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  1. Bit worried about the Toronto clinic

    I was annoyed that my emails to HIS hair Canada were not being replied to. If I were you, I'd look at the NY His Hair clinic as there are tons of examples on here of them and their work.
  2. Bit worried about the Toronto clinic

    All I can as advice, is go with the best practitioner you can find. IMO once the scalp pigmentation is taught, only a select few practitioners have the vision and artistic ability to deliver top notch results. Cost me $250 for a round trip ticket to NY from Toronto. So I'm probably spending an additional 750$ for my treatment, but to know I'm in good hands is priceless. If you like the technicians work and are worried about the Toronto clinic like I was... 750$ of traveling is worth it to get the best practitioner in your opinion. This is permanent after all.
  3. The site says no shaving with a razor for ten days in the after-care guidelines. But I've never heard of ink running down a head before on here. Hopefully someone can comment with an answer for you.
  4. finally did it, thoughts?

    Near your hairline, the colour looks a bit different in certain places. Is that due to blending issues or a 3D effect? I like the design and hairline. Looks very natural. Just think the colour is a bit off. Maybe more blending? Congrats on getting rid of the hairpiece!
  5. I've had hair systems before and stopped after 3 months. It isn't a part of you, but SMP is. I prefer the permanent option of SMP instead if the ridicolous cost of hair systems. I was paying 300$ a month for the system and cut in at a place. Just absurd money for the rest of your life.
  6. Look at Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson. Being bald with a bit of a stubble goes a long way. I agree a full head of hair is tough to replace. But I've been at peace with not getting that back. What I would like is just for my head to not look as bald. Having the appearance of hair follicles even at a 2D level makes a ton of difference. You can't say the peoples before photos were better than the after ones I see. Every guy looks better after SMP if it's done well.
  7. Hair systems are not undetectable. If someone runs their hand through your hairline, you'd feel a bump and realize something is up. A head with SMP is way better IMO. I'm a good looking guy but not having some sort of hairline does hurt your image. Hence why I'm going for SMP. I also feel as if SMP is much more acceptable in the eyes of society than a hair system. And let's all stop saying hair system too, it's a wig. Companies tried to change it's term or name to hair system, but it's a wig....
  8. Bad His Experience

    Good to hear.
  9. MrOnTheFence's Diary

    You've got the right attitude and mindset. Like your upbeat diary you got going here.
  10. I've only told my immediate family about booking my treatment. My parents thought it was crazy at first but Have warmed up to it a bit after since videos. My brother thinks it's wild, he's bald too. But we are both excited to see how good it looks. I'm at peace with doing it and even close ppl knowing as I'm doing this for me. Not for anyone else or other reasons. Always wanted a full head if hair, can't get that obviously. So next best thing is the appearance of hair! My only worry is actually going through airport security and having to take my hat off just after treatment. Having that red scalp with big dots lol.
  11. MrOnTheFence's Diary

    My story is extremely identical to yours. I'm getting my treatment on July 7. All I can say is wearing a hair system is no way to live. I'm glad you're excited and enjoying the early results.
  12. Goodbye....old friend

    Good luck buddy!
  13. I always assumed you had SMP done a long time ago since you've been on here for so long. Congrats on pulling the trigger and it looks great. Yeah, I don't think you need another session. Less is more at times and you don't want to over fill with density. Looks great.
  14. Lewis Hamilton

    It's kind of good though that the public considers hair transplants normal these days though. You look at Lebron and his recent hair transplant. But people who have never researched it, have little to no idea about how it is done. Before I went bald, I had no idea what a strip scar was and saw a few in the past but never knew what it was from. I also think if you get a good SMP treatment done that the results would be hard to spot unless attention was brought to your scalp. As people don't notice things as much as we do being bald. Give away IMO is straight defined hairline, over-filling the density and sharp sides. Women are doing tons of procedures to their bodies and its widely accepted. You look at guys who wear hair systems, it is ridiculed quite a bit and people make them the laughing stock, yet women wear even more wigs with no fuss. Why can't men have their transplants and SMP without a fuss is what I say... Male baldness is such a weird grey area IMO as men are expected to man up instead of attempt to better themselves per say.
  15. Almost ready to take the plunge

    Looks great. Very natural. You nailed the density amount, looks undetectable.