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  1. Hey guys, First time poster, long time lurker. I just had my third treatment done in NY by Jonathon. I have one of the most scarred up heads as anyone out there. Same old story, I had three scalp reduction surgeries, and many transplant surgeries when I was in my early twenties. If I could only get my hands on the quack that did this to me I promise I would rid this world of his stench. I spent the next fifteen years taking depression medications and seeing shrinks to try to deal with the pain of my lost life. I literally lost my soul mate, who divorced me after losing any semblance of self confidence, my personality, everything. I was miserable and even suicidal. I was searching online one day to see what other guys in my situation were doing to see if I could get some relief from the pain I had been suffering for so long. I came upon HIS website and trolled for a couple years before acting on anything because I just don't trust anyone anymore. Photos can be photo-shopped after all. But, my friends, today is the start of my new life. Jonathon, my practitioner from NYC, is one of the coolest cats on the planet. I was super nervous when I went in for a consultation and when I agreed to go through with the process, my hand was shaking so badly, i could hardly sign my name. The first minute after sitting down in Jonathon's room he made me feel comfortable. He said "I have seen so many guys in your situation, don't worry about it, we will get you fixed right up". I joined the board today to only say a heartfelt THANK YOU to the man who literally saved my life. Thank you Jonathon, thank you so much!