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  1. A Sprinkle

    Thanks for thoughts. I wrote my post just the night before going in for my warranty session and was having last minute doubts. I was happy with it before but knew the year was up and wanted the good look to continue. I had 40 on my first 3 sessions so it was light and faded a bit (not been using SPF). This time I had a 2 hour session with 36. The practicioner said I could have gone darker and lowered the hairline a bit. All those last minute doubts unnecessary. I think it looks great and even loving the darker post treatment look with the larger dots which come a few days after treatment. Once again. A great experience and so pleased I did it. I pretty sure it will settle in well and the know I can safely go darker in the future if need be. It's my 1 year Smp anniversary and never regretted it. I'm going to be more careful and really need to get a 'non alcoholic matt moisturiser with SPF' Any recommendations?
  2. A Sprinkle

    I'm one year in. Really pleased with the treatment and going back tomorrow for a 'sprinkle'. I'm light skinned and used a light pigment for my sessions last year. It's light and I think it looks very natural. My question is this... Will it look odd with a sprinkle of darker dots which to start with are larger? I'm concerned about looking like I've got chicken pox and looking unnatural. I think it's faded a bit because it was light in the first place so it could need it and it's in the warranty but I don't want to spoil what I have already. Should I suggest a darker pigment or keep it the same? Anyone had this done or know about it?
  3. crown area not looking how i expected

    Sorry but I have to agree. It looks really good. Maybe it's a light thing. Mine can look really good in some lights and then in other lights darker at the sides with reflection on the top.
  4. 3 1/2 years now and going strong!

    Looks great. I really like the light soft look. The light shade and the hairline looks completely natural. I bet no one has ever realised and even said a word about it. I had mine done last summer and would be totally pleased with your result in 3 years time. What moisturisers do you use?
  5. Very subtle, soft no straight line and people with have no idea. You can build it up later and the transition will be slow. I did it and no one noticed. I would go for it. Just do it light.
  6. Last minute nerves

    Strangely enough no one has mentioned it apart from this one guy and I certainly work with a lot of people who would have no hesitation in mentioning it. I can deduce from this that the scar is more in my head than on it. Best compliment ever last week. I was in a meeting when when a fellow baldy sitting next to me joked that us baldies should stick together. Another guy opposite who always likes to take the piss, said to us that the difference between us was that I chose to look like this whereas the other didn't. Wow! He had no idea. I was a nw5 or 6 and people genuinely have no idea that what I have now is not natural. Even I'm convinced that I just shave my head. So despite the scar not being 100%, only one person has mentioned it. I would never want to go back to thick hair around the sides covering up the scars with nothing on top. Anyone having doubts, I can truthfully say just do it!
  7. Last minute nerves

    Thought I'd check in again and give an update. Had my 3rd treatment about a month ago. I work in a school with 150 staff and over 1000 students. Lots of people have told me I've shaved my head! Unbelievably no one has realised its SMP. I've told a couple of people about the treatment but again none of them said they could notice it at all. This is a massive relief for me. So I couldnt have hoped for anything better in terms of colour, hairline and natural look. What are the down sides though? The big one for me is the HT scar. Although the Smp in the scar has not faded, isn't white and is blended perfectly, it is indented and is noticeable in certain lights and angles. Everything was great until the other day when I went into my staff room and some guy asked me if I had a Hair transplant scar!! In front of them all. I was off guard and the best I could come up with was 'no'. Why didn't I come up with a mineshaft accident or some other believable story? He then went on to tell everyone about a fxxxing documentary he'd seen about how they take a strip and implant the hairs individually. I couldn't move from the seat I'd found with my back to the wall. This guy knew his stuff and I needed to shut him up. I didn't want more of his questioning so the next day I confronted him and told him that I had a busy youth and yes I had a HT years ago. I also told him I didn't appreciate him asking personal questions in front of other colleagues. He apologised and said he had accepted that it wasnt a HT scar because the rest of my head looked so natural. The incident though has made me really conscious of the scar on the back and I'm going to have try to learn to live with it. I'm thinking about light and what's behind me a lot and it's a real downer because the rest of the Smp looks amazing and so natural. I love the look too. Lots of people have said I look 10 years younger!! On the whole, I think the treatment is fantastic. I just wish I had got it years ago and never had the HT scar. Appeciate any advice from others with scars and possible explanations for a 12 cm straight indent on the back of my head?
  8. Had 40, 40 and 40 recently.
  9. Would I look good with SMP?

