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  1. OMFG Whyyyy whyyyyyyyy

    Sorry guys, im not on here daily. apologies if my message wasnt very clear. first, let me clear this up, I am NOT on here to "bash"... Im just stating what i experienced. If you cant believe someone had a bad experience at HIS, then dont have an open forum. im not on here to debate or argue with anyone. Im just sharing my experience, and hopefully helping others make better decisions if they need to. I didnt feel comfortable doing business with this company after session 1, end of story. For those that need play by play details, here goes. I originally scheduled my first appt to 4-5 days after speaking with HIS cust service. So, lets say i called on monday, i was there on thursday, scheduled my appt for the following tuesday. On friday (the very next day of scheduling) I had cold feet, called to cancel. They obv wouldnt give me my deposit back so i asked to speak to a manager. i called 4-5 times, and nope, no one would return my call. ... I asked for "credit" for when I am ready to proceed, to use the money then. Being that i canceled the very next day, i figured it would be possible. NOPE, no refund, no deposit toward next appt. a few weeks pass, I decided to call back again, this time i was told that if i put down another $400 deposit, "toward session 2" then the initial $400 would go toward the work done. that was fine by me. I was happy. spoken to like a child, but thats ok. fast fwd, now i get the procedure done, and i am happy with my results till this day... Why do i have to get session 2 done the very next week? and why is that money lost? it was very rushed, and YES The cust service was that nasty and rude. im sorry but that is important to ME! sad part is Id probably get better customer service at mcdonalds. oh and a smile at the end... Lets put money aside, this is almost as serious as getting some sort of cosmetic surgery (even though its not invasive) this is a big decision nor is it cheap. If this was a nose job, or dental implants, would i get a call back from my doctor? Would i be bullied into multiple deposits? Would i be able to speak to my doctor, maybe a nurse?? if something went wrong, administrative or actual work, would i be faced with arguing back and fourth on the phone with customer service ?or be able to come in and speak to someone? you cant do that here. So, that is the reason I chose not to continue with HIS. I was not willing to do business with a company that at the end of the day gave me a bad vibe. If anyone wants to know what color shirt i wore, cologne i used that day, shoes worn etc, please feel free to ask Cheers
  2. OMFG Whyyyy whyyyyyyyy

    in this line of work, and to be around for this many years, you should know customer service is #1, not a favor....
  3. OMFG Whyyyy whyyyyyyyy

    Southpaw, its honesty a long story. I originally canceled, had cold feet etc... i called a few times (probably like most of us), in this line of business, im sure its "the usual" , calling cust service/ canceling that is Instead of being spoken to professionally, I found myself arguing with a nasty girl/woman who has NOOOOO idea what this feels like to begin with (balding, going through with this procedure etc..) I felt i was being rushed, was spoken to like im a #, not a person, the answers that i was given when asked questions were turnoffs. the fact that for a week i called to speak to someoen other than cust service. almost 2 weeks have passed, you would think id get a call and see what went wrong? NOPE. So I just really got an idea of who i would be dealing with....
  4. Hey, so to put your mind at ease. let me touch up on a few topics, being that i just had my first session done not too long ago. #1, dude, shave your head first. even if at home the night before. dont wait till you get there and see that your dome is too big or weird. you dont need to spend all this money if you hate how you look bald/ shaved..... I would def tell your GF that you decided to shave your head last minute for the summer or something ike that. I would NOt see her for the first day, not worth the risk as she will be getting used to the fact that your head is shaved to begin with. But 5 days out, you have NOTHING to worry about, GF or work. i was in the same boat. exact same! 1-Dot size- the dots wont look very natural (you really have to stare to notice) for the first few days. around day 3-4 they shrunk. . but remeber this will fade ~4days after session 1, so you might have some explaining to do as to where your new hairline/hair went. So i would plan to not see anyone day 4,5,6. if you can. If not, get a pencil, dont laugh it works... this way you can smoothely transition with work and home. no one will question it. I came to work the very next day. I do more damage to my head when shaving than i did with this. 2-Density- This depends how you wanna rock your hair. sounds like you are like me. I had most of my hair, was a norwood 2-3. I thought i was going to be able to pull off the buzzed look, unfortunately I cant. to make this look real, depending on how fast your hair grows, you will