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  1. HT scar question

    Looks pretty good for 3 sessions. I'm in the same situation. I'm looking for a the scar to be better than it is now. If I expect it to be perfect I'll probably be disappointed no matter how good it is. Where did you have it done? Do you have any pics of the scar before the first session to compare.
  2. Bubble totally burst

    I've had 2 sessions so far and it is WAY better than wearing a hat all the time. When I was wearing a hat I was always afraid of having to take it off or it falling off. The other thing is when you wear a hat all the time people just assume you are bald and that's the reason you wear a hat all the time, and for good reason most of the time. I no longer worry about having to take my hat off and I have the option of not wearing it, which I didn't feel I had before. I've had nothing but positive feedback and I still have a few sessions to go. I would personally prefer being found out, as long as I think it looks good, rather than be a prisoner to wearing a hat, concealer or a system. It's been a huge relief and I feel like a new person.
  3. Suggestions please

    I've had 2 sessions and am sticking with a natural hairline.
  4. Great idea. I've only had 2 sessions but I will post mine when it's done. I'm happy with my scars so far though.
  5. First session in S.F.

    Here us an update 4 days after session 2, with a foil shave. Still a little red and a little fading on top but so far better than I expected and I LOVE it. John is amazing.
  6. First session in S.F.

    Thanks. The good news is that the scars are flat and have good color. I'm not expecting perfect, I'm just expecting better than they are now.
  7. From everything I've read on the forum, every scar is different and some just need more sessions than others. As hard as it is patience is the key. Is that still buzzed with a zero blade?
  8. Looks great after 2 sessions. . I'm in pretty much the same situation as you, although my scars are worse. I go in for my second session this week. I like that length rather than shaving and hoping I can get away with it too. Thanks for the updates.
  9. First session in S.F.

    I have been checking out the forum for a while like many others before I made my appt. I've had HT's so I was worried about the scars. If it wasn't for the scars I would have just shaved my head long ago and wouldn't have had any reservations about getting SMP. I finally decided it was worth a shot to cover up the scars and fill in the top. I had my first appt with John in S.F. He was awesome and made it a great experience. Here are a couple of before and immediately after the first session pics. I'll update as it heals and I have more sessions. I want to keep it lighter and follow my receded hairline. I don't usually post stuff like this but I really appreciate everyone else that have posted pics and helped me make my decision to get it done.
  10. I just had a consultation in SF and would like to find someone willing to meet that has had it done so I can check out the results. Much appreciated.