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  1. Blending

    Just pray to lucifer that itll be okay, ha
  2. Toronto His Clinic

    Only thing about techs pics...ur seeing post session pics...all red and big dots, right I wanna see 2-3 months after the last final session...for blending, shades, and dot size
  3. Toronto His Clinic

    Maybe people wanna stay low key?? I dont know Id like to see the new Toronto technicians work too...but understand if people dont post pics Just call the office and ask for techs email them to ya
  4. Picosure removal

    Can take up to 2 full months for full results...after a lasering So hopefully in the next 4 weeks it ll sort itself out I noticed the 2nd month things really start fading...not the first month Waiting really sucks, eh, but time doesnt ever stop! So youll get there soon enough It really does look like blasted ink under the just be happy its not ur skin
  5. SMP removal in Toronto

    Yah, possibly a few sessions...cheaper though...$100 bucks or so for simple quick sessions like a hairline break-up If the 1st one doesnt do enough for ur liking...the 2nd one should...cause he ll know the frequency has to be bumped up a notch or two Mine was 1.5 and 1.6 hertz?..for fading And 1.8 hertz for full removal So it only takes a couple decimal points difference to remove...just so youre aware Do you have a kind of plan on how you wanna break it up? Id recommend blasting lil chunks out lil triangles...cause the laser is a square, eh So he ll use half the square and blast lil chunks out...and then Id recommend using a lighter setting and fading the rest of the hairline in between these blasted out lil triangles I did it the first way...just got lil nibbles blasted out along the hairline...but realized that the lil triangles were too sharp kinda...and wasnt natural enough for me It still looked better than a sharper hairline obviously..but still could be better So went for another session...and figured it need the entire hairline about 2-3mm or so faded all way around So with the lil chunks fully taken out..along with the whole hairline faded 2-3mm gives it that perfectly natural blended look?? Know what I mean The beginning of a hairline doesnt have distinct thick dark hairs, right It looks better with a lighter shade for the first 2-3mms...with a couple darker dots in that...but not very many...barely any, right THEN ur hairline will blend and look natural...instead of dark distinct dots right from the beginning Do ya understand?...can you picture what Im trying to say And you wont need an SMP touch up session for ur hairline after the lasering You shouldnt Just give it the full 2 month post lasering time for full results...dont rush it Cause I noticed only like half fading results after a full month...sometimes not even half...and thought that kinda sucked But when 2 full months went by...the body fully removed or faded just right! If I wouldve rushed it...and had more sessions...then I wouldve fully removed things in places I just wanted fading Hard being patience with this whole SMP journey...we all went through it...but has to be done the slow way for best results
  6. Picosure removal

    I cant see your eyebrows...but thats how low ur hairline was?? Looks super low Definitely another session or two needed..but with that other less harmful laser Wish ya the best my friend...hope things workout for ya...itll just take a bunch of months of waiting, thats all, for full results It might not be damage to the skin though, eh NOT hyperpigmentation Just super fine ink that was blasted into almost dust...know what I mean Id still stay away from Picosure Looking at the last pic...I think youll be totally fine with a minor setting high setting needed for that...and itll fully remove that super tiny hazy ink leftover So think ur in luck! That its not hyperpigmentation
  7. SMP removal in Toronto Younge and Eglington Best owner (Shane) and best laser period! No scarring, bleeding, blistering, nothing! Just ink removed or faded to exactly what you skin damage...unlike other lasers from other clinics;S
  8. Few questions about SMP

    Exactly Shaving all the time..and not using harsh shampoos If you shave ur head right down to the wood...why would anyone use any shampoo?...for what??? Just rinse with warm or cool water....whatever you like...and dry off...thats it!
  9. Paying Down Payment

    Maybe they dont like Lucifer I wouldnt call you back either, ha!
  10. Picosure removal

