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  1. Newbie: Will SMP work?

    Take a look at what 2mm had done. Your hair loss looks pretty close to his and I think his is the best result of anyone I've seen online.
  2. Tight time frame to get it done-Should I?

    Thanks JH-I’m aiming to keep this as unnoticeable as possible as my office mates would make it uncomfortable for me if they knew I got SMP. I admire those that keep their head on display throughout the entire process.
  3. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    Fantastic results GM68. Looks absolutely perfect. Congrats!
  4. Tight time frame to get it done-Should I?

    ok, thanks for your response! I would have about a week between session #2 and leaving for vacation so I wondering if I would be ok? I wear hats constantly now so keep out of the sun won't be a problem.
  5. Tight time frame to get it done-Should I?

    Is the time frame too tight between session 1 and 2? It was my understanding that they would be spaced 1 week apart.
  6. So here is my dilemma, with my work schedule, I only seem to have a narrow time frame to get SMP this summer. I could get session #1 done during the last week of June then hopefully #2 right after the 4th of July. Then I leave for vacation in Hawaii the following week. I'm fine with keeping out of the intense sun by wearing a hat and I won't go in the ocean and would keep my head above water if I went in the pool. Do you think it's worth getting it done considering this. I have to admit that not worrying about concealers in my hair during the vacation would greatly improve my enjoyment.
  7. Sunblock / sunscreen

    Hi gm68-How did the transition from concealered scalp to SMP go? I'm using Couvre and Toppick on my scalp and it hasn't seen the sun for a decade. Did you tan your head prior to SMP? No one sees me without concealer so I don't really want to walk around bald to tan my scalp.
  8. Need feedback

    Honestly, I don't really see it. Looks like you got a great result. I would not worry about it.
  9. Wow! An amazing result. The recession would make me think you shaved it because you were starting to thin out a bit. No one would give it a suspicious look. Congrats!
  10. Exactly how does SMP fade? (Not, "Does SMP fade")

    Ed-Thanks for you response. That's helpful as far as long term fading is concerned. I feel the best way for me to transition from using concealers is to get SMP. My plan after that would be to let it fade over time so people just think I went bald. I think it would be preferable compared to going from my current state (hair full of concealers) to bald right away.
  11. Exactly how does SMP fade? (Not, "Does SMP fade")

    Ed-Does the pigment fade in a manner that would mimic typical male pattern baldness? I'm interested in finding a way out of the concealer/smp game eventually. Not sure I want the shaved look in my 60s or 70s.
  12. First session smp

    Hey Fred-You should put the pics back up. There are plenty of people on the site that will help you and won't judge. My "hair" is pretty much 100% concealers so I've been down the same road as you. I will be getting SMP sometime this year.
  13. Another Sweating Question

    Thanks for your response. That’s pretty helpful. I’ll do what I can to avoid sweating but it’s going to happen. I do wonder how people follow the restrictions in the summer in certain areas of the country. Sometimes a walk to the car will make you break a sweat.
  14. Another Sweating Question

    Like some others, I've been trying to find the right window of time to plan my SMP. I'm planning on taking a week's vacation in August in the Southern US. My original plan was to do the following-- Session 1-7/27 Work at home from 7/30-8/3 Session 2-8/3 Vacation from 8/6 and return to work on 8/13. My only worry is that my vacation will be in the southern US with potential temps in the 80s and 90s. We will be sending a lot of time outdoors. I will take precautions to avoid sun and keep my head covered, The one thing I can’t avoid is the heat. I imagine that sweating will be unavoidable. Do I postpone the procedure due to this or is sweating a minor issue in the grand scheme of things?
  15. First Session Done in Birmingham.

    Looks like a good start! Best wishes for a great final result.