need to shave/buzz as close as possble every 1-3 days. or it will look weird. i guyess this also depends where your most bald. If the crown like me, you will need to buzz frequently. Also depends on what your skin tone is like and hair color is. i think this works best on people with black/ dark hair and skin tone. if you are pale, you will be most likely slightly red, or if your skin gets irritated easy. otherwise, you will be good to go. 3-Being found out. Youre in good hands. Jonathans work left me very impressed. the first session, despite what anyone tells you is just a "base" aka temp session. this is not meant to last in case you dont like it, or if things dont work out well. so worst case you will be in my situation. lose a few bucks, but your integrity is not at stake. if you already shave your head or like that look then once this settles its pretty damn hard to spot. espcially the fact that you have hair. so when someone rubs your head its not just like a helmet. I see people post pics that look ridiculous. in regards to dropping your hairline. play it safe, you can always lower it later on.... Just do yourself a favor and MAKE SURE you do not ask for any straight lines if you want to pull this off. make it as subtle and natural as possible and you will be happy. 4-Future thinning- Im no expert, and probably know as anyone else. but this will def fade and you will need a touch up. im not sure how people are worried about this 30 years from now, unless fully bald. good luck Bro again, im no expert but you are in great hands, wait until you get to see yourself in the mirror, just prepare for it to dissapear a few days after (that part hurt) also if you have any tattoos, this is a walk in the park as its NOTHING like the feeling of a tattoo. then again ive never been tatto'd on my head LOL my body is covered in tatts and this is not even close.
  5. OMFG Whyyyy whyyyyyyyy

    just a quick update, i decided not to proceed with treatment #2. Before reading, please keep in mind this is just my opinion based on my personal experience. im not here to bash anyone, insult anyone, or blame anyone. So this company has been around long enough to assumingly get the things that happened to me right. If this was its first year in existence, then it would be a bit different. I think the "growing pains" phase should have been well over by now. So after my last conversation with customer service and a long decision, i came to the following conclusion; Losing $ is not worth the possible outcome. ive been working in the sales and service industry for a longggg time, im a pretty logical and rationale guy so here are my reasons for not proceeding; If i could re do this, i would and will deal with someone i can actually speak to, like physically go see, the next day..... if something goes wrong, that is.... not a stuck up female voice overseas. I asked several times to have someone other than a CS rep call me back. did that happen? nope... So God forbid something went wrong, im not going to be one of those guys on th forum who gets told "hang in there pal, HIS hair will take care of you, just hang tight" unfortunately, this is not a risk i can take. the day of my appointment, and up to now, you would think someone like a manager/supervisor would call me and see why I missed my appointment and never even called them back... nope... I did however get a call the day of my appt morning from the very same girl who gave me an attitude the day i called. i found that pretty funny. For all those considering this, think long and hard when deciding who you are going to be dealing with ,and whos hands you will be in. I dont care who founded or invented this, i care what the outcome will be and what can be done to mitigate/ solve any risk if it were to occur. Does it suck to lose money? Biiiiiiiig time! but is $400 worth the possible stress if something were to go wrong? HELLzzz mutha********* NO. at the end of the day, the snooty customer service girl will not be losing sleep over this, you will. Now, about my actual results, unless i shave, they have for the most part faded as i was told. The actual work looked really good. So I will be proceeding to get a perm SMP, just by a company I can feel good about doing busiess with and can show up if something wrong happened. so for those considering SMP, it actually looks really good, definitely not a gimmick. The work of the actual practitioner Jonathan ,who was really good. you can tell he knows what he is doing, he was skilled and pleasant to deal with. unfortunately, hes not there to pick up IF something went wrong, a girl with an attitude is.... Hopefully lessons are learned from this. maybe its just me but if the owner/ manager is actually reading this. Next time maybe you should call back a worried customer asking to speak to you. This isnt a $19.99 purchase.... in my view this company has crap policies and customer service . if not for a few talented practitioners, you wouldn't be in business! hope that heps any guys looking to possibly deal with these guys. Cheers
  6. OMFG Whyyyy whyyyyyyyy

    Just a quick update, im 5 days in and have faded a bit.