    Couldnt notice it checkingthisout?...I could see it across the room on my computer screen Maybe ur computer screen doesnt have the proper contrast It looks bad on mine Too bad glipglop you didnt see any of my numerous posts about that PicoSure laser;S You want the "Quanta Q plus C" laser! Gentle on skin...but blasts the ink underneath Youll have slight redness few days....then maaaybe some darker spots where the ink got blasted underneath But all goes away in a few weeks...and then takes about 1-2 months for full results Body will remove that blurred ink I can tell by looking that your pics arent of ink pigments blasted under the skin....its the actual skin that has been hyperpigmented Will it heal perfectly like it never happened??...not sure Did ya do any research on youtube or google..before ur lasering? I came across videos on youtube with the same thing you are dealing with now...and avoided that PicoSure completely Its too aggressive and messes with ur skin If ur white...youll get hyperpigmentation If ur darker race...youll get hypopigmentation Its gonna take a while for you to see what happens exactly But avoid that laser for sure If its not gone in 2 months time...go for a consultation elsewhere with that other laser...and see what they can do Cause you can remove hyperpigmentation with the correct laser So theres still hope for you my friend...just have to be patient unfortunetly...which can be very hard gong through something like this Might have to try covering up with a lil make-up?? Or can you wear a hat at work?...for the time being... And why did they go so low on ur forehead?...or was ur SMP that low... Ive mentioned this laser stuff like 6-7 times at different topics...just for this try and help anyone with lasering needs...and to warn people All I can say is I tried Everyones gotta do their own research before ANY kind of procedure is done to them, no matter what it is Please keep us updated in maybe 4-5 months??.....(2 month wait time now...and then 2 months after the proper laser) Interested to see what will come out for you with that proper laser...hopefully itll be like it never happened Also tan down the road after your proper laser will camoflauge any bits of hyperpigmention...iiiiiifffffff it isnt fully fully removed, right Tan after its all said and done...after they tell you nothing more can be done basically...whatever that outcome is Whether its removed 90+%...or just a lil bit...tanning will blend things too Just a thought...trying to help
  11. Few questions about SMP

    Unless this is the look youre going for, ha
  12. Few questions about SMP

    So many questions, ha Long term fading... You might not want any touch-ups...cause itll look real natural at an older age...just let it slowly fade And it wont fade away to pre-SMP..youll still have something covering ur bald areas Maybe 50 yrs from might fade to nothing, ha ACV... Id imagine it would sting like a bitch after each session...and would avoid it totally Why take any chances Vinegar is really good for cleaning things...and why fu&k with fresh ink in ur skin with that penetrating ur skin?? Your skin fully absorbs whatever you put onto that vinegar will be with the ink in those layers of skin Why take the chance Start foil shaving your head everyday...and your dandruff should clear up It takes all the deadskin off great...and freshens ur scalp Unless youre using harsh soaps/shampoos...or soaking ur head with lots of tap water (thats all chlorinated) Thats why ur scalp has dandruff probably...too dried out Put some oils on that dome!;P Nighttime is hr or two before bed...then wipe most you dont oil up ur pillow case every night...and so its not all shiney during the day And you want nice healthy skin before SMP for best results Or else youre gonna be bleeding like a bit&h...and it can cause issues sometimes...pooling ink (big dots);S And MAX hair length... Basically stubble Youre existing hair should be shaved smooth in every direction Once stubble starts growing out (24 hrs usually)...its time to shave again It is annoying, ha, but a must for not having that 3D stubble look 48 hrs MAX from a skinhead shave
  13. 2 Years Post SMP Reflection

    Dont wanna post any lowered pics?...
  14. touch up / long term results

    new2smp...what ur talking about I think is when a person gets a few sessions with the same shade..and it all blends into a grey helmet You want every session a different shade...unless its just a minor touch-up right Ive seen that too No distinct dots...just grey base layer thats totally blended in Too many same shade dots side by side by side..all touching each other..all blended in Thats no good;S Must be 3D with multiple shades But thats how it works...the original dots fade to grey base layer..then you get fresher dots on top Its as if you already had 2 sessions done...and ur doing ur 3rd session basically So its no different from the first time you got SMP done...just that you are like 2 sessions ahead already You need that grey base layer...its super important Or else youd look like someone took a felt-tipped pen to ur head And no grey base in between the darker dots There has to be grey in-between the dots..or else its too spotty Pale white pasty scalp in-between darker distinct dots looks fu&ked up Also depends on what the person looks like when they shave their head too Do they have dots where their remaining hair is? Some people after shaving their head cant see any hair follicles So they need a lighter SMP grey treatment They wont get away with distinct dots maybe?? Whether you have thick or thin hair matters And dark or light
  15. My SMP journey has started

