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  1. 2 Weeks away from my SMP, nervous

    Iskdg, I don't know Matt lulo, both these guys have their own places now. I have had work done by Jonathan and took another client to him recently again excellent work. I am sure Matt should be good too do your homework.
  2. 2 Weeks away from my SMP, nervous

    Hey Iskdj I had this procedure done 3 years ago in New York by Jonathan Gerow (i think we can name names now), If you are getting this procedure done in New York INSIST that he does it. SMP is more art than science, If you are going to paint your head might as well let Picasso do it! I had all the anxieties that you have mentioned above and looking back probably the best decision I have ever made about top of my head wish had done it years ago. Keep it age appropriate, keep it suttle, nothing too dark or radical, let Jon guide you and you should be ok. Good Luck!
  3. Looking into SMP

    Hey LDB Hopefully this helps.
  4. Really want to do this but...

    This is how I did it, had the procedure done on Friday morning and went to work on Monday by then redness had disappeared and dots begin to shrink. Went to work people are shocked no hair but no one said a thing about the SMP, no funny looks. Then a week later on Friday did the second session. The only thing is you have to schedule two sessions about a week apart but not too far apart because otherwise ink starts to fade after first session.
  5. Really want to do this but...

    Hey I can completely relate to your predicament. I wore a system most of my life at 50 decided was enough. All the problems you have mentioned above about the hassle of wearing one. And I had to contend with a botched hair transplant under the system. Thought long and hard trying to come up with all the scenarios that you are trying to come up with. Leaving the system on during the process, wearing a hat etc. I went in on Friday they shaved my head had the procedure done walked in on Saturday to a family get together. People were shocked that I had shaved a perfectly good head of "hair" I said I wanted to try something different. Did not hear a peep after that. It has been over 2 years the best decision I have ever made. You are over thinking it. Take enough days off so you can have 2 sessions done about 10 days before you go back to work. Patients will wait!!
  6. Questions

    As someone who has had hair transplants and SMP done I will second everything other posters have said. If I had to do it again would have never had transplants done. Please drop that as one of your options.
  7. Hairy Again

    Life is good!!
  8. Andros Townsend

    Or maybe it's one of the side effects of SMP, you start growing hair again!
  9. This is what Plato said about teenagers 2600 years ago "The children now love luxury. They have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise." Guess somethings never change!
  10. Hairpiece to smp

    William This is what helped me decide. The system is going to have to come off eventually and I have to face the world bald headed with a tattoo on my head. Do I want to do it at the first session and get it over with or postpone it to second and third session and have all sorts of blending issues!
  11. Hairpiece to smp

    Hey William I had exactly the same issue. I took off my system and shaved my head at first session on Friday went to visit family on Saturday and to work on Monday not one person commented on SMP all wondered why I shaved my full head of hair!! And here I had spent soo much time trying to figure out how to do this.
  12. The etiquette of speaking to a SMP customer

    When I went from full hair system to smp, the only people who commented as to why I would shave a full head of hair were bald or guys loosing hair. Guys with full head of hair did not even notice anything.
  13. They still don't know

    I had a hair system. After I got rid of it and had SMP done. People ask me why did I shave all the time.
  14. Hey Hagler I had same story as you. Had transplants done, have cobblestone scars. Had SMP done year and a half ago pretty much hid the scars without any Fraxel or laser. Under certain lights I still can see them a little that may be because I know they are there. No one else has mentioned, noticed, stared, commented. If you post some pics might be helpful.
  15. Finally Did it

    One year and Four months after session 3. Under different lighting conditions.