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  1. SMP and niacin flushing

    It might, by increasing the blood supply to the region, accelerate the processes involved but I imagine the effect would be negligible. Might be worth considering reducing your intake for the two weeks after treatment.
  2. Why want SMP take

    Darien... can you confirm you were treated by HIS (HQ do not have a record of your email address).
  3. FUE on SMP

    If you have deep enough pockets and find the right surgeon (who tells you that you are a good candidate) FUE remains a great option... The work done on James Nesbitt, actor, last year, is a great example of what can be achieved.
  4. UV radiation and artificial light

    There is nothing like certainty though... great research, thanks for sharing.
  5. FUE on SMP

    Not at all Goldenarch. I started by pointing out the importance of doing your due diligence if looking at Turkey. And then laid out a few of the pitfalls that are waiting for the unwary. At no point did I suggest FUE itself is not a great solution for some. It clearly is.
  6. UV radiation and artificial light

    The amount of UV light leaked by a fluorescent bulb is negligible compared to that from the sun. Anyone who lives in a hot climate will tell you the damage UV light does to garden furniture over the course of a single summer. I guess the obvious comparison to make would be with UV sunbeds, think about how many powerful bulbs they have to cram into one of those machines to get to the strength where it activates the melanin in your skin.
  7. FUE on SMP

    There are reasons Turkey is cheap... you really need to do extensive due diligence. Lack of local health regulations and important aftercare are missing, and the surgery might well be performed by "technicians" with a surgeon ostensibly overseeing their work, whatever that means (presumably if they were in the room to oversee it there would be no need to pay a technician). You do not want to end up in a position where you have to take out a larger loan to get remedial work done here after an abortive treatment abroad.
  8. Worst Experience dealing with HIS

    I have written directly to this poster asking them to confirm their details so I can authenticate these claims. However, the account was set up at the same time as another which posted a topic asking for recommendations to a clinic in Toronto... which this poster replied to suggesting one. It has always been a frustrating part of the job, policing the competition when they look to use our forum to undermine what we do. It used to be much more common, when some of the names that have become established were a little more "cowboy" in their approach.
  9. New session with Zang, one year later

    Is it showing for you now?
  10. Dark Skin SMP Removal

    These problems are typically experienced when removing traditional tattoo ink, rather than the monomeric pigments used by HIS. A note of caution, if the SMP was delivered by another clinic you need to check with them on its composition... the presence of metallic oxides will greatly increase the risk of the problems you describe.
  11. There are several recognised side-effects of this drug (that you have done a good job of listing), some of which, in some cases, have been known to continue even after usage stops. Good to read you have suffered no long-lasting effects.
  12. Sorry Ollie. The rules on here prevent posting pictures of work from other "clinics"
  13. Seven years after smp and still rocking the look

    Father Ted. Brilliant analogy.
  14. Opinion: After a certain age, SMP makes you look WORSE

    Its an important point I just made myself in another thread. That SMP, while we almost invariably do it to address issues around self-esteem, has a broadly positive effect on your whole life. It improves self-confidence which plays into how inspired we are to live up higher standards for ourselves. Bald Ego's testimony is echoed in so many other threads on here.
  15. Seven years after smp and still rocking the look

    Great to see you back JB. Thanks for the excellent pictures.