    I think if youve paid an average of $4000-$6000 dollars...just break up a guys hairline for free!;P Its like 50 dots? Why charge for something simple and super quick Sometimes the hairline settles and is still too sharp...eventhough you asked for broken So a 15 min quicky session...why charge As long as ur not lowering it
  16. Laser removal of SMP?

    That was me probably Where are you from Genetics... I know of a real good laser guy in Toronto He can fade things or fully remove them For your entire main session...around $500-$700 bucks probably (CAN$) And best laser is a Quanta Q-Plus C Google info about them... "PicoSure vs Quanta Q-Plus C Tattoo Removal" Small article but answers pretty much everything straight to the point Your scalp will heal with zero scaring, bleeding, blistering, damage to the skin whatsoever Just mild redness for a couple days?? And ink should be fully removed after 1-2 months after first session If youre trying to fade things...then 2 sessions will most likely be needed...cause youll have to try and figure out which setting works just right for fading purposes PicoSure damages skin...look up some youtube vids of peoples severe blistering...YIKES You dont want that on ur scalp! And with the other laser...super gentle to the skin (still hurts) but no skin damage...just to the ink underneath Hope thats what you needed! Take care
  17. Bad treatment (Not by HIS) fixed in Houston by HIS

    The dots shrunk down to nice tiny dots...and that 3D look with the last darker shade (super minimal density) Looks GREAT
  18. Photo - Will SMP work for me?

    I dont know how anyone would get away with just using hair clippers with no guard I thought I would too..before getting it done But way Nowhere near close enough of a shave And if you buy a professional hair clipper and "0 guard" it...have fun cutting yourself up all the time;S And cuts dont look good on a shaved head Foil shaving is best IMO...almost never cut yourself Only lil pimples get cut when you have one...but how often does that happen And a natural normal shine is left over...dont need any mattifying...unlike wet shaving You practically blind people with ur shiney head if you dont shalack ur head with some sort of laxative?? Which Ive never understood doing Putting Milk of Magnesia on ur head is just weird And leaves a chalky residue...and dries ur scalp out too...making it even shinier/oilier in the long run Too bad we cant name other companies on here...cause Ive got plenty of perfect videos on youtube to look at... of guys with totally complete SMP jobs...which are very very good...but they shave with hair clippers (0 guard)?? Kills the whole purpose of SMP You can see that 3D stubble across the room!...and people will wonder why does the sides of ur head grow hair...but the whole top doesnt?? Yet you can see flat hair follicles?? Ha Like ur trying to have that samurai hairdo?? Ha Youll get used to shaving right down to the wood in a few weeks me..we ve all gone through it And we all like shaving it right now...cause theres no mismatch whatsover...and youll never get called out freshly shaven As much as we d all like some stubble...its too risky for SMP...and its not meant for stubble A tattoo is thats how flat ur remaining hair has to be kept Smooth skin in every direction...thats just how it has to be
  19. TORONTO Clinic

