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  1. HIS SMP Has changed my life!

    Awesome story. For those who question how natural it looks this is the ultimate test. I also visited a dermatologist who had no idea. I went there specifically to ask about a tiny patch of scar tissue on the top of my head. It's very light and only noticeable in certain lighting. She even had to bust out a magnifier to get a good look at it. Never questioned the "dots" on my head. Simply asked if it ever bled when I shaved my "hair." I said no, and she recommended not trying to treat it as that might result in a more obvious discoloring. End of story. Never had a clue. When you have someone who's studied skin (including the scalp) for years closely examining your head and not noticing anything suspicious...well then you know you have a natural looking smp. As far as going to the convention. If it were me it would depend. Where is it being held? If its outside of your area then why not? I would just say under the condition that no pictures are allowed.
  2. Celebs

    Yea, maybe just because I wore a system for 14 years but the hair on top just doesn't look legit. But I have to say....if the woman who use to cut in my hair system was able to create the fade effect so fucking might have been harder for me to give up the system. Part of the problem with wearing a system for me was my sides would grow in kinky curly so I had to keep them nice and short. I always asked for a fade look but the stylist never got it quite right. Fousey's fade look legit though. Of course there are tons of other reasons to not want to wear a system for life even if it looks great.
  3. I look in the rear view and see beautiful shaved hair follicles looking back at me. ???? Man the joy this has brought me never stops.
  4. The Liars Advantage (Is your SMP getting noticed?)

    I still pay notice to every shaved head and wonder. But the surreal thing is when I look in the mirror I dont think of myself as "having SMP." I see a beautiful shaved full head of hair.
  5. The Liars Advantage (Is your SMP getting noticed?)

    Glad I can help ease your mind and maybe help you make a decision one way or another. I'm going on a year and a half since i got SMP and have never had anyone question if I had anything done to my head. People ask why I shave it. I say because I like the look and its easy to maintain. Those aren't even necesarrily lies. And there is definitely nothing suspicious about those reasons. So people take the explanation and move on.
  6. Pros & cons

    I'm going to have to promote wet shaving with a blade. I don't think it leaves your head shinier than electric shaving. In fact I think my treatment looks and feels best after a shower and a wet shave. All the oils are washed off and you feel fresh and clean. The biggest PRO to wet shaving is that your whole head feels consistently smooth. Much more so than most electric shavers. Plus since wet shaving shaves the closest you'll get a little more time before having to shave again. A 12 hour flight will not leave your treatment noticeable. The only Con if you have a great smp is if you're single and dating some girls don't prefer a guy with a shaved head. But I'm going to guess those are the same girls who won't date a guy with a comb over. So at least you'll look better and younger. But otherwise maintenance is simple. You're still "bald" but you're not. Strange concept I know.
  7. Worst Decision ever often say some..."silly" things for lack of a kinder word. If there was any suspicion that Surfer was a fake trying to bad mouth the company Ed would have shut down this thread long ago. So..the funniest part of all this is that you've managed to horribly insult he practitioner that you were trying to defend. Surfers story is by your own words the practitioner in Torontos work looks like a 10 year old with a tattoo prison. Lol. Now I can relate to your passion for a practitioner who did a great job on you. So...perhaps there is a chance it's a different practitioner at that office? In either case, as I said if the story was bullshit it would have been a closed topic.
  8. update

    Looks great! Very natural
  9. Worst Decision ever

    Oh another piece of advice I'd give to anyone looking for a touch up....leave the hairline alone. When I went for my fourth session I told my practitioner to not touch the hairline at all. I didn't want a single new dot added outside of what already existed. The exception being of course if you're trying to change how the hair line itself looks. But if you just want more density or to freshen up an old SMP follow my advice. The hairline should be sacred.
  10. Worst Decision ever

    I get your point. It's an expensive procedure and you expect to get excellent results for the money you're spending. But at the end of the day the world doesn't work how it "should." And further more this is performed by people. Not a machine programmed perfectly. There will always be room for human error. There are so many factors at play. We all might under perform at our jobs when we have things weighing on us in our personal life. We might have missed lunch and are hungry and not focused. Maybe we are a little under the weather. Those things can't be controlled all the time. Though a true professional will do better at leaving the baggage home or maybe rescheduling if they know they're not fit to give 100%. All the more reason practitioners should be able to be named. Obviously the guy who worked on surfer isn't the most professional. Future clients who take the time to do their homework should be able to know to not request him. Likewise the really good and professional practitioners can be named and requested so that new clients or those looking for touch ups know they're getting their money's worth so to speak.
  11. Worst Decision ever

    From the pics it looks like the practitioner over did the density on top of making it too dark. I lived with 3 sessions for a year. Was satisfied but definitely needed more density. Went for a 4th with the same practitioner. Explained my desire for more density but was clear I didn't want to over do it. After a fourth I could probably get away with a little more density still. So a good practitioner will know less is more with those procedure. The lesson for those going into this is be as clear as possible with what you want to see done. Better to talknit over again and again to make sure you're on the same page with your practitioner. Those practitioners that don't have that natural artistic eye will tend to take your request 100% literal.
  12. Worst Decision ever

    By the way Surfer, I'm sorry you're going through all that. All of us here know the trials and tribulations of dealing with hair loss. SMP is an awesome solution for those it works out for. Your experience is probably the biggest fear we all have going into this. Even I have been considering a 5th treatment but always wonder should I just be happy with the great results I have or try to chase absolute perfection? But there is always he risk of the next treatment not working out. I hope you find some peace soon.
  13. Worst Decision ever

    This is an example about why I argue about the practitioner being the most important factor you can control. Regardless of how good the training is (though it sounds like this guy wasn't very good at performing either) you can't expect the professionalism, character or dedication to the clients to be the same across the board. A year and a half later my practitioner still messages me once in a while to check in on me. That's dedication to your clients and shows he really cares. I think it's time HIS starts allowing the naming of CURRENT practitioners so that clients can be sure the get a good one, or avoid one known to botch things. I understand not being able to name those who left the company and are still in the business. Not promoting competitors is fair enough. But enough of this "all practitioners are equal" nonsense.
  14. Great find dude! I ordered and it just came today. Just tried it out. I normally wet shave with a razor and had a cheaper Remington model electric shaver for mid day touch ups....the difference is night and day. I might even use the Braun as my primary shaver and give up the wet shaving. We'll see. Either way it was an awesome buy. Wish I bought two to keep on in my car.
  15. how realistic are we talking about

    I agree 100% I was lucky enough to have great results I'm thrilled with but I know it's due to picking an excellent technician. It's really silly that some people here (outside of the HIS staff) that buy into that "all techs are equal." At the end of the day we are talking about human being performing a very intense and artistic procedure for many hours. There is NO DEBATE. None. This isn't a matter of opinion. Humans performing anything task will vary in skill and are always open for human error. Even star athletes have a bad game and great actors put out shitty performances. But very rarely in comparison to mediocre athletes and actors. Those who have trained just as much but don't have that natural talent that simply can't be learned and practiced. And or just don't have the extra knowledge gained through actual hours of hands on experience. I always say it, the most important factor you as a client can control is who works on your SMP. The end. Waste your time disagreeing. Please let's hear about the great training HIS puts all its practitioners through. It really is all irrelevant. There are good techs, great techs and some that just suck. Pretending that isn't true does no one any good.