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  1. 18 days after session 2 blending issues

    Damn, that's interesting... I always shave right before I go out clubbing, but ya shave at night to allow a bit of growth? Funny how we have different perspectives on when it looks most realistic.
  2. 18 days after session 2 blending issues

    I honestly don't see much wrong with it. Don't focus on it too much. As long as it looks good from a justifiable distance. I shave every day by the way. I would not attempt to go out with more than a day's growth unless I'm around with people who see me everyday as they would not focus on my head. I'm only afraid of lighting when I'm taking pictures. I really don't think smp ever looks fake in person regardless of lighting. I mean, it could disappear, but who really would suspect anything from it? Become comfortable in it! Forget about it! People are too worried about themselves to focus on your head! You did this for yourself! Remind yourself how you looked in the mirror before smp! I spent 8 hours in the sun during a parade (with sunscreen of course) and did not get a negative reaction. I did get compliments for being bald though lol A friend who I hadn't seen in a long time, told me she really liked my cut lol Another told me, is that how you're gonna have your hair now? Also, my teenage cousin asked if I do the line up myself lol I've gotten the , "why don't you grow your hair out" responses too which I hate lol 3 sessions down. One more to go this weeknd (It's been almost a year since my initial session)!
  3. PalomaNegra's Journal

    It's been some time since I last posted! My SMP has done well.. There's been minor fading in a few areas but nothing that makes me anxious. I haven't been called out on anything... which says quite a bit as I spent two weeks with family I had not seen in years. Ya know how unforgiving cousins can be haha This photo was taken in the shade about 5 days ago. That would be about 5 weeks after my third session.
  4. today I got called out

    lol nice twist
  5. PalomaNegra's Journal

    We did drop it for session two. This is the farthest it will go.
  6. PalomaNegra's Journal

    So, I had my second session today, and I'm feeling very positive about the procedure. Mike was hesitant to drop my hairline, but I thought we could manage it. He's very caring. I'm glad to have him as my practitioner. The lowest shade used is 24. I didn't end up using a painkiller. The pain wasn't difficult to manage because I didn't resist it as I did my first session. I'm going to set an app. for a third session. Hopefully in a month from now. Any thoughts?
  7. How much longer until the scabs fall off?

    Found my answer:
  8. It's the fifth day after my first session, and my scabs haven't fallen off. I don't like seeing large, black dots on my head, but at least I don't have to be out in public. How long until yours came off?
  9. PalomaNegra's Journal

    Thanks! They keep eyes off my infinite forehead!
  10. PalomaNegra's Journal

    I began feeling uneasy after having unedited photos posted, so I deleted, edited and reposted a few... One photo was taken before SMP. The other two were taken right after my first session.
  11. PalomaNegra's Journal

    That question wasn't asked, but I would like a dense treatment. Maybe we'll discuss that during my second treatment.
  12. Amusing Story

    That sounds great because I'll be attending graduation ceremonies 3 days after my second session haha Hopefully I'll have it well like yours.
  13. PalomaNegra's Journal

    It actually looks like a similar hairline. Here's a photo from high school before the transformation began lol
  14. PalomaNegra's Journal

    26 Hairline 26 Crown 28 Side profile