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  1. its look good ~even you choose deeper ink on 3 treatment i think i will go deeper tooo
  2. Befor and After ~~~Thank you JT

    Thank you ED Thank you LUKEYB
  3. Befor and After ~~~Thank you JT

    Manx221 Sorry i dont know ~what shades it is ~~~but i had see the machine ~it show 13 number
  4. Fading question

    HI DEAR ED THE fading make my heads color was not balance now ~~~hope everything will be good after 3 THANK YOU always
  5. Fading question

    HI MRonTHEFence ~~~~~~~~~~ Thank you for your valuable experience I will ask my practitioner Thanks again
  6. good luck men ~~~i hope fading stop by a week >....<
  7. Fading question

    HI everyone I finish my 2 treatment for a week Now My smp is fading a lot the first 7days is my happy day ~couse it is look darker Just what i want and i can see detail ~so many dots ~~~ but now ~~~~i feel sad ~~~~~~its become light and some of dots desapear Is that mean i have choose more darker ink than befor ? to keep the color darker ? or u cant make sure ~we can keep it or not ? just depend the body ? its seem easy to gone >....<
  8. Befor and After ~~~Thank you JT

    finally ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  9. Befor and After ~~~Thank you JT

    thank you ed it's work now i hav change jpg to gif than put the pics
  10. Befor and After ~~~Thank you JT

    Hi ED Thank you for the help ~~ plz check the mail
  11. Befor and After ~~~Thank you JT

    hi i m so sorry ~~dont know why ~its work on my notebook but others cant ~~~ i try many timess ~~~~~try to see my pic on twitter this time ~~~ :(
  12. Befor and After ~~~Thank you JT

    hi pointy click the flower gallery than type the password ((((hishair))))
  13. HI eveyone i finish my 1 treatment on this thursday johnathan do a great job on my head he put so many tiny dots its look like really hair befor the treatment i m very worry about the dot will be big couse i read someones pics they are complain the dots was big not reality but johnathan do very great job ~he is artist make dot so real and make a new me really thank you X 100000000000000times also wanna thanks eveyones here ~you share the information ~pics ~ stories ~ befor the flight to hk ~i still thinking is that worth to do smp ? couse i only see hishair web video picS ~~~didnt meet anyone real ~~ but i m happy now finally i do the right desion ~ now i m worry about after the treatment to back airport i m sweat a lot i hope everything will be fine (((( i still cant put my pics here ~so i use a blog ~~~the password is hishair ))))) <<----------------my pic
  14. why i cant post pic ?

    ok i got it ed
  15. why i cant post pic ?

    wanna share my 1 treatment in hk clinic but cant post pic