    Oh yeah!...theres lots of us in the Toronto area that wanna see pics from the current Toronto tech there PLEASE post some pics when ur healed up There was a few bad reviews recently And we dont know what the truth is;S Someone could do 1000 amazing SMP jobs...but just 2 or 3 bad reviews online...and he's all of a sudden a bad tech?? Cant be like that And sometimes its not the techs fault Just the person cant handle the needling Their skin isnt healthy?...too dry? or too thin?..where the needle goes too deep into the more watery layers of skin and pools? Giving bigger dots So not always a techs fault But Im sure the best of the best SMP techs make mistakes They cant do thousands and thousands of 100% perfect dots every single time year after year after year, ha Its just not possible for zero mistakes ever I dont know why some people just cant understand that fact And theres always laser to fade or fully remove things So its never the end of the world And this company is great for fixing peoples rare problems
  20. Bad treatment (Not by HIS) fixed in Houston by HIS old is ur SMP? Cant you go out in the sun and tan every chance you get And if not much sun in the UK...tanning beds? Standing ones...that hit the top of ur head... And start using alcohol filled creams on ur head during the day and overnight... It might still fade if your SMP isnt too 4-6 months old But worse care laser session of super minor setting on the laser...will fade it down a shade or two Just painful for 5-10 mins The thin skinned scalp is a doosy for laser But least its quick
  21. Bad treatment (Not by HIS) fixed in Houston by HIS

    HIS uses the same set-up, eh 3 round needle Youd think a single needle would make the most sense for a perfectly round dot But it doesnt deposit enough ink when pricked into the scalp..and ur body just removes it almost completely So youre getting the same needle as before...just not a $hitty tech/company! Unless ur talking about some sort of 3 seperate needle procedure?? And yes the ink is VERY important...if not thee most important It cant have any green or blue in it whatsoever Just JET BLACK ink
  22. SMP thickness

    See the pic of Hugh Jackman might not be the best...but you can see he has a nice hairline shape It fits his face and shape of skull really good But when you look closely...the hairline has lil jagged edges everywhere yet still straight...not smooth a lot of SMPs The 2nd pic looks really good as well...but think thats the in-between look of a lil bit sharper more dense hairline and lil bit jagged here and there...ever so slighty And think thats the most "smooth" or "sharp" you should ever go Thats basically what I have...almost exact Anymore than that guy gets too sharp...too dense...and too smooth...and just ruins your whole head by having a stupid hairline choice That guy is at the ultimate limit If youre can handle that look just fine...but if older...I wouldnt get that...lil bit less Crazy how a bad hairline can ruin thousands of dollars of work done all over the rest of ur head;S
  23. SMP thickness

  24. SMP thickness

    1st pic - jaggedness, looks amazing/perfect!...cause its NOT perfect, its natural looking 100% He could use a tiny bit of temple work in my can see where its thinning very slightly...but you dont have to Not everybody wants temples done...I like temples personally...but looks good either way...everybody has their preference 2nd pic - looks utterly ridiculous, you can spot that fake crap across the street!;S I feel sorry for that guy, cause he thinks it looks good?? And nobodys told him the truth 3rd pic - obviously not shaved down like we shave...but same point...when you got such a dense and straight hairline...its ridiculous looking! Like a helmet! 4th pic - another helmet...YIKES! But the customer picked thats what he got, right 5th and 6th pic - again not shaved down like us...but you get my point...of a nice hairline shape but jagged edges taken out....not some weird perfectly smooth SMP'd hairline...maybe round the corners as to not have such a square corner on each side...looks better a touch rounded... but you get my point about the jagged hairline I think theres waayyyyy too many perfectly smooth SMP'd hairlines The jaggedness is what you want I know it will look stupid when you draw a jagged hairline on yourself with a white eyeliner pencil...or after each session when the ink is wet and real dark But when it heals youll see that the jaggedness looks 100% natural Its just hard to do that with the needle and even the white pencil Cause youd have to draw the EXACT same jagged hairline everytime You dont want ANY dots in those missing jagged spots Or else they get filled in...and then you have the usual smoother SMP'd hairline I think its better to get the usual hairline done...and then hit that $hit with a laser for the jaggedness Cause the laser is a square, right...not a circle And that square beam makes perfect lil jagged chunks get taken out It can still be done with the needle...just saying its extra hard And the stupid white eye liner pencils are too soft and cannot be used for that kind of detailed jaggedness Maybe an eyebrow pencil might work better...cause its not as soft...and can be sharpened to a sharper point But even that is still hard to do