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  1. concealing treatment

    So, I'm considering having the treatment done, but I'm worried about concealing the treatment and my scar during the process. I had a HT about 2.5 years ago at 22 yrs old. Although it still looks unnoticeable as if i have a full head of hair, my hairline is beginning to recede more and I'm trying to stay ahead of the curb, before it gets worse. My scar, however, has never seen the light of day. Nor does anyone know that I have the scar or had a HT, not even my barber. And I want it to remain a secret. If it helps, I'm black, and my hair is black. I keep my hair dark, as to not show my scalp. I've cut my hair low before, but the scar was very visible. It was pink, and slightly bulging. So I wore a hat to cover it up, until my hair grew back, to where it was dark enough to conceal my scalp and the scar. Now that I'm older, I kinda wish I hadn't done the HT, even though it did an excellent job of keeping my hairline full. The scar is not nearly as bad as some of the other scars that I've seen, but the scar is very noticeable if unconcealed. I want to undergo treatment for SMP, but I know that I'm most likely going to have to have a few treatments scar repair (fraxel, etc.), in addition to the actual SMP sessions. So based on what I've read, I'm looking at having at least 6 total sessions (roughly 3 scar removal treatments, and 3 SMP treatments). My question is: to what success have ppl been able to hide the fact that they are undergoing treatment for the scar and for SMP during the course of the treatments? I figured I'd take an extended 4 to 6 week vacation from work to get it done. Is that enough time? How about concealing the treatments (scar and SMP) after all sessions have been completed. What's life like for ppl who've had the scar, and chose SMP to conceal it? Did you tell anyone? Was it easily noticeable by others? Did you ever have to tell someone you had it? Honest replies only please. and please post pictures if you can! Thanks