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  1. Is age an issue

    Wow ! I glad your ok now.
  2. Is age an issue

    Saved your life ?
  3. Panicking! 8 days after 2nd.

    Don't worry Bro its will all come together in the 3rd session don't panic its a roller coaster i know but worth it in the end
  4. Can shaving damage SMP?

    The cleaner is a essential piece of kit ! Don't forget you will use the shaver every/other day,The cleaning solutions keeps your razor in top condition and sanitise's the blades which without will give you shaving spots so imo its a worthy investment in the long run... also every time it cleans your razor it will look and smells brand new like the day you bought it. Making for a awesome shave everyday ! don't even think about it just buy it will not be disappointed
  5. Can shaving damage SMP?

    I have this one and its excellent.
  6. Can shaving damage SMP?

    . When you want to use the cartridge its best to pop the cassette off and use the supplied brush to clean the hair out then clean it. The hair doesn't effect the cartridge performance because its filtered and trapped in a separate reservoir
  7. Can shaving damage SMP?

    So you change cartridge each month even though its not finished ?
  8. Can shaving damage SMP?

    You can get a lot longer than a month if you remove the cartridge after each clean and put the lid back on.
  9. Can shaving damage SMP?

    That will be the Braun then
  10. Shame it has Cetearyl Alcohol in its ingredients.
  11. Moisturising , matte. And alcohol

    horseshoe what about sun screen ?
  12. Moisturising , matte. And alcohol

    But suncream is needed to protect smp when ever your exposed to sun light but all suncreams have alcohol listed in there ingredients
  13. Thanks for the reply Ed so what do you use on a daily basis when out and about in London ?
  14. Hi SebDerm I can't decide which is best for a regular overcast uk day though do i wear nothing on the scalp vs SPF moisturiser which will have Cetyl Alcohol or another Alcohol based ingredient in it which will fade SMP?