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  1. I agree, i lurk a lot but i had to comment on this as well
  2. You have only clipped it? You need to shave mate, its not what i wanted either but it looks far better. Im ginger so if i clip it looks wierd with the black ink and red hair but when i shave its flawless. Get some sensitive skin shaving foam, a cheap razor and make sure you have a shower before then you only need to shave your head every two days. Trust me you have the head shape for it
  3. Balding clippers

    I used to use the bald eagle shaver but ended up going to razors, now i use the headblade razor. 2 mins and my head and neck are done and its all cheap
  4. Canceled my SMP (nervous) Need advice

    That photo is a guy who had SMP done at vinci, do you want yours similar to him? If so it can be done.
  5. Some thoughts

    Most know the difference but they still use the same word to describe bald or shaved head, others are taking a dig at you for having a full head of hair shaved down when they might be conscious about their receeding hairline. After SMP i have been pretty shocked by how many of my freinds bang on about going bald when they have a full head of hair along with the good car or job.
  6. A lot of people want to use clippers at 0.5 or a 1 guard but in most cases they need to shave all the way down to get the most out of SMP, i think you are in that boat, when i got it done i had the same mindset "im going to be able to use a 1 guard" unfortunately i had to razor shave all the way down but it looks so much better than clipping my bald head at a 1 because i now have the framing of the face that SMP brings. Its up to you but i would say SMP will suit you well but if taking the hair all the way down is not something you are prepared to do then dont do it.
  7. Do i have to wet shaved for smp to work???

    Thats is me, went through 2 or 3 shavers but ended up using that headblade razor. I will never go back to a shaver again.
  8. Lukeyb - Before and After

    Thanks guys i think that was my second session but i will get another pic up soon
  9. Lukeyb - Before and After

    Thanks for the help ed Hi guys im loving the SMP, nothing but positive responses, no questions from anyone about it being abnormal or looking like a tattoo. The very first day i went out after it had settled down someone asked if i had done something because i look younger. I get the bald jokes but in the chose to shave head kind of way, if your on the fence just do it.
  10. How many sessions does it really take????

    Everyone thinks it wont look right on them, with my baldness my head looked like alien but after the SMP i cant picture that head shape anymore. You need 3-4 days off so maybe the same route i went would be better, take sat,sun,mon,tue and maybe wed off just to guarantee the safety margins (no sweating or knocking your head) are met. 2 or times you would have to do this then its just shave every 2 maybe 3 days.
  11. How many sessions does it really take????

    Im virtually bald, 3 sessions looks fine on me. I think my warranty touch up session just expired though so i will have to pay if i want HIS to have a quick look to see if everything is ok. I think the 4 sessions is for super paranoid people or the rare cases where the ink just wont hold or something like that. Good luck if you get it done mate, its a game changer.
  12. Mate i hope you get it all over, it will suit you really well.
  13. smp is my only hope

    i had smp at 23 because i was pretty much fully bald, i dont get any weird looks and without being cocky i do get more female attention. One of the first commenters said something about having to see it because they believe the treatment to be good but not amazing, book a consultation most of the practitioners have had it done that will change your mind when you see the final product. Mate you are 21 if i could take the time back i would have done it at your age. A very important thing you need to know is if you have only lost some temple hair DO NOT get smp it is not needed as that amount of hairloss is normal for man.
  14. Am I to light? (pictures included)

    Soory mate i dont know how to upload a pic from phone Anyone have any ideas?
  15. Am I to light? (pictures included)

    I have ginger hair but black was used all over my head, not just the bald part but everywhere to complete the merge effect. I can get away with two days worth of growth although i use the skull shaver every day. I can see you really are on the fence but its worth it.