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  1. Ed informed me of the following: "The advice is that you would need to wait 6 weeks after fraxel to have SMP, and 28 days after SMP to have fraxel."
  2. Thanks for all of your help Ed. Landlord1, how many Fraxel treatments did you receive? If more than one, did you notice fading after the first, or did it fade mostly over 3-4 sessions? I've contacted a few local clinics that offer fractional laser therapy. All agree that fractional laser would smooth out and tighten my scar. If the biggest/only issue to expect is fading, then it sounds like it's worthwhile
  3. Hi Landlord, thanks for the reply. Did you notice any fading? What benefits did you notice?
  4. Hey All, It's been a while since I posted here. I'm still on my journey to a camouflaged scar after quite a long time. My question is: Can fraxel still be done after multiple SMP treatments? my scar is ridgy and very unappealing (especially under certain lighting) Thanks
  5. Hey All, I haven't posted on here for a while This whole scar camouflage thing is still causing grief. It's still dark beneath the scar. I went for a consultation Thursday and met with Danny who has been with the company a while. He said it's not bruising, there aren't too many dots; just the ones that are there have continued to retain ink (so much so that it looks dark) options: 1 - wait 4-6 weeks to see if it lightens on it's own (he said that because the last time I had pigment added was July 16 and it can take 90-100 days for fading to take place) 2 - laser for no more than a couple minutes to just lighten the area (not remove) very discouraging... this feels like it's taken forever and there is still so much further to go....
  6. Thanks everyone, I will update with pics once I cut it... The Doctor - thanks for the heads up on a new product. I'd love to see pics of the product and how it looks when applied.
  7. Congrats Beach - what a difference between the before and after pics. Enjoy!
  8. Luck with Scar creams?

    This is a great thread topic: I've been using Bio Oil for a while now and it's ok. I'm currently looking into a few other contenders. Does anyone have experience with: 1. Mederma PM 2. Mederma gel 3. InstaNatural Scar Gel Cream (has gotten great reviews and topped a couple 'best scar cream' lists) 4. Kelo-Cote scar gel I am hoping to pick one of these up pretty soon - just can't decide which
  9. I had a 5th session today - Jack used a slightly darker pigment (#24) for the scar and continued blending. It was a shorter session - less than 1 hour My scar continues to soak up ink - fingers crossed it holds this time and settles to the perfect shade. More pics to come.
  10. The attached picture was taken about 2 weeks following the 4th session. The scar is still bumpy and looks like it will take time to settle back down to how smooth it was pre-SMP You can't tell from this pic, but within the last week, the scar faded again. Not significantly (like it did following the second session); but enough to make it more visible. Note: the sunlight makes the scar look better than it really does... (i.e. it's a flattering pic)
  11. Forgot to mention that in the above pictures (my last post), the darker area above and below the scar is actually bruising. It continues to lighten as time goes on. I had the 4th session on June 29. Jack hit the surrounding area with pigment in an attempt to blend it all in. He's a wonderful practitioner and genuinely a very nice guy. He clearly knows his stuff. While he didn't actually add pigment into the scar this time around, he explained that the typical strategy is to increase the density in the scar to reduce the amount of scarred skin visible. In order to do that, the density surrounding the scar has to be increased as well (as to not appear like a dark line). The blending appears really dark in these pics because the dots are new - it had faded in the week to follow. The hair is also longer than I would otherwise keep it.
  12. Here's an update I wanted to share... I'm going in for my 4th treatment next week... I’m wanting to know if the dark colour of the pigment in the scar at this point (3+ weeks since the last treatment) is normal. Further, the diameter of the pigment vs. hair is quite larger making it look dark from a few feet away. However, when looking at the pigment very close up, it’s actually a bit lighter than the hair. Are there too many pigmented dots close together? Note: These pictures were taken 23 days after the 3rd treatment, and were right after a cut (scarred area is shaved with a razor blade - with the grain) There also hasn't been any blending done yet - the practitioner wants the scar to hold ink before we blend.
  13. My practitioner did tell me that same thing about wet shaving. I think maybe HIS' clients with scars have their expectations raised a little too much in thinking that they can grow their hair out a bit (myself being one of those)... I've since realized that the shorter the better. It's 3D (hair) vs. 2D (dots), and anyone's eye will be drawn to a break between the two. I've been using Bio Oil, but I will check out Mederma - thanks for the tip We'll all get there eventually ... G'luck
  14. SMP into Scar

    Looks great. Congrats dude. I know it's been a wild ride for you!
  15. day 2 The top looks worse... but since the pic was taken, the redness has come down nicely The scar is settling too. I'll keep everyone updated as it progresses I have a 4th session scheduled for the end of June. If the pigment doesn't hold in the scar, we might go darker in colour.