  7. didn't i do this sooner lol. So I finally took the plunge, and would like to share my excitement, and overall story. First, Id like to thank everyone on this forum and all the ppl that post, contribute, and share their stories helping others like myself who troll searching for info but can't really share back. I normally don't have the time to post or have any real life experience to offer prior to now. So now it's my turn to hopefully help someone else out. About me, recently turned 40, Have been a NW 2-3 for the last 10 years, but have gotten away with concealers and probably could have for the rest of my life. but, enough was enough. I scheduled my appt w HIS in April. Like most i was super hesitant, worried , scared. So much that I even I canceled on my first scheduled appt and initially "lost" my deposit. In the long run HIS did allow me to reschedule and use that money if I proceeded, which I thought was the right thing to do. This isn't a simple haircut , so they need to be a bit more understanding and come up with a better cancel policy. A week should be more than enough to either refund you or charge a fee, not lose the entire deposit. I didn't really think this was fair, nor was it handleded professionally. But that's another story and I can rant about that later. now to the part that really matters. After doing a ton of research, I decided to go w HIS because of the ppl doing the work, not because they are "innovating" Bla Bla. Another topic, thats subject to my opinion only. after seeing Jonathan in NYC's work, Really cool dude btw! Being able to relate about a secret is a big thing and uncommon. Not for a second did I feel awkward. If you read this( thank you dude, it really meant a lot). being that I already knew what i wanted, (subtle and natural) he went right to work. After about an hour of him asking me not to look , he finally let me take a peep. If I can only share what I felt when I saw my head. I was so worried about so many things. My family, my job, girl, etc... God forbid I get called out at work. I work in sales and am in people's faces all day, so god forbid and Id be the laughing stock of a small sector in a small industry. Pain - I was expecting rib cage tattoo pain , judging by some of the reviews I've read. this shouldn't even be mentioned as this is not "pain", it's nothing like getting a tattoo. No comparison. All in all, so far this has been to good to be true. I look and feel great. If it fades in a few years, im ok with that. I can get a touch up, or let it fade out. At a certain age, balding is a part of life. Better be bald than look like Donald trump….( my opinion) Redness/healing- I was back to work the next day, redness was no different then if you shave and get a few nacks, slight irritation. Also keep in mind I am not pale. Final thoughts, No this doesn't replace a full head of hair. But if you know that feeling of concealers, not being able to swim, need to cover your dome when it rains, are quick to flinch at someone yanking your hat off then you know how it feels and let me tell you the way I feel now is like a new man. and look great. overall, here are my 2 cents. i can't stop looking at my head, it looks F'in amazing. its been 3 days now and hasn't faded yet. so i can't wait for session 2. Im very fortunate where I was able to pull off a smooth transition and still have some hair in the front. Would I do this if I was completly bald ? Most likely not. Just my personal opinion, That's not to say it would look bad. So if you are considering getting this done, and are scared, assuming you truly pick a "master" t their craft, you will not regret this. this really does look amazing. my biggest fear would be picking the right practitioner, not so much the company. in my opinion this is like getting a tattoo. Get a jail tattoo and it will look like You inked yourself, book time with nikko hurt ado or Carlos torres and you will have a masterpiece.… at the end of the day you are in their hands… my only gripe thus far has been the toll free # customer service reps. I know I'm not the easiest person to deal with, but they were just outright nasty! So god forbid something goes wrong, I can only imagine what kind of hell you will have to deal with, otherwise, you will wish you did this sooner! sorry about the lack of before pics as i wore a hat in almost all of my pics, but you can see the front of my head was gone. and now its backkkkkkkk wooohooooo. first pic of no hair, next two on day 1 and 2 pics from front and side from day 3 thank you HIS hair for coming up with this great idea/service,, and thank you Jonathan for taking a craft to a next level. any questions feel free to ask. ill post more pics after session 2. cheeers
  8. CONGRATS!!! if you dont mind me asking what NW level were you? and do you have pics im going in later this week and am nervous as hell. I have a NW 2.5-3 and just been doing the concelears (vommit). and just cant do it anymore. stories like this are really making this easier as i get closer and closer.
  9. I just keep reading that it looks bad for guys that have growth. And most of my head has hair. I would have thought the opposite. Is it normal that I didn't meet with a person actually doing the smp as I spoke w a rep. He made it sound like it will be so easy and the fact that I have 3/4 of my hair on top a easy blend. Anyone know if the day of if I am not confident with this if I will get charged or can then reschedule etc...
  10. Loooks amazing dude! "Recovery" was that short? Wow!!! I'm scheduled w Jon g for this week, great to see im in good hands. Thanks for posting tbese pics!
