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  1. 1st Session NYC

    How do you feel about the final dot size? How does it look inches away in harsh lighting?
  2. Just had 2nd Session in Chicago

    Looks great. Did you ever consider them matching a wet shave look? I see you went with a buzz cut instead. Again looks good.
  3. I'm not saying anything. I'm quoting what other people said.
  4. There are accounts of several smp's on practitioners having spread/smeared creating a painted on look. So obviously it had been many years since they got it done. So now they need a touch up or whatever. The question is if it's faded and smeared what do you do? It would seem like a non ideal strategy to go over it at this point. Since it had smeared and no skin is showing. So do you laser? I assume that is what would have to take place.
  5. What are you talking about? You're being sensitive. I'm not talking down the treatment. I'm asking tough legit questions. Things that are really good and the real deal can withstand that. I'm considering the treatment myself. I know a lot of people are satisfied with their smp. I'm happy for them. I don't think they are lying.
  6. For all the blonde haired gents out there...

    I want to meet this guy. I'm in L.A. If his looks great in person I will get this done.
  7. The guy in this thread said Zangs had spread all over and no longer had distinct dots. No scalp was showing through. So obviously this happens. What do you do at this point? Seems like you would have to laser. Doing a touch up would be impossible.
  8. Found Out...Again

    Can you post some pic's of full head treatments?
  9. The question was what happens after 5 years when you need it touched up and the ink is covered all over the head. Going over it won't work at this point because no skin will show. So do you have it lasered at this point?
  10. Found Out...Again

    Even if horseshoe is regular density?
  11. Found Out...Again

    Why have the whole head done? Why not go with just a lighter shade ?
  12. Found Out...Again

    Can someone post pics of it in here?
  13. Found Out...Again

    They're Norwood 7's?