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  1. yea man hang in there it is looking better, patience is the key with scars, ive had 3 sessions so far, im def gonna need a 4th and possibly a fifth to finish it up, in the mean time I would apply bio oil and mederma daily ( that's what ive been doing anyway) till I get my 4th in September. I also found in my case wet shaving is def the way to go. Seems to blend in better for me. Make sure to wait at least 10 days though before u wet shave. But yea def keep us posted on your progress, you will get there eventually.
  2. Words of advice please

    or just get the scars done first see how it turns out, then do the rest of the head later
  3. 3rd session complete in Chicago with pics

    what length is your hair in those pics?
  4. 3rd session complete in Chicago with pics

    amazing.... scar is invisible
  5. 3rd session complete in Chicago with pics

    Yea that's a nice looking treatment, and damn that scar work is nice! any chance of posting some more pics of the scar?
  6. Raisin Hairline

    yea I think your hairline is right on
  7. Well on the plus side I think at that length your scar looks pretty damn flawless...
  8. Micro needling

    Hey Norm, I have had 3 smp treatments thus far. I have a strip scar from temple to temple and have noticed that certain areas of my scar have gotten smoother it seems, I have also been using bio oil like crazy on my scar which so far has seemed to help diminish some of the redness as well. May give that a try on your recipient areas your concerned about. Been using it three times a day for about a month now.
  9. I would go with what Rollwithit said, shave your head first, keep it that way for a month, then make your decision, you may not even need to do the procedure...
  10. post 3rd session into strip scar

    mederma is pretty pricey, like 30 bucks or something. I bought the the mederma PM. Supposed to use it right before u go to bed. So gonna use the bio oil 3x a day then the mederma at night. But yea man I think we will all get there with our scars, it just sucks waiting.
  11. post 3rd session into strip scar

    will do, I have some pics post 3rd session on the ht scar question thread. Wonder if I can get the name of the thread changed. Anyway I think im gonna start adding maderma scar cream to my routine at night too. We will see how it goes, best of luck to you. Prob wont post any more pics till about 5 months when I get my touch up.
  12. post 3rd session into strip scar

    I think the blending is good, now is just the waiting game to let it fade/settle. 4-6 months I think you will be happier with it. Im about a month into my third session. Start blasting that sucker with bio oil. Should help.
  13. Hey man hang in there, Ive had 3 treatments thus far, and was told to wait 4-6 months to let it completely settle/fade. Patience is the key but i know its tough waiting.
  14. HT scar question

    Alright here are some photos, right after wet shave. Seeing these I def need to get better at wetshaving, I iritated the back of my scar/head hence some redness.
  15. HT scar question

    Hey guys thx for the feedback, its been a little over 2 weeks since my last treatment, went in for a consultation the other day with Zang. He said to wait 4-6 months to let everything settle then hes gonna fine tune it. I was advised to use bio oil until then. Ive been applying it 3 times a day and going to keep it up till the touch up. (Applying it 3 times a day is gonna take some discipline but im determined I will post some pics in the next couple of days for you guys to see where im at. The biggest thing Ive learned from all this so far is patience. Patience is key. Wish me luck.