12. First off, thank you for posting high quality photos. So here's the deal some pics look decent at most. The other pics faQ bro it's night and day. I could totally see the left side of your hair line and right side of your hairline is where the smp is. Honestly I would not be happy with that job man. The shade is off and if I can tell by the pics I can only imagine what it would look like in person. Just being real, pls keep us updated and I hope they can fix that.
  13. Fading touch ups and future

    Bald ego, I have had a consultation and met with Ian Watson before. He is super nice and professional. He even let me touch his head and examine it up close. To me it did look good however it is the various lighting conditions and the future of this treatment that holds me back. Like I think the best is yet to come for this treatment. In addition I want to know for sure how someone's head will look after 10 years of this treatment . How many touch ups, degree of fading etc. Compared to everyone on this forum I got way more hair. You guys are all Norwood 99283728839292 lol. I got at least a couple years left.
  14. crown area not looking how i expected

    Thanks for all the shots in multiple lighting conditions. As I would have thought before the treatment looks so different in many aspects of different lighting. There is no solid consistency as lighting certainly plays a crucial role with smp. 1st photo- looks good 3rd photo- to me looks like there are 3 different shades of color here. The darkest on top, mid dark color in the middle and lightest near the body. It's like napoleon ice cream with three different colors. 4th photo- looks patchy 5th photo- looks good 6th photo- looks good Last photo- clearly looks like nothing is there at all.
  15. crown area not looking how i expected

    I could see it more now. The color differentiation you are talking about. But, again it's something I would have to really focus on to look for. That's just my honest opinion.