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  1. SMP "MOT" time frame

    They'll normally request you send in photos or visit so they can assess what length of work you'd need doing. In terms of when work is done - very much depends on your own preference for darkness / density and whether you feel it's faded.
  2. Worst Decision ever

    This is the downside of not being able to talk about practitioners on the forum.
  3. Foil or rotary?

    Braun Waterflex. Awesome product. As is Phillips one blade - if you want some stubble left. Assuming you still have some that grows.
  4. http://m.boots.com/h5/cat_hub?unCountry=uk&path=%2Fen%2FBepanthen-Baby-Moisturiser-1-x-100ml_1252303%2F This is good ^ Doesn't leave the head shiny. Seems to absorb well. And alcohol free.
  5. Moisturiser.

    Stupid mobile site: http://m.boots.com/h5/cat_hub?unCountry=uk&path=%2Fen%2FBepanthen-Baby-Moisturiser-1-x-100ml_1252303%2F
  6. Moisturiser.

  7. Moisturiser.

    New moisturiser I'm using. Meant for babies. Alcohol free.
  8. Sparkle - the treatment doesn't replace hair. There will be times when a light shines right down on your head and you look bald. As ultimately you are bald, I imagine. Bald but with dots in the skin, and stubble in places. You could try applying derm-match as well if you're really that troubled by club lighting.
  9. When you have SMP and see another person with SMP in close proximity in certain types of light you can tell. I've seen a few now. And I'm sure people who know think the same with me. But only because I know what I'm looking at. Everyone else just sees a guy with a cropped head.
  10. Coming up 2 years

    Still looks fresh.
  11. Just saw a guy on the DLR. Definite SMP. Looked really good. Just wondered if a fellow HIS client / forum member.
  12. Peyton X-factor

    Yeah SMP for sure. And very natural.
  13. One day stubble growth

    Asianguy, must be a difference in the models. This is the UK one which doesn't have adjustable lengths. Only by adding the provided blade guards can you do that. Not sure of the cost but you can dispatch this to the US from the UK Amazon site: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Philips-OneBlade-QP2520-30-trimmer/dp/B01FFSI7XI
  14. One day stubble growth

    bald_ego, glad to be of help. It's a pretty amazing little blade. Hardly seems sharp yet takes away hair right to the skin nearly. I use it for face and head now. But need to buy a replacement head as its getting a bit rough after two months of use. But not complaining.