  11. Thank you for the replies. This has been an emotion rollercoaster and being Undecisive doesn't help. I just know i can no longer feel the way I have been feeling. I haven't been able to take a dive in the pool for over a decade, have to back away when a girl tries to put her hands in my head, have that feeling when ppl are looking right tbrough me on the subway or at work. I've had my hair cut reaally short years ago and actually looked really good with it. But had a decent hair line. Also it's kind of like why would I cut my hair off when so many ppl go through hair loss. It's equally as hard. I've just never went that low. I Did like a #1-1.5 on a buzzer. I'm fortunate where my dome isn't that big, and im athletic and muscular . I have like a Jason staham build/ and head is similar shaped. Im at a point where Im just really sick of doing "comb overs" and possibly only fooling myself. I can't wear a bike helmet unless I wear a hat. It's just hit a point where im a confident guy who has lost that confidence because of this. Also I don't really have male pattern baldness in my family and think that at 38, 39 in August that i don't think I will lose that much more hair anytime soon. So that's not so much my concern as the blending part is. If your entire head is done, it can look great as I seen on the guy I met with at the clinic. And I thought I would meet with an actual practitioner not a sales who rep. Even though was was really nice and had it done himself. And I honestly would no way in a million years be able to tell his was done. He let me touch it and all. So I just said F it and booked, But now as im researching more im not seeing to many Norwood 2's. That's when this became a worry. I don't want this ending up making ne look like a freak, instead of a guy who should be going out with some dignity at sometjing that happens. Being divorced and having to date has added a lot of the lack of confidence. But at end of the day a girl rather date a bald guy than a dude w a tattoo head( if gone wrong) I was really excited and confident booking my appt, but then of course went on line and overly researched. If it fades a bit I don't mind as it might then look like a natural progression. Right now if I shave , it's like my cover is blown. It will be like " wtf this guy had hair, now hes balding that much??" Where As if I can do this and bammm like nothing ever happened. I just decided to change my look for summer and then like it. So I kinda wanna just do it, and get this feeling out the way and look fresh and sexy for the summer!! So any opinions or guys who have gone through this and had hair, any input would be really appreciated. Thanks for reading either way. :/
  12. i also forgot to state that im getting this done on a Thursday. Can I return to work on a Monday following without raising to many red flags ? Guys your help hete is reallly appreciated. I can't tell you enough in advanced what any advice would mean to me!!! I have an oppty for no one to ever know I started balding, but this insecure feeling has to go. I can't live like this anynore
  13. What Id like to look like. When done. Pic 2 is a bit light for me. But seems to be the most realistic approach. Has anyone seen the thicker/ darker look without looking like a Lego helmet?
  14. Hi all, Sorry if this posted twice, having issues via phone. So I been a lurker for a while reading and supporting you guys here. Finally joined So I have an appointment booked for next week with Jonathan in NYC but am having second thoughts / going on 39 and been a Norwood 1 for the last 10 years. A Little concealer like nanogen and im good to go. However this last year, has been a really bad year for me. Divource, lost job, loss. It's just been hell. Things have shaped up, new gig, in great shape again. But the hair .. I'm now a Norwood 2. Now the concealer works but my head seems to be the focus of anyone standing up close's attention And I know it's not just me. Over the years I've become a pro at styling my hair where it looks like I have a hairline. Now it's getting rough. Pics attached, but Id like to know. Please be honest. Please, as this is not cheap for me. I have start dating again and my confidence is shot. It's hard enough as is, let alone dealing with hair loss. Am I crazy for dropping 3k for doing this? If I just shave my head on my own. I may look ok. I have a chiseled jaw line and am fit, the sporty look fits me well. But is this really worth it for someone like me? I can't find to many threads with Norwood 2's done, just 6&7+ I'm seeing pics where some guys are completely bald and I can only imagine how happy and great you feel after this. But Id love to hear from some men that if they were in my shoes and had a Norwood 2 that Prob won't get worse. Would you do this? I don't want the skinhead look. I want a little more density and being that I have most of my hair do you guys feel this is doable? I want natural a bit receefed but not super light without looking like a helmet. Id really appreciate it. just don't know if for the money this is worth a little extra hair. Thank you so much ! Pic attached #1. Looked like with concealer, what it looks like now w bit of concealer, without anything, and back of my head. So I'm hoping to make a smooth natural receded hairline where no one would be able to be like wow he now has hair. More or off "oh you got a buzz cut" Pic of what Id like done also attached, is this reallistic ???
  15. How has the transition been? I'm getting mine done and having second thoughts