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  1. My Journal

    Thanks guys , here is my 3 and final session , overall I am really digging this product , is just my crown area it fade out and I don't like it at all and I am fixing to call hishair to see if they can give me a touch up on my crown area
  2. 3 session

    I have my 3 session done , and I am really digging front and side's but I don't like the final product on my crown area What are you guys think about my final session ? If you look closer you can see the red scalp from my head , is been over a month sense I got done my procedure and I notice my crown area feed out and when is expose to day light , is really visible my red scalp , wich in my case hide really nice on front and side's except crown I am fixing to call Hishair to request for one touch up and hopefully it wont be and additional cost , cause i don't like the final product on my crown , I want to heard your thoughts guys about my 3 session
  3. 3 session

    I did 3 post can any one tell me how to delete them I try to upload a picture but it doesn't let me
  4. My Journal

    Hi you doing guys, well after months and months be here as a ghost finally decided to do the SMP , So I finished my second treatment and I’m looking forward to my third and final session by the way my artist or patrician was in the houston location. I am not going to bored people with my history but I am going to share some pictures on , how I was looking before , and with SMP , Also I notice my crown area needs more work , so hopefully in my 3 session it get correct it I’ll update throughout the process
  5. MrOnTheFence's Diary

    Well I got my first session done , and I want to know how long will the redness be on my head ? is been 3 days and I still have redness , also I am really disappointed with the my SMP in my head , the reason is the sides doesn't match at all left side looks really good but right side looks like Dracula head and I am really sad cause I love my left side so now to try to match the other side is Going to copy my ride side and then my head is going to look like Dracula dang has any of you have I HOPE on my second treatment he can fix me , or fix the error that he make My question is when you guy's have your SMP done the artist well used something to match both sides ? Or he uses his naked eye ? Like my artist did
  6. My personal experience with HIS Hair Honk Kong & smp

    thanks for sharing
  7. first session in Houston tomorrow

    Thanks Chi88 definitely i would post some pic when i have my fist treatment done
  8. Got it done in Hong Kong

    looking good budy
  9. 18 months update

    thanks for the update , you post this in dic so is been 6 months already , when you have time please share more pic to update this treat
  10. Life Changing HIS treatment in HK

    looking good bro
  11. Any pics of asian men with smp?

    Asian people have larger hair follicles as their hair is generally thicker.
  12. Sweat

    I have a question for all of you, I am going to the gym 5 days a week 2 hrs every day , I heard that once you have the treatment done on your head you should not sweat is that true ? cause I drink a gallon of water a day so when i am going to the gym I am sweat like, i am taking a shawer jaja I lost 78 pounds in 9 months, and now i am body building my self
  13. After 3 Years

    @hairhair98 and @Josh2.0 thanks for let me know ,now I feel more confident to go and take my treatment
  14. Young Bald Guy's Diary

    YBG it's looks perfect Really happily for you
  15. HORRIBLE RESULT/VIDEO at franchise provider

    I am sorry to heard that , are you planning to used hishair ? and when you have done can you share some pictures