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  1. My plan: SMP + Piloscopy !

    Yes nightwood, that's my plan, to over harvest donor area and fill the gaps with smp. I already see top surgeons in belgium, and I don't have a extremely good donor area but they proposed me a 3000 FUE or a 4/5000 FUT. That's why I think about this plan to have good density on top and take more grafts. Like you said, I won't have a big session 7000 grafts as we will be in the beginnig of piloscopy. But maybe I could have a first 3000 Fu, and then another 3000/4000 one or two years after ( and do smp on sides and back) Of course I will do that only with a top surgeon, or even directly with dr wesley if I want don't want to wait that much. But about surgeons training of this technique, I don't think it will take a lot of time, as you can see in this video presentation, the surgical instrument does almost everything, the surgeon just have to target the follicle he want to extract, and then push the button lol at 15.40) So I think good skills surgeons will learn and do this quite easily. (instead of FUE training) But as you mentioned it, it will be small sessions in the beginning, (maybe 500 or so), but if it's really working, I think bigger sessions will come quite quickly. (as the majority of balding men need more than 2000 grafts to see good results) You're right I don't want to be a guinea pig and if I do this plan ( take more grafts on donor aera, and do smp over it), it will only be if a top surgeon with reputation accept it and understand my goal. (or directly with Dr Wesley to promote his invention, he could probably charge me with lower prices haha)
  2. My plan: SMP + Piloscopy !

    Not sure but this is what dr Wesley (and not cooley like I wrote first) said in his last interview in 2014 when he received FDA approval : he said 'available for all surgeons before the end of 2015'. He did an initial trial in 2011, then a 16 months clinical trial with proof of concept, and then an additionnal trial to perfect the surgical instrument that began in spring 2014. So I don't know he could be wrong with the "before the end of 2015" but it will surely comes in 2016. It's really a good innovation and in combination with smp, it will make miracles lol Also, this method make an intact follicle removal, and most/every follicle survive and then grow, unlike in FUT/FUE. Also, with this instrument the surgeon could take 1000 to 1200 hair grafts per hour. FUE standard is 300/400 per hour. That's really important for the future price, I think it will be the same as FUE or a little more in the beginning cause it's a new method, but it won't be too high.
  3. My plan: SMP + Piloscopy !

    Hey guys, I would need your opinions about what I plan and if I'm going crazy haha Well I'm 27, Norwood 4, with any medications. I want a combination of smp and ht. There's piloscopy (pilofocus), created by dr cooley, that is going to be sell for worldwide surgeons before the end of 2015 , a new technique to take the grafts without white dots or big scars. (just a 2cm scar and you can take all the grafts needed ) As you can see in the pic, it's a really better than FUE. My plan: I want to take a lot of grats in my donor area with that technique, like 6000/7000 or more, to tranplant on my front/mildscalp and little bit to the crown. And then since there's no white dots, I want to do smp on sides and back to add density where there's no hair anymore. Like that, I could shave sides and back, and let grow on top. It will be my only haircut but it's so better than balding ^^ What do you think? It could be a good option no? What problems you would see ? with 7000 grafts or more ( I also can add like 4000 bht grafts if I plan for a buzz cut), it could be dense enough on top to be happy with, and smp on sides and back could solves the issue of lack of hair on the horse shoe. So is SMP+ Piloscopy = decent haircut ? Give me your thoughts on my crazy plan my friends!
  4. Omg, am I too blonde for SMP???

    Dr carter: yes i would like to do that thing especially for the crown , and maybe a FUE for the front and mildscalp as I am a Nwd4 V. But I don't know if it's possible with my medium dark blond hair. even with a light tatoo color that's why Im afraid when I see that the guy in my picture has been refused for a smp procedure, telling him his hair was too light.I don't understand. Maybe it's a cheap company who does only on black hair, not like HIS, well I really hope Oliver, I wish you the best! You are in good hands so it's gonna be great for sure. I hope I could see your results in sept. with a whole head done, really interesting.
  5. Omg, am I too blonde for SMP???

    ok thank you guys, I feel better with your answers. @FIdelity : why did you have to lasered off your horseshoe? For the blending issue with the smp? The smp could not look like your shaven horseshoe (same density,etc..)? @Oliver, Hope it's gonna be nice! When do you have your sessions? Do you ask particulary things for the sides and back in terms of density, light, etc? But the guy in the picture that I post, don't you think if he shaves, there will be a light shadow? He is not really really blond, he could have a light smp, are you agree? I don't understand what the company refused him ? Maybe they don't have manycolor and lights shade like HIS, it could be that no?
  6. Omg, am I too blonde for SMP???

    Ok thanks dude! But with the entire head tatooed, isn't more difficult to not look fake? Are they doing different lighting gradually on sides and back like a normal shaven head? And does HIS do smp on thinning area on a dark blond head like crown to densify visually? or does it work just on black hair head? Thanks for helping me;)
  7. Hi, I'm really interested to do this procedure but I'm just afraid Im too blond for smp looks good on me. I have the same color of hair of this man ( medium dark blond hair ) who had been denied for smp by a belgium clinic because he is too blond ! Why they tell him that his hair is too light? HIS says it's okay for this kind of color no? Why another company refuses him a treatment? How could we explain that? Does smp really works on medium blond hair or it is more difficult to not look fake? I was really happy to have this option, but if Im not a good candidate it gonna be a nightmare Sorry for my english Best regards