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  1. Fading issue after completed treatment

    Go darker. My last session we dropped to an 18 and I think it has held up tremendously. It has faded but to a nice shade. Going darker, in my opinion, doesn't make the procedure look fake, as some have suggested.
  2. 22 yo considering SMP - help me out

    Forget the hair transplants. Just do the SMP.

    Holy sheet. Lololol. That's bee- rutal, man.

    Please tell me that is fake. Wow. :-/
  5. Adele’s Bodyguard Rocking SMP!!!

    Even if people figure out he has SMP, who cares? I think people would say it's pretty cool. My friends and family think it is.
  6. Adele’s Bodyguard Rocking SMP!!!

    Definitely has had the procedure. Amazing how much difference it can make. He looks 10 years younger with the SMP.
  7. Am I going crazy or???

    I hear that, Ed. A lot of guys on here knee jerking when they should know it's more involved than they are making it out.
  8. Am I going crazy or???

    Amen, Ed. Not smart business to let people advise others to go where former HIS practitioners now work, in public or private messages.
  9. Am I going crazy or???

    It's a shame that HIS has had to restrict people's private messages but I can see their point of view. Competition is fierce and they can't afford to be losing business to other companies that have HIS defectors. Unfortunately, that is going to turn a lot of people off and they are going to lose business bcuz prospective clients want to see the work of whomever will be doing their procedure. Tough call.
  10. Celebrity's with SMP

    Lol@ Jurgen
  11. 1st session in Chicago

    One month since my 3rd session in Chicago. I think my SMP looks perfect. Not even sure if I'm gonna go back for the 4th session I was quoted, that's how happy I am with it. Chicago is a top notch clinic. I hope you enjoyed the Sabrett's I brought you. (My practitioner) For anyone still thinking about getting the procedure done....go for it.
  12. Pictures of SMP up close or in outside light

    Don't get transplants. Just stick with the SMP.
  13. Why we do not allow the naming of individual practitioners

    Tfr, I can't really say, for the clinic I went to only has one technician. My only point is that HIS seems to be a stand up company and I think this insistence on certain practitioners at certain locations is causing jealousy, anger and morale problems.I think it is more than just poaching by other companies. While there are always people in any field that are " better" than others, from my research and experience, HIS trains their techs very extensively and I don't believe they would allow a sub par tech to work on clients just to make money. Who is the " best " at SMP is very subjective.
  14. Why we do not allow the naming of individual practitioners

    Not trying to start a war but, I think MOTF is very ego- centric with some of his views about HIS. I saw him state that the best practitioners are based in NY. Why, because that is where he went? Anecdotal observation. I have seen pictures done at all the other U.S. locations and they all look equally well done. As far as him " sending " and inspiring clients to choose HIS and feeling like he should receive some type of finder's fee, well, that's just laughable. Yes, seeing his journal was a small part of my decision, but I also looked at posts and pictures from at least a couple of dozen other clients. My biggest influence was actually seeing SMP in person. Dealing with HIS and reading this forum has led me to believe HIS is a quality company that can be trusted. I am going to trust that this no- name policy is not some sort of sinister ruse and follow their request.