    Looks like you've got a good head of hair already. Imo you don't need it but I guess if you are looking at this site if bothers you. If this is the case I would not go too low on the temples and avoid a horizantal across your forehead. Also remember if you do do it then you will have to shave down so the rest of your hair looks 2d and not 3d. As for the shape of your head it good. Your hair line is naturally low at the front so be careful not to do too much, you want it to look natural. Other people really like the low straight hair lines and they will disagree. Go in and speak to His, I'm sure they will give you their honest advice. Good luck
  10. Last minute nerves

    Well it's day 5 since 3rd treatment. I went for 40 on the first 2 and it did lighten a lot but I don't think it faded. The scars have blended in perfectly. I was really happy with it when I arrived for treatment 3 and wasn't sure whether to do another. I had no pressure at all from His to do it even though I had been booked in for the session. After about an hour of thinking and discussing I finally decided to do it. I had been worried after reading another post that someone had regretted it because it was darker but then again I was holiday for a week and thought it would be a good time. Went for 40 again and kept the hairline high. I had just a light session and imo it looks very natural and I am pleased. For those of you still thinking, in terms of roller-coasters... Mine has only been a kiddies one! No one has noticed and for those I have told they all said 'good for you'. I was a nw6 I think and allthough the baldness has gone I think because i kept it light and the hairline high and soft, I've got away with not bringing attention to the treatment. I am of the school that I can always go darker or lower on my fourth treatment which if it holds well I will do sometime in the year. Everyone wants different outcomes and I respect that. For me, this is the outcome I wanted and so I really couldnt have wanted more. Gone are the days of a number 4 horseshoe with whispy hairs on the top. My scars are covered, feel younger and have a natural hairline for a 44 year old bloke. I will post pictures soon when it's settled. I spent a year considering and massive anxieties about doing it. I know now that although understandable, I neednt have worried. My advice is go light, conservative and change later if you want to.
  11. Tomorrow I take the plunge....

    Nice one 330. I had my 3rd treatment on Tuesday so we are both on the same time scale. I kept to 40 for all of them as I didn't have much fading in the short term. Agree with everything you said. I look back at my first picture when I shaved off before the treatment and it is reassuring to realise I made the right decision. I feel I really want to use moisturiser on my treatment areas as it feels very dry. It is day 5 now and it seems aftercare tells you to wait though. Not sure why this should be???
  12. Tomorrow I take the plunge....

    Nice one! It gets even better. Wait until it settles and the dots start shrinking, it looks more and more natural.
  13. I had light fine hair and had 2 transplant scars and I am really pleased with the results with the Smp. I had pigment 40 and it has settled really well and the scars are covered too. I would say it is a good time to do it as people will notice you've shaved your head but will not realise you've had any treatment. Especially as you have light coloured hair. Go light first and then darken it later if you want with a 'sprinkle' of darker pigment. I'm thinking about this now but am so pleased with what I've got. Suggest you go to see them at His and they will answer all your questions and give advice. I wish I did it years ago.
  14. How should I take this?

    Thanks, do you like it like this? If she's that persistent, I don't think it should be such an embarrassing thing to say you've had a treatment because you prefer it like this. Or if you think it's none of her business, you could tell her that you've had some hair transplanted from your arse! The main thing is that it LOOKS GOOD!! Perhaps if no one noticed it at all then maybe you might be a bit disappointed as well?
  15. Last minute nerves

    Well after 2nd treatment the scars have been blended in pretty well I think. The lower one was indented and appears as a big wrinkle but because it's low it looks like a natural wrinkle. Haven't shaved in this picture for 3 days and it needs to be done I'm really pleased with the whole procedure so far. It's now day 9. It does look lighter but I think this is good. Any opinions on whether I should go for a third? I would like the sprinkle of darker dots but because the density if high due to having to blend the scar, I don't want to over do it though.