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  1. New session with Zang, one year later

    looks amazing such a difference you must be so happy!! truly happy for you!! thanks for sharing !!!
  2. 1 point vs 3 point needle difference?

    correct Smp has always been done with a 3 point micro - these newbies seem to be expermenting with 1 micro - not worth the risk especially when all the pros have always used 3 micro! good luck
  3. Shaving Oil - what do you use?

    hey great post I have been using Gillette or Nivea sensitive shaving gel followed by Nivea aftershave balm works well for me this was recommended by Zang!
  4. Los Angeles, Zang SMP - 1st session

    looks like "Zang" strikes again!!! looks awesome!! Thanks for sharing!! welcome to the SMP gang!! I've had the treatment a long time!! i still find it hard to believe close friends and family all think ive just started shaving my head, no complaints considering its been almost a decade since i lost my hair lol- thank god for "SMP" and of course "Zang" the best and a true artist at this technique!! my life has changed so much for the better since having this done!!! truly happy for you!!
  5. 3rd Session (Black Guy SMP)

    looks dope
  6. I would agree "better safe then sorry" i actually waited 1 extra day lol
  7. New session with Zang, one year later

    wow just wow!!! Followed you awesome story from the beginning looks like zang strikes again lol love it!! thanks for sharing!!
  8. Is the current LA practioner any good?

    Take some time to read through here and you will see the reviews on the LA spot just a thought #zang
  9. 3rd Session (Black Guy SMP)

    looks awesome thanks for sharing!
  10. Truly amazing thanks for sharing!!
  11. Thank you HIS

    @NowayJose- How often do you recommended touch ups? or do you just wait for it to fade ? your treatment looks great!
  12. HIS SMP Has changed my life!

    I've read this many times on other blogs and even where some guys have said some barbers not noticing lol amazing!! )
  13. 1 year later .. My SMP is on point!

    wow looks dope!!!!
  14. Zang LA Consultation

    lool ) i had met with zang for a consultation before intensive research and meeting with many providers.. not only is he one of the best and 1st techs in the world to perform this procedure,he is responsible for all the top guys practising SMP around the world!! it was an amazing experience from start to finish!! thank you His LA!
  15. LA clinic treatment progress

    looks dope very natural! hard to believe thats after only 2 treatments!
  16. My SMP final result @ HIS/LA

    You look amazing!! thank you for sharing this with us!!
  17. My Journey

  18. My SMP final result @ HIS/LA

    wow you look amazing!!!!! love this!!!
  19. Bald spot!

    dude not sure if you a good candidate, you shaving your hair down ?
  20. Celebs

    what a transormation looks dope!
  21. LA treatment

    awesome be great to see some pics.
  22. Panicking! 8 days after 2nd.

    have you contacted your tech and got his input ? if feel for you buddy wish you all the best bro!
  23. 24 hours in --- before and after

    color looks so authentic! love this great example !! thanks for posting !!
  24. 24 hours in --- before and after

    one of the best on here looks awesome and so natural good job!