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  1. Chicago smp

    I will post some pics friday of my before and after my first and second treatment.I to was worried about my scars but they immediately were covered.I still can't believe how good it looks today it's unbelievable.I wish I did this along time ago.
  2. Chicago smp

    Just had my first session friday. I can't believe how awesome it looks. Scar coverage is great hard to see after 1 treatment. Practioner was a great guy and did a great job I can't believe I waited so long wish this was around years ago.
  3. 24 hours in --- before and after

    Those results are awesome I hope mine looks that good when I have it done
  4. Hey gunbunny having a consult this week still nervous. I was just wondering if the practioner told you what Norwood he was before his treatment.Goodluck on your treatment
  5. chicago meet up

    Anyone willing to meet in Chicago who has had this treatment with scars
  6. Anone in chicago area willing to meet thanks
  7. Finally Did it

    Looks awesome wish you lived in my area.I'm in same boat that you were.Would like to see it in person. Does it look as good In Person as it does in pictures.I also have old plug scars from 80s. Thanks
  8. My SMP Chicago

    Angil looks awesome I'm still thinking about getting thus done I'm fron chicago so thats where I would go
  9. Finally Did it

    Wow that is unbelievable. Looks awesome you have to be pretty happy
  10. Finally Did it

    Wondering when your having your second session. I'm in the same boat as you can't wait to see how it turns out. Good luck
  11. smp chicago

    His ed would you no of anyone from chicago that would be interested in meeting who had old plugs from 80s. I'd like to see scar coverage in person. Thanks
  12. smp after a couple of years

    Wow that looks awesome thanks for the reply still thinking about getting it done. I have to set up a consultation. Kind of nervous
  13. I was just wondering if anyone has pictures 6 months or more after last treatment all pictures seem to be right after a treatment. I would like to see what it looks like after it all settles down. Thanks
  14. Anyone willing to meet in chicago