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  1. 3rd treatment, worth it?

    Not sure why that picture came out so small? I uploaded it from "my Media". You cant see any smp in that photo. Thats 2 days after wet shaving
  2. 3rd treatment, worth it?

    After treatment: last weekend in natural light
  3. 3rd treatment, worth it?

    Thanks for your reply "Still ON it" Its really tough because Im afraid the 3rd treatment will end up a flop too. I know in price comparison SMP is much cheaper compared to a FUE procedure. But, what was the point of me paying $3,000 +travel and not being able to tell anything was done? You know? lol So, that's why Im a little nervous If were to spend more money and it end up the same way. I want to reiterate that im not trying to be pesimistic about HIS. Just sharing my experience and looking for a consensus.
  4. 3rd treatment, worth it?

    First picture: Before treatment with hair grown out. Second picture: head shaved at a zero before treatment. Third Picture: One week after treatment. 4th and 5th picture: one and two months after two treatments.
  5. Hello, So I just wrote a really long post but it froze up and didn't post. But, to sum things up I am looking for some advice. I've had 2 treatments because I had some significant hair recession. My issue. Personally I'm having an issue of whether or not I should get my third treatment. To me I've had little noticeable changes with the treatment. Especially compared to other users on this site. I even didn't tell my wife until a few months after and she was upset because I've almost spent $3,000 on 2 treatments with little noticeable effects. Im not trying to be negative about HIS as they were very professional!! Very nice people. The treatments: My practitioner used the shades of 40 (1st treatment) and 38 (2nd treatment). The first 5 days the treatment looked nice. Then the little dots fell off and it looked washed out and faded There was and is no definition to my hair line. it looks faint and smudged. I followed all after treatment procedures. Is my wife and I being unrealistic with this treatment? Is it because I have Light hair ("dirty dishwater" blonde)? Did my practitioner go too light? did it just fade rapidly? should I spend the extra money and get the third? Or am I just crazy? I apologize if this post seems to lack detail. Im just worried Ill lose another post lol *actually crashed 3 times and 4th time realized I need 5 pots to upload a pictures lol wow