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  1. Mole Removal Between Sessions

    Definitely get them removed before session 3 if the removal involves laser to remove them because the laser may remove some SMP. If it removes some SMP on the 3rd session they will know how dark to go on those lasered spots to blend it in. So yes get them removed and schedule the 3rd session after the removal treatment heals.
  2. I got mine done about 6 years ago. If you have any questions feel free to ask me and I'll answer as best as I can.
  3. Questions about 1st smp session

    real talk the 1st session will fade out but it's just a foundation for session 2 and 3 if you need 3. after the 1st session you can't sweat or shave your head for 4 days plus you have to get session 2 a week later so that way you you know what to do and how to duck your girl lol the redness last bout 2 days i told people I had a sunburn and they felt for it. after session 2 the same rules apply of session 1. give it bout a month to fully settle and you'll be able to tell if you need a 3rd session. hope this helps.
  4. Why we do not allow the naming of individual practitioners

    lmao are you serious ed? irony? i never flipped anything you said ever. all i did was say the exact thing you said i didn't rewrite or flip it lol
  5. Why we do not allow the naming of individual practitioners

    no I'm not saying others aren't any good don't try to flip what i said. like mronthefence im posting on my own i was never sent by anyone to post anything.
  6. Here is suggestion that some smp companies do HIS should make a page with all locations and a picture of the practitioners who work at those locations and pictures of their work. This way they can see results and styles the different practitioners can create. This way they all shine and don't cry about not getting recognized. Other smp companies do it and so do tattoo shops (i know they don't like smp to be referred to a tattoo but putting pigment in skin is technically a tattoo) If HIS is not afraid to this is it would be helpful for potential clients to decide. Even tho they still may travel to another location further from a closer one to them based on the results they see its still their decision and you can't feel like the forum is pushing them to a certain location which is what ED is making it sound like. If they don't do its because they are not confident with all their practitioners results which is my opinion. Your thoughts?
  7. Why we do not allow the naming of individual practitioners

    What encourages people to post here is RESULTS ed not a specific practitioner. If they all did superb jobs they would all be named as well correct? why haven't other practitioners been mentioned? is going to a clinic and watching a session even allowed? just asking cause you said it. Also you said in the other thread the girl from the UK is your very best cause she touches up ian so thats encouraging people to travel to UK to check her out. So you're referring her the way we are referring practitioners we know do excellent smp.
  8. Information About Removal Of Smp By Laser

    any before and after pics?
  9. Cutting my hair

    idk how they get away with 2-3 growth. i have to shave every single day to make it look uniform. even one day growth is noticeable on me.
  10. Why we do not allow the naming of individual practitioners

    this is stupid because just like me i know other clients lurked the forum before making a decision on making the plunge and get their smp done and the mentioning on names helps because you have options based on locations closest to you. im sorry but if there was a clinic Seattle and i lived right across the street from it and didn't know the results coming out it cause the practitioners weren't getting praised best believe i would travel to new york or chicago to get my smp. naming certain practitioners is a referral not blocking other clinics traffic. just be happy we're naming practitioners from HIS and not other companies who have good smp practitioners.
  11. Photo Consultation - help

    i can make hyper realistic looking simulations not the grey shade looking one they do. dm me if interested.
  12. advice needed please

    if you go to NYC it's awesome and I recommend NYC because they worked on my smp and i am very happy with it.
  13. Hopeful of session 3

    3rd session will most likely be the perfect finishing touch. 2 sessions isn't enough especially if you don't have much hair on top.
  14. new york clinic

    if you go to the ny location make sure you book (practitioner named, deleted) he is the best one there. he did my smp and it looks amazing.
  15. to put your mind at ease just request jonathan grow and you won't regret it.
  16. Upcoming treatment and nervous

    no problem. I'm waiting for my second session to hit the 1 month anniversary then ill make my diary thread.
  17. somthing exciting happened

    thats awesome that you never knew he had smp which means it's actually good
  18. Upcoming treatment and nervous

    don't worry it'll be the best investment you will ever probably ever make. i got my 1st session 4 days ago and already see a big difference once settled in. the 1st session is the foundation to build on for the 2nd session. my 2nd session is soon and i can't wait. you will not regret it.
  19. i got my first session last week. I'm waiting for the 4 days after my 2nd session once both are settled to make a thread. i feel much better with the 1st session its a major difference. did you get the full head and all around shape up or just the parts you needed?
  20. lol yea keeping it classy. i booked jon few weeks ago and stumbled into your thread today and was like yea I'm making the right choice. yea bro i've skipped plenty of events that require suits and no hats and kinda got fed up with it lol with smp you can still dress young and casual and still kill it with a suit so I'm really looking forward to getting it done. i have 2 sessions set up 1 a week apart from the other and will get the 3rd a month or 2 away. it cost a lot of money but the way i see it is as an investment because you can land so many more jobs you were afraid to apply for that make more money because of the fear of taking the hat off. I know this will open so many doors and opportunities that once were blocking me from moving forward. I'm glad i stepped in this thread today. major props to jon on what he did on you. I'm seriously amazed of how natural it looks.
  21. k cool appreciate the fast reply chris. i booked with him and didn't know lol i asked for jon because i seen all his successful end results but then i saw people mention jonathan g so i was confused at first lol but thanks for clearing that up. I'm hyped for my 1st session. I've been hiding under hats for years now and would like to wear suits sometimes and a suit and a snapback do not go together lol
  22. your treatment looks great. scrolled through all pages and there is nothing wrong with it. anything is better than pre treatment I'm sure.
  23. awesome results. I'm booking in nyc soon. is jonathan and jon the same person?
  24. New York clinic

    What's up everyone. I've been looking into getting the procedure done and I'm close to the new York location. I wanted to know who has gotten it done there and do you have pics. I'm still saving up for it cause the first two sessions are the bank breakers and I have a child so you know how that goes family's first.
  25. New York clinic

    thank you for the reply mryle. i have saved up for it but ill have to travel to get it done. I'm closer to miami but i have family in NY that i want to visit but being in miami sounds like fun too. post the link up bro so i can check it out. i also wonder how the